My plane got delayed. I am at the airport, looking for a captivating book that will keep me company during the journey. In the meantime, I call the hotel to advise of my arrival in the late afternoon. I can’t wait to rest, drink a glass of wine at the top floor Cafe – it’s so elegant.

I will move to the hotel’s coworking area tomorrow morning: last week I worked very well there, it is a large room illuminated by natural light and has interesting design lamps. There are many tables and the blue chairs are very comfortable.

Finally, we take off.

I enter the hall, my suitcases are taken to my room, while I go directly to the top floor. The bar is just as I remembered it: golden profiles, precious crystal glasses, comfortable upholstered seats that are covered in soft white velvet. I sip my glass of wine in peace. After all, it’s not bad at all to travel for work. But later I must prepare those documents for the presentation…


table and chairs
Vincent contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure, and Mood chairs, with lacquered metal structure, covered and upholstered with velvet

It’s 9 pm, dinner at the hotel has fully satisfied me. Time to get busy now…

Fortunately, there is room service, so here it is my hot black coffee. I sip it slowly and enjoy the view of the hotel over the city: moving lights, a lake, many buildings. It always relaxes me to work like this. I put the cup on the coffee table next to the sofa – I stroke its wooden surface. The brass-coloured lacquered metal structure is truly contemporary in taste.

coffe table Bontempi Casa
Alfred coffee table, lacquered metal structure, veneered wooden top

It’s morning. I always liked waking up to the light that comes in naturally, and the scent of clean, new, white and precious linen. Today’s presentation is ready, just a couple of details need to be defined, but I will do it after breakfast.

The hotel room used for breakfast is my favourite, indeed. There is a large window from where you can see the lake and the trees ahead. I take a seat right next to the window. In the room there are other business people, families and couples. Here is an orange juice and a soft croissant – that’s exactly what it takes to start the day just fine.

contract table and chairs
Club contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure and an Alucompact top; Mood chair with lacquered metal structure and polypropylene seat.

The meeting went well. I take a farewell drink at the bar on the top floor, I greet the staff whom I now know well. I read a few pages of the book I bought at the airport, comfortably seated on this cloud made of white velvet. Okay, off we go now. Till next week, my dear hotel.

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