The table is laiden with summer dishes: ceramic bowls filled with pasta salad, seasonal vegetables, Caprese, ham and melon, tuna and salmon sandwiches, fruit skewers and colourful smoothies. The tablecloth hasn’t been put on, because the transparent crystal top of the oval table is beautiful as it is, and it’s a perfect surface for this aperitif on the veranda. It was organized by Francesca, who decided to welcome the summer with a party with her old friends out on her veranda. She has recently bought a house and the veranda is really wide: it has an outdoor dining table, with a metal structure and a glass top. Six comfortable chairs. There are also a few small coffee tables, colourful plastic chairs, some poufs and a parasol to shelter guests from the sunlight.

Sander Table, with an outdoor lacquered metal structure, a crystal or anti-scratch crystal top; Freak chairs, with an outdoor lacquered metal structure and stuffed pillows made of outdoor fabrics. Bontempi Casa

It’s a mid-July Sunday, a warm day, but fortunately breezy. The garden is a green corner coloured with purple and blue spots – Francesca’s hydrangeas. Guests arrive just while she is arranging paper napkins and water jugs on the tall white coffee table. “How wonderful!” – is the reaction of everyone coming to the veranda. “We just need some music” – and this is Omar’s task, he is the guitarist friend, who has always been in charge of playing at group parties.

Ines outdoor chairs and Vincent coffee table, both made in lacquered metal structure for outdoors and alucompact top. Bontempi Casa

“Do you remember when in school …?”, “And that time we…”. The afternoon flies, among memories, unforgettable and moving anecdotes, that ones that only old friends can share. “Off pitch songs, shouting to the sky up there”, selfies and photos taken in groups, some board games, and there are those who fall asleep comfortably on the lawn. Giada and Serena have not yet gotten up from the stools with soft blue pillows, placed at the back of the veranda: private chats between girls, as everyone knows, require some time.

Stool with a metal frame for outdoors and stuffed pillows made of outdoor fabric. Bontempi Casa

Evening comes and Francesca can proudly turn on the row of lights she set up with Paolo’s help along the perimeter of the veranda. The magic of an outdoor space can immediately become more intimate. The group of friends, delighted by the scent of hydrangeas and rosé wine kept fresh, keep the party going till late. Some get lost in summer readings, sitting on the poufs, others gather around the coffee table, where a portable stereo has been placed. While the lights illuminate the veranda, an elegant space, enriched by impeccable outdoor furnishing accessories. Even if the real protagonist of this story is friendship, lived in all its light-heartedness and to the rhythm of the summer.

Pattern pouf and magazine rack, made of lacquered metal for outdoors. Bontempi Casa

It is the room that connects our house to the outside, it’s a transitional space between residential and external areas: so, how do we furnish a veranda? Obviously, we should keep the consistency with the style of the indoors, but the choice of the pieces depends on how we want our veranda to be. Having family dinners and drinks with friends, enjoying holidays and chilling out, dedicating time to our hobbies… Here’s how we choose between an open veranda or covered porch.

An uncovered outdoor veranda lets us enjoy the fresh air, keeping the privilege to do so in the privacy of your own space. A covered porch, instead, can become a little garden you can experience the whole year. Either ways, we should never underestimate the importance of a functional and sophisticated furniture for outdoors.

Furnishing an uncovered veranda

A veranda placed in a garden, open on the sides and covered with a glass, wood or metal roof, is an independent space that has consistency within the indoors. It’s suitable for those who love the outdoor lifestyle and becomes the ideal spot to have a barbecue with family and friends, a birthday party or a fun afternoon of outdoor games. Therefore, to furnish your open veranda you need outdoor chairs and tables, made of outdoor materials that can resist time, rays of sunlight, rain, dried salt and chlorine.

A perfect example of outdoor furniture taken from Bontempi Casa’s catalogues are the Sander table, the Freak chairs and the Boss stool made for outdoors. They are perfect to furnish a porch thanks to their lacquered metal structure that creates a very fascinating geometrical design and, at the same time, keeps a light, fresh and minimal look that makes them suitable for this kind of environment.

The Sander table, especially, comes with a fix glass or anti-scratch glass top, available both in rectangle and oval shapes. This one is particularly good to make the space look wider and manage the area at its best. Industrial material such as metal drawn close to a crystal top make this table the protagonist of the scene and the most elegant environments.

The Freak chairs and the Boss stools, instead, are comfortable seats stuffed with a soft cushion made of different materials – the most suitable in this case is the outdoor fabric –  and a wide colour palette to match the mood of the environment. Sky blue or navy blue pillows can pair with other pieces of furniture lacquered of light colours, and here’s a perfect marine style. Summer can begin!

When we talk about pieces of furniture for a covered porch, chairs and stools are never enough, especially if we have open spaces. That’s why it’s always a good idea to add some Galaxy chairs to the furnishing. It has a integral structure made of propylene and glass fibre that is recyclable – so it’s perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It comes with or without armrests, it’s stackable and there is also the barstool version that is very functional.

Furnishing a covered porch

With doors and windows that guarantee good thermal insulation, the closed veranda becomes a proper room of the house, to be dedicated to what we care about the most. If there is little space, we can furnish it  with comfortable seats and a coffee table with a magazine rack. We will make it a corner where we can spend relaxing moments, reading our favourite magazines, or where we can simply look at the horizon, away from  TV and computer screens.

Instead, if we have a wider veranda, we can turn it into a hobby room or use it to welcome our guests. It can also turn into a dining room: with its large windows, we can have lunch and dinner outside in every season.  In this case, the most important choice is the dining table, the focal element of the area. Sizes and style of the ambience are essential to choose the most suitable product. These are also the guidelines that help us to choose the colour palette.

The Matrix table has a solid lacquered metal structure and a top that can be made of many materials, from SuperMarble to veneer wood, and different colours. Glossy black with contrasting veins to catch the eye, walnut or oak for a more rustic environment, extra white glossy crystal to make the room look wider are just some examples of the many possible faces of this table, also available in an extendable version.

Around a distinctive table, to furnish a veranda at its best, you need chairs with an equally strong personality. Just like Margot, an upholstered chair made of solid wood that gives a warm effect, or lacquered metal matching the table, while the seat can be chosen in different fabrics and colours to harmoniously adapt to the environment. To create a more dynamic effect, it is possible to alternate chairs with and without armrests.

The extra idea to turn lunches at the veranda into classy receptions? We use a food trolley to help us in the service: a “Chic” – that is also its name – and distinctive piece of furniture, that allows us to limit the comings and goings from and to the kitchen and can also be used to support what does not find space on the table. Depending on the needs, it can also be placed in a corner of the room and used as a shelf to place bottles and glasses for dessert and drinks.