Valentine’s Day


Which are the ingredients for a textbook Valentine’s Day? Each couple will have their own way of celebrating their love, but certainly a beautiful romantic table for two cannot be missed. Think of the menu with your favorite dishes, but also of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to make you feel at ease. If you choose to celebrate it at home, it will be up to you to take care of every detail to amaze your partner. Ready to review the art of the table?

A romantic evening does not require a too formal or elaborate mise en place. Just focus on the essential elements and create a harmonious whole to ensure the best effect on your DIY romantic table. Before starting, the Hamletic doubt about how to position the seats in a dinner for two should be resolved: one next to the other, or facing each other? We suggest you opt for the latter, so as to guarantee you strong eye contact – which should not be marred by candles or centerpiece decorations that are too high and intrusive. The ideal is to use a square table and not too large, but a rectangular table will also be fine by setting only one end using a runner instead of the classic tablecloth. The choice of seats also plays an important role: upholstered chairs or armchairs are the ideal choice to create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere for the evening.

table for a romantic dinner
Margot chair with lacquered steel structure, padded monocoque and covered in waterproof nabuk. Artistico table with lacquered steel structure and SuperMarble top.

How to set the table for a romantic dinner depends a lot on the environment and the menu you want to serve. Stay on the classic in the city, or opt for rustic elements if you are in the countryside. In any case, your table will have to talk about you and your love. The starting point is the tablecloth, in linen or cotton with a preference for soft and delicate colors. The choice of a runner that leaves part of the table uncovered is also very nice, especially when you can count on a precious solid wood top or SuperMarble.

ideas for valentine's day
Fusion table with lacquered steel structure and SuperMarble top. Drop chair with lacquered steel structure and conical section legs, padded shell covered in waterproof nabuk.

Combine a simple but good quality dinner set, stem glasses and perhaps vintage cutlery to give a fairytale touch to the table. Here’s how to arrange them: to the right of the plate place the knife and spoon (the latter only if you will be serving dishes with broth), while the forks go to the left. The glasses are on the top right, a larger one for water and goblets for toasting. The etiquette would like the napkins to the left of the forks, but on the table of a romantic dinner they can also be placed in the center of the plate, perhaps closed by a ribbon to which you can tie a small symbol with a special meaning for you, linked to a memory or something that it unites you in a particular way. The water will go into a nice carafe, the wine can remain in its bottle or be poured into a decanter.

Bridge table with structure and decorative details in lacquered steel and wooden top.

The classic centerpiece can be replaced by a few candles to be placed on the table alternating them with small vases to fill with your favorite flowers: this is the element that most of all can give personality to your table, so green light for the most creative ideas.

Another element to pay attention to when organizing a romantic dinner is lighting, which is essential to create the right atmosphere. It must be crucial, therefore focused on the table, but never too strong or intrusive. A small chandelier or a floor lamp with adjustable brightness will be for you. A reasoned background music selection and a pleasant scent, to be diffused in the environment using an incense or a natural spray very lightly, are other attentions that will certainly be appreciated for a successful romantic dinner.

There are no more classic Valentine’s Day gifts than a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates, but design objects as gifts will certainly be more original – as well as implicitly communicating the intentions of a love capable of standing the test of time. In a period in which we have rediscovered the pleasure of the domestic dimension to be shared with the most authentic loved ones, then, why not thinking of gift ideas among home and design objects to celebrate the lovers’ day? Here are some ideas, including coffee tables, lamps and mirrors, to choose designer and romantic gifts at the same time.

The design objects to give on Valentine’s Day 2022

Blow lamp

Blow table lamp
Blow table lamp with base in natural brass and borosilicate glass.

For the light of your life, a refined and scenographic table lamp (also available as suspension). Composed of elegant bubbles in borosilicate glass, Blow can be chosen in a transparent finish or hand-painted smoked shaded, a detail that adds a touch of uniqueness to each bubble. Its different sizes, then, allow you to create the ideal combination for perfectly tailored lighting.

Ray coffee table

Ray coffee table
Ray coffee table with steel structure and crystal top.

Among the perfect design objects to give on Valentine’s Day there is also the Ray coffee table with a glass top. Its asymmetrical structure is inspired by the propagation of light rays, while beautiful light games are created on the surface enriching the environment. The new Rose Gold finish of the structure adds an irresistibly romantic touch. It will become the ideal companion for relaxing moments at home, among coffee, books and chatting on the sofa.

Pattern pouf

Pattern ottomans/magazine rack in patterned steel.

Versatile and multitasking, Pattern is a piece of furniture available in different colors and in two sizes, a large and a small one, made to be together and complement each other in furnishing the living area. Coffee table, container and magazine rack but also seat, there’s nothing it can’t do – always with its modern and distinctive style.

Fan magazine rack

Fan magazine rack
Fan magazine rack in lacquered steel.

Romantic and designer gifts? Here is the Fan magazine rack: among its shelves it can host a world of different readings, but also photo notebooks, greeting cards and memories of the most beautiful moments spent together. Its shape, then, recalls that of an open fan and the lightheartedness of the gestures with which we get some air when it’s hot. From brass to light blue, from powder pink to the liveliest red, among its colors you can find the right one to make the heart of the person to whom you dedicate this design gift idea vibrate.

Tiffany coffee table

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure, lacquered steel top and optional aluminum tray.

To enjoy a good breakfast in bed, or to serve coffee in the living room, Tiffany is the perfect gift. In fact, it is equipped with a matching tray that you can place on the bed or take to the kitchen, while the coffee table remains as an additional support surface next to you. The solidity of the solid wood structure and its modern design, with attention to every detail, seem to promise gestures of love and sharing for a lifetime.

Double mirror

Double mirror
Double silver and bronze shaped mirror.

An object-symbol of beauty and vanity, but also a surface that broadens the visual horizon and diffuses light, the mirror should not be overlooked among the design gift ideas. Double, in particular, consists of two halves that seem to hug gently and can be hung horizontally or vertically: a versatile and original design object, suitable for different environments and furnishing styles.