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Among the endless models of chairs on offer in the design world, those in leather are certainly the most sought-after: this is not a trend, but a success that has lasted for decades. Leather chairs with a modern design are a must, not least because they lend character to any type of environment: for example, they fit perfectly in the home as well as in a professional context. And matching them is not difficult: they satisfy the aesthetics whether paired with classic furniture complements or ultra-modern elements.

Leather chairs: a guide to choice

Leather and hide are timeless materials, they are constantly and absolutely up-to-date, elegant and versatile. Perfect for embellishing the living room, the bedroom, a reading room, that special corner of your home, or an office. The choice between hide and leather is basically a matter of personal taste: the only aspect to be taken into account is that leather, being softer, lends itself better to seating. While hide , evidently harder, is more used for backrests. As they age, both materials soften and acquire a pleasant colouring and texture, which makes modern leather chairs a timeless design element. Of course, some care is needed: leather and hides have to be cleaned and treated with special products and often the presence of pets and small children jeopardises their durability.

In terms of style, subjective taste is the discriminating factor, but there are some general rules: if you are looking for a leather chair to be the absolute star of the room, it is best to opt for a model with an original, modern, futuristic design. Or, just to distinguish it from the rest of the furniture, you can choose a chair with a vintage flavour, which will give a retro touch to the room.

Modern leather chairs: interior design in purity

It may seem a marginal aspect, but establishing, from the outset, where the chair will be placed helps to choose the most suitable model, style and material. The function shapes the choice: if it will be part of the living room furniture, together with sofas and armchairs, it should have a style and colour that is in line with the rest of the layout. If, on the other hand, the chair is going to occupy a specific corner of the house, perhaps next to a coffee table for sipping tea or reading a book, it should be comfortable, cosy and with a distinct personality in terms of aesthetics. An eloquent example of this is Bontempi’s Drop chair. A chair with solid wood and lacquered steel frame with conical, lattice and swivellegs. Its Upholstered shell is covered in ecological leather, Premium ecological leather, technical velvet, Mambo fabric, Lulù fabric, Waterproof Nabuk, Printed Waterproof Nabuk, Pure Virgin Wool, Velvet,  Filed Kvadrat fabric tailed Kvadrat fabric and Premium Leather.

Bontempi: Sedia Drop
Drop, the living room chair by Bontempi Casa

Leather chairs: compare models and find the best ones

Modern leather chairs are often upholstered: these models are characterised by a wooden or metal frame. Prominent among them is the chantal chair by Bontempi Casa. Leather chairs with a chrome-plated steel frame are also original and impressive, they have a sled-like design instead of the classic four legs.

Whoever has to choose leather chairs for the kitchen, must check that the total height does not exceed 90 cm, because in the kitchen, movements are faster and more frequent and a high backrest would become an annoying obstacle. Chairs with armrests and chairs that are too heavy should also be avoided.
In terms of style, there are many combinations from these macro categories:

Modern leather chair. Contemporary style, no frills, geometric lines, bold colours. Perfect for reading, watching TV, receiving guests.

Design leather chair. It serves as a comfortable seat, but also stands out as a piece of furniture. There is no need to add other accessories or furnishings: it is already an item that attracts the gaze of those entering the room.

Scandinavian-style leather chair. The Scandinavian style has been booming in recent years, thanks to the quality of the materials and the feeling of well-being they convey. A chair inspired by the Nordic style is suitable for any environment, just choose the colour that best matches the other furniture.

Leather and metal chair. Another great classic that rightfully belongs to the history of design: the leather and metal chair immediately characterises a living room with great personality.

Bontempi: Sedia Chantal
Chantal, the living room chair by Bontempi Casa