For any furnishing project, one of the key concepts is undoubtedly the available space: in modern environments, comfort, functionality and style must always follow a specific logic.

Whether for homes with a small living area or for large open spaces, space-saving solutions are the most popular because they are able to make homes multifunctional and practical, suitable for any customisation requirements. Keeping this in mind, transformable furniture such as tables and coffee tables allow you to manage the furnishing of your home in the best possible way, adding a not inconsiderable touch of design to the atmosphere.

In general, the main advantages are:

  • Gaining additional seats for occasions that include more people
  • Having a coffee table and a dining table in one piece of furniture
  • Choose a multifunctional table that is light and quick to move around

Bontempi Casa studied various solutions in which Made in Italy design manages to blend elegance and practicality for every type of environment, let’s see them together.

Convertible coffee tables

Extremely popular for studios or very small houses, a convertible coffee table can also save the style of the whole flat where space is limited. In these environments, a space-saving piece of furniture can meet the most diverse needs and become a table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a shelf for books, glasses and other objects to be kept within reach, but also a table for when you are working at home or a shelf for flowers or other ornaments for the home.

Bontempi Casa’s Flash table in lacquered steel, for example, is perfect for smaller spaces where needs are constantly changing: the folding opening and wheels make it practical and easy to move.

Round tables

If the house to be furnished is of medium size, but you don’t want to tie yourself down to an overly invasive furnishing accessory, the best solution is to opt for an extendable round table that can be placed in different areas of the flat: close to the sources of natural light it creates a cosy atmosphere, almost separate from the rest of the house, but in the middle of the living area it can become the focal point of the living room. A good solution could be Barone, the extensible round table by Bontempi Casa which, despite its fluid and modern shape, is ready to adapt to any style.

Even in larger homes and larger living areas where there is apparently no need to save space, a convertible table can become essential for lunches and dinners with many people and can be placed alongside the existing main table.

Tavoli rotondi Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Barone Table

Extendable tables

Even in larger homes and larger living areas where there is apparently no need to economise on space, a convertible table can become essential for lunches and dinners with many people. Practical and versatile, in fact , they represent a much-appreciated solution because they are able to match the need to move around in spacious environments with the need to set up a table in a comfortable way.
Solutions such as Delta, rectangular or barrel-shaped, but also Bridge make an elegant choice that is ready to become a valuable support on special occasions.

Convertible and extendible tables are able to combine functionality and elegance in a simple and effective way: an ideal solution for optimising space and improving the way you live your home environment.

Tavoli allungabili Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Table Bridge