The expression marble effect table, hides a conceptual dilemma. Is it better to choose a real marble top, i.e. to favour natural stone. Or go for the so-called marble-effect materials: for example, porcelain or ceramic tiles that reproduce the veining of marble but offer more guarantees in terms of impact resistance and ease of cleaning. In this short guide, you’ll find all the tips for a conscious and informed choice.

The undeniable charm of marble tables

If in the history of furniture so many big-name designers have tried their hand at designing marble tables, it means that this piece of furniture is a real must. But in addition to purely aesthetic remarks, there are also practical considerations to be made: marble is a natural stone, a limestone rock composed mainly of calcium carbonate, and comes in different colours, with more or less obvious veins. It is a strong and durable material but its surface is delicate: it it affedcted by wear, scratches and stains. Precisely for this reason, the slabs often undergo finishing treatments to make them more resistant and provide a sort of waterproofing. Nevertheless, the porosity of stone facilitates the absorption of liquids and oils: the risk of stains attacking the surface remains real.

On the other hand, its beauty is such that it is difficult to give up the privilege of caressing a marble tabletop: it is almost a spontaneous, natural, automatic gesture.

Often combined with a wooden frame, marble tables become true works of art. And, according to the latest trends, they are also proposed for kitchen furniture

Bontempi: Tavolo Artistico in SuperMarmo da salotto
Artistico, the living room table in SuperMarble by Bontempi Casa

Marble effect tables: inspiration and advice

Marble-effect materials can stand against virtually everything and are visually almost indistinguishable from the original: they reproduce the appearance of natural stone in both colour, veining and finish (which can be polished, matt or brushed). Moreover, they are not affected by grease, the first enemy of natural marble, and are very easy to clean with any type of detergent.
Among the most commonly used materials to reproduce the marble effect are glass ceramics, super ceramics and porcelain stoneware. Pressed and baked at very high temperatures (up to 1200-1400°C), these materials reach the state of vitrification, are completely water-repellent and very resistant. Porcelain stoneware and ceramics can be placed in both classical and important settings, as well as in contemporary and minimalist contexts : ensuring a touch of elegance and personality.

Why buy a faux marble table

Versatility is the key word. Those who opt for a faux-marble surface also gain total freedom in the design of the table: in terms of choice of shape (round, rectangular or oval as the latest trends suggest), size, andmatching with other furnishings in any area of the home.
Faux marble tables are suitable for any environment:
Dining tables: often large, for gathering many guests.
Coffee tables: also small in size but with original shapes.

Kitchen tables: often matched to the material of the island or worktop.
Meeting room tables: to welcome customers and employees on a surface with a strong aesthetic impact.
Outdoor tables: for a tasteful touch and to make the indoor and outdoor layout homogeneous.

Bontempi: Tavolo Artistico in SuperMarmo
Artistico, the SuperMarble table by Bontempi Casa

Bontempi SuperMarmo: technology and refinement 

The Bontempi SuperMarble is an innovative, unique material that combines the extraordinary characteristics of marble and transforms them into something that is modern and functional. It is born from the combination of glass and porcelain stoneware, to which is added a perfect marble print that echoes the natural shine and streaks of the most precious stone in the décor world. The result is an almost indestructible material , resistant to impact and the wear and tear of time, with a colour palette that can evolve according to taste and current trends. Particularly refined is SuperMarmo Choco: a warm and enveloping finishthat embraces the mouth-watering shades of chocolate with its nuances. In its play of chiaroscuro, we see the natural colours of the earth, from the deepest to the lightest beige and cream.

Bontempi: Tavolo Barone in SuperMarmo Choco
Barone fixed round table with lacquered steel frame and SuperMarble top

While a swimming pool is undoubtedly a plus for any home, the real added value is the environment surrounding the pool. That is, the poolside space, which lends itself to truly exclusive moments of sharing, to be enjoyed with your family, friends or special guests. With this in mind, the choice of furniture is vital: chairs, tables, accessories, all elements that contribute to the creation of a wonderful poolside décor.

How to choose chairs for the garden with a swimming pool

When choosing poolside furniture, chairs play a ruling role: they must be comfortable but also give character and style to an open, cool, summery environment. First of all, the choice of chairs must start with their material: wood, metal, resin, plastic, the possibilities are many. Then the available space has to be taken into account and this impacts on the quantity of pieces to be purchased. Comfort is of course paramount for a chair, as is maintenance: considering that outdoor furniture is always exposed to weather phenomena, it is worth opting for durable solutions. A perfect example of the balance between aesthetics and practicality are the chairs and stools from the Moodcollection.

Sedia Mood firmata Bontempi Casa
Mood, outdoor chair to furnish the outdoor space, by Bontempi Casa

How to choose tables for the garden with a swimming pool

The table is one of the most important design items in any home. And so is the poolside décor, as it will have to accommodate moments of sharing with family or friends. It is therefore a good idea to opt for a versatile model that is not too bulky: use it as a countertop for a cool drink, a coffee or a drink. But also able to host a lunch or dinner, not too long, nor formal.

It is important to choose a model in line with the style of the remaining furniture in order to create a even layout visual-wise. For those who have enough space, it is interesting to consider setting up a gazebo: in that case, the table – protected from the sun – increases in centrality and importance, and lends itself to even longer lunches and dinners. Among the many models of poolside tables, one that stands out for its elegance and versatility is undoubtedly the Moontable.

Moon, tavolo outdoor firmato Bontempi Casa
Moon by Bontempi Casa is the table of the outdoor world

Poolside decoration: how to create a relaxing atmosphere

When furnishing a space with a swimming pool, whether in-ground or above-ground, it is important to set up a comfortable environment: chairs, tables, parasols, furnishing accessories, must convey harmony and relaxation. In this sense, it is desirable not to occupy too much space: the poolside furniture must allow everyone to move around freely, without creating obstacles in accessing the pool.

Pool furniture: if it is not functional it’s not beautiful

When choosing poolside furniture, one must bear in mind that this is an area that is easily exposed to water splashes. This, together with weather factors and sunlight, can lead to wear and tear of the furniture over time. Therefore, it is better to favour chairs, tables, and furnishings created for the outdoors: with specific materials and workmanship, able to withstand the climatic elements. If you want to go for wood, you can opt for teak or rattan. Alternatively, one can opt for metal or steel furniture, which have the advantage of requiring little maintenance. Wicker solutions have a timeless charm, but are often more fragile in terms of weather resistance.


Moon, il tavolo alto per arredare il tuo giardino
High Moon by Bontempi Casa is the perfect outdoor table

Garden with a pool: ideas to make it cosy

Poolside furniture should be thought of in relation to the moments of conviviality and sharing that it will host. Whether for family occasions or events with guests, it is right to emphasise style. An elegant design, which above all expresses cosiness, a desire to be together. Poolside tables, chairs, furnishing accessories: everything has to be organised to make people feel comfortable.

When furnishing a home or professional environment, the choice of table often makes all the difference. More than any other element, the table must combine aesthetics and functionality. This is why those who want a prestigious solution opt for a solid wood table.

Imperial, tavolo in legno massello Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa solid wood table

Why choose a solid wood table

It is a material of great value, with a strong aesthetic impact and at the same time robust, durable and resistant.

In general, it requires little maintenance: it simply needs to be treated with products such as nutritive and protective waxes.

It comes in a wide variety of colour shades, depending on which tree it comes from. And it fits perfectly into any environment, from the most modern to the most rustic.

What is a solid wood table

Solid wood is timber that is milled directly from trees, unlike others such as plywood, medium-density fibreboard or veneers, which are made from composite materials instead.

No fillers or adhesives are used, solid wood contains original wood fibres: this makes solid wood tables solid and aesthetically pleasing.

Solid wood tables: which furniture elements to combine?

Vintage-style romms,country-inspired furniture: obviously, a solid wood table is perfectly at home in these contexts. But it is not the only possibility of use. The solid wood table is often chosen to embellish, as a contrast, an industrial-style environment: among metal, iron, aluminium and steel, the story of a wood with its relief grain stands out. Similarly, to create an interesting and pleasing contrast, solid wood tables are often proposed together with minimal, cold, ultra-modern furnishing accessories. This versatility is evident in the Bridge table model, an emblem of absolute design that can embrace any furnishing style.

Bridge, tavolo in legno massello Bontempi Casa
Bridge table, the solid wood table by Bontempi Casa

Which wood to choose for your solid wood table

If you buy a solid wood table with the idea of using it continuously, it is best to go for hardwoods: for example, oak and birch. If you want to aim for maximum hardness, then mahogany and ebony should be chosen, while softer ones such as spruce and pine should be avoided. For possible outdoor use, it is advisable to opt for oak, olive, teak and chestnut, which have a natural tendency to withstand the elements. If, on the other hand, the basic choice stems from colour requirements, the palette of colours offered by solid wood is really wide. In general, pear, fir and larch should be considered among the light-coloured ones. Among the dark ones are chestnut, walnut and ebony, and various shades of brown and red, such as oak, cherry and elm.

All the secrets of the solid wood table: shapes, spaces and volumes

If you are going to buy a solid wood table, first of all the dimensions of the room should be assessed: ideally, you should consider 80 centimetres from the wall and at least five feet from the passage area. Of course, if space is limited, an extendable table can be considered. Another parameter to consider is height: the recommended one is 70-80 centimetres, while a space between 50 and 60 centimetres wide must be ensured for each person. These considerations determine the choice of table shape: square ones are more practical, creating visual rigour, with their sides that can be placed parallel to the walls. Circular tables, on the other hand, stand out more in the room, but shorten distances and erase seating hierarchies. The oval shape is interesting, creating a compromise between ease of placement in the room and conviviality.

The furnishing of bars, restaurants and venues of all kinds cannot do without a style that is studied and planned down to the smallest detail.
Seats play a decisive role in these projects : they are the first complement that catches the eye, they require particular comfort, they must be robust and hard-wearing if positioned outdoors, and they must remain consistent with the style of the entire room.

Contract chairs for outdoor restaurants

When it comes to an open-air veranda or restaurant, perhaps with a beautiful view of the sea, the factors to take into account are: resistance to wear and tear and the signs of time, practicality and robustness.
Hidra chairs, for example, have an integral structure in Polypropylene and Fibre Glass , making them particularly resistant and suitable for all types of outdoor furniture. Their sinuous, rounded shapes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the room, while the variety of colours gives the green light for possible contrast or balance with the surroundings, opening the door to the imagination.

Sedia Hidra Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Hidra Outdoor Chair

Another good example, perhaps for a poolside location, is the Gispy model a jaunty, stackable seat available with or without armrests, a passe-partout for any environment, both outdoors and indoors, available in a wide range of colours from yellow to blue.

Sedia Gipsy Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Gipsy Outdoor Chair

For locations of a certain level, the perfect model designed by Bontempi Casa is instead Freak a seat that was created as an elegant and functional design object thanks to the design of lines that follow a light and precious geometry.  The extra tip? Also include its cushion that is designed to provide timeless comfort.

Sedia Freak firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Freak Chair

Contract chairs for restaurants and indoor bars

The style of a venue, whatever it is, must be able to give the right impression to the customer right away: this is where a key factor comes into play, namely style. Sometimes, many restaurants begin to furnish their spaces starting from the chairs: there are  furnishing complements capable of setting the tone for the entire surrounding context.

The Shark seat by Bontempi Casa, for example, is a model suitable for modern, sophisticated restaurants that want to distinguish themselves with elegance, thanks to its curved shape and backrest with an oval opening that gives the seat a distinctive character.

Another fine chair in the Bontempi Casa line is Suri a model capable of adapting as much to its environment as to the body which sits on it. This model encapsulates all of Bontempi Casa’s innovation and progress, adapting perfectly to residential, home office, lounge and contract environments. 

For those looking to indulge a nostalgic mood, while leaving room for timeless elegance, Clara is the perfect choice a classic style that creates a seat with a sophisticated character, with a quilted backrest and a wide choice of upholstery.

Bontempi Casa’s Contract Collection is designed to provide a wide range of attractive solutions for premises of all kinds, always offering the highest Made in Italy quality.

Furnishing the living area always requires the utmost attention, even to the smallest detail. In addition to furnishing protagonists such as sofas, armchairs, tables and coffee tables, we must also pay attention to decorative elements that can give a decisive edge to our style of living: cushions, lamps, coffee tables and carpets.
Let us broaden our perspective and try to visualise the entirety of the living room, paying attention to all the furnishings, finishes and details that make it up. From this snapshot, we should perceive a space that is emotional, cosy and speaks of us: this is why it is not just a question of matching an armchair to a sofa, but goes far beyond that.
Let’s look at some useful tips to do our best.

Matching cushions to the sofa: the winning formulas

Cushions are a valuable accessory for all living areas because they can help brighten up any room and make it more dynamic. Combinations are endless, but let us start by choosing the direction:

  • Combine soft or pastel colours with brighter shades, as in the case of a Zenit Plus, a modular system in two versions, in grey with square and rectangular cushions tending towards orange or red
Divano Zenit Plus firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Zenit Plus Sofa
  • Tone on tone, but introducing the plots. This is the case with the Bonnie sofa, soft and sinuous, in the cream-coloured version and decorative cushions in geometric shapes and similar shades.
  • Choose the sharp contrast of shape, fabrics and colours, such as the two-seater sofa Antares  in green, combined with its own red ottoman, which echoes some square and rectangular cushions. Its compact design and stitching make it a modern yet undeniably elegant model: perfect for providing the broadest moments of relaxation.
Divano Antares firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Antares Sofa

Matching sofas and ottomans: how to choose the right one

If your intention is to create a sequence of references, every single element must be studied to perfection. An elegant and effective example may include the choice of a linear, neutral-coloured sofa such as the Dakota in grey,  tone-on-tone rectangular cushions and blue squares, which recall the colour of the Uchi ottomans and Badu placed around the sofa. Another idea that can add a special touch to any room is Pouffoso a simple and straightforward yet very elegant complement, perfect as a seat or simple decorative element in any room of the house.

Pouf Uchi firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Uchi ottoman

Bontempi Casa furnishing accessories are designed to create cosy atmospheres, with stylistic and conceptual references, contributing to the balance of all environments.

Divano Dakota firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Dakota Sofa

Furnishing one’s home, besides being a dream come true, is also a very serious project that requires a lot of energy.
When starting from scratch, in fact, there are many spaces to be filled and imagination must be able to help us in creating a coherent, impactful style that reflects our needs. This is why it is often much more convenient to trust a single partner for the complete furnishing of one’s home, because they are able to offer different proposals from which to indulge in style choices, while remaining consistent with one’s design.

Complete furniture for the living are

If there is an area that can be defined as the centre of any home, it is certainly the living area, which, with furnishing complements such as the sofa is able to give a strong and clear personality to the entire environment.
For example, choosing an important sofa like Bonnie is an excellent starting point for furnishing the living area with elements that create harmony and style references. The corner model with chaise longue adds value by creating a perfect balance between form and structure: the addition of a small table with a crystal top and rose gold frame such as Loop, on the other hand, further embellishes the environment.
To complete the frame of this area, one can opt for a round table such as Fusion with the same rose gold structure and a super marble top.

Modello Bonnie: il divano Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona living
Choose the Bonnie sofa by Bontempi casa

Living area: choosing complete furnishings

In any living area, the pillar is the table: a symbol of conviviality and the meeting place of any family, it has a key importance in the personality of the entire space.
At first sight, the complete furniture of a living area must convey balance, be cosy and inviting. For example, the choice of combining Millennium, a fixed table with a rose gold frame and super marble top, to the Drop chairs that take up the structure and colour of the cladding, allows you to give personality to the room by creating very strong style references in which the thread is rose gold.
Of the same material are the Charlotte wall-mounted bookcases that establish a well-defined style in the complete furnishing of this room.

Modello Millennium: il tavolo Bontempi Casa
the Bontempi Casa table to furnish your living area

Fully furnishing the office

With smart working and remote working, study and work areas must also find their proper place in a home. This is why choosing complete furniture in these situations is not only a smart option, but also a guarantee of functionality and aesthetics.
Certainly activities of this kind require comfortable and spacious worktops, such as Mirage: the fixed or extendable table from the Bontempi Casa line with a modern design and extremely refined taste. Seating is another crucial point in the complete furnishing of a work area: it must be comfortable, in keeping with the overall style and very practical. The choice of models such as Chantal is definitely a guarantee of style and functionality.
In a space like this, it also goes without saying that lighting is one of the most important priorities, which is why floor lamps capable of diffusing the right light are a must. Circle is a perfect option for giving the room the right amount of elegance and properly illuminating the most important points.

Modello Circle: Lampada da terra ad arco Bontempi Casa
Circle floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

When deciding to furnish your living area there are many choices to be made and none to be underestimated, especially when it comes to tables and chairs: the pair of pivotal elements of Italian tradition that refer to conviviality and the beauty of sharing special moments, finding their greatest expression in Made in Italy design , as in the Bontempi Casa line. Matching these elements does not impose any specific rules, but leads to great doubts to be solved: the three possible ways that we have identified for the best combination of tables and chairs are the following:

  • Colour matching
  • Material matching
  • Style matching

Let’s take a step-by-step look at some useful tips and tricks for an optimal result.

Matching colours for tables and chairs

In terms of colour, current trends seem to favour diversity and customisation of combinations, moving away from the concept of “right” in the absolute sense and aiming for the winning choice that reflects the personality, soul and colour of the person who is furnishing the home.

Solid colour table and chairs

The monochromatic matching of tables and chairs is a classic and elegant choice, safe and stylistically consistent. We may play with styles in a mix & match perspective to give dynamism and personality to the space.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: a dining room with an Imperial table with an elliptical solid wood top and Sally chairs in mud colour with contrasting ecru stitching.

Coloured table and chairs

Furnishing accessories such as tables and chairs are the ideal occasion to bring a bit of colour to the environment and give it a strong identity: whatever the style, from classic to modern, colour always finds a place in convivial areas, so the combination of different colours, above all with regard to chairs, is an original and impactful choice.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: mix&match of Chantal chairs with solid wood frame and leatherette seat in red, blue, yellow or beige and Delta table.

The material choice of tables and chairs

When furnishing large spaces, what needs to be kept in mind is the impact that the material of the furnishing accessories has on the overall view, let’s take a look at the different types.

Glass table chairs

A symbol of refinement and elegance, a glass table evokes a modern and minimalist style, the combination of which can be studied according to the finishes: modern, wood, metal or matching, looking for the colour most in harmony with the shade of the glass.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: Bridge table with glass top and Mood chairs with green leather upholstery.

Tavoli in vetro e sedie abbinate Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Bridge Glass Table

Chairs for wooden table

For lovers of “natural vibes” a combination of wooden tables and chairs is an irresistible appeal, but there is also the possibility of matching the two complements according to the material of the structure.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: Bridge  table in solid wood and black steel base with  Spark chairs that reflect its material structure.

Tavoli e sedie Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Bridge Table

Marble table chairs

A timeless material of undisputed elegance: marble always has an important impact in the home and, like all icons, everybody must pay respect to it.

The advice of Bontempi Casa is to choose chairs that give the right emphasis to the material, maybe by opting for a colour that matches the veining of the marble or that is in sharp contrast, as in the case of a Barone table with marble top combined with Chantal chairs in grape red velvet.

The style of tables and chairs

The first question to ask is: what style do we want for our environment?
This third way sums up the previous two, giving a definitive direction to the choice of combination for tables and chairs with three possibilities:

–       Stylistic consistency
–       Mix&Match
–       Sharp contrast

Any of these ways is based on the choice of materials and colours to give a strong identity to the area to be furnished: the line of Bontempi Casa chairs and tables offers all possibilities, giving ample space to creativity, guaranteed by the Made in Italy quality.

Sedie Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Margot Chair


New shapes, new materials and finishes: there are many new Bontempi Casa Living Collection 2021 products arriving among tables, chairs and furnishing accessories, the result of our constant desire for renewal. After the very first previews we had already revealed some of them, and today we continue with the presentations.

The Bridge table

Among the novelties of the year, a leading role can only be played by the tables, which have always been an important focus of Bontempi Casa production. Some iconic models are renewed in shape and finishes, and several new designs make their debut, including Bridge.

Bridge table
Bridge rectangular extendable table with structure and decorative details in lacquered steel, top and extensions in Crystal. Shape chairs with lacquered steel structure, padded monocoque and covered in leather. Circle floor lamp composed of a concrete base and a lacquered steel structure.

Its design is characterized by the particular trestle structure, a timeless and always current line, enriched by decorative details that can be chosen in different colors to create the combination that best suits your furnishing style, ranging from classic black and gold to bolder touches. Bridge can become an elegant dining table, but it also lends itself perfectly to being placed in professional environments as a representative desk.

Chantal and Drop charis

An inevitable complement around any table, the seats can add a distinctive touch to the furniture by reinforcing its style or by introducing light contrasting elements, in terms of lines or textures and colors. Among the new proposals introduced this year, we will tell you about two with a soft and enveloping character.

The wide and enveloping seat of the Chantal chair offers unique comfort, enhanced to the maximum by the soft materials in which it can be upholstered, including premium leather, waterproof nubuck and velvet. Definitely versatile in design and functionality, it is available with five different types of base – in solid wood or lacquered steel, fixed or swivel, with or without wheels – and also in the stool version: thus it can be placed in any type of environment, from the kitchen to the office.

Drop chair
Drop chair with lacquered steel structure and padded shell covered in Premium Leather.

The made in Italy sartorial style finds expression in the drapery on the back of the Drop chair, whose enveloping shape evokes the sensation of an embrace that invites you to stop and relax to enjoy the beauty of the moment. Also in this case it is an extremely versatile seat, whose base is available in four variants, one in solid wood and the others in lacquered steel.

The Charlotte bookcase

Modern bookcases are not just containers. Just think of how many things, in addition to books, make a fine show of themselves from the shelves of an open bookcase, transforming it into a collection of design objects, photographs and travel memories, small plants, flowers and much more: in short, it becomes the frame of the most expensive items.

Charlotte bookcase
Charlotte bookcase with ceiling fixing, structure, crosspieces and decorative details in steel.

The Bontempi Casa proposal is enriched in this area with the Charlotte bookcase, modular and achievable with wall or ceiling fixing. The attention to detail makes it a design piece capable of giving an extra touch to the furniture, while the modular shelves allow maximum flexibility and customization.

Blow and Circle lamps

In a modern home, the choice of space lighting is essential to outline the style of furniture. There are ideal lamps for every room, and the Bontempi Casa 2021 catalog offers many new ideas in this sense

Blow suspension lamp
Blow suspension lamp with rosette and structure in natural brass and borosilicate glass.

Elegant crystal bubbles with which to create delicate plays of light: here is Blow, the pendant or table lamp with which to create the ideal combination of the many possibilities for perfectly tailored lighting.

Circle lamp
Circle floor lamp composed of a concrete base and a lacquered steel structure.

Lamp or art installation? Circle becomes the protagonist of the space and captures the attention with its arched structure that soars upwards to diffuse the light in a completely new and original way.

Spring is coming, the days are starting to get longer and the milder temperatures tempt us to get back on the move. Spring is the season of awakening: are we ready to open the doors to its positive energy? It is the ideal time to renovate your home and bring a breath of freshness into the house. There is no need to change everything, a few well-designed interventions are enough to bring Spring inside. So, how to renovate the house in Spring?

Renewing your home in Spring with colours

No more Winter greyness, green light for new colours to renovate the house in Spring. From walls to textiles passing through decorative elements and furnishing accessories, there are so many solutions to use colours to refresh the environment. The first thing to do is to evaluate the type of intervention (and investment) you want to carry on.

Renewing your home in Spring
Linda chair with steel structure completely covered in leather.

This is the ideal season to paint the walls, why not taking advantage of it? The ideal shades are pastel or sorbet, fresh and modern. Alternatively, wallpaper is back in fashion and allows to range between a large number of effects, from minimalist patterns to more daring decorative ones to create scenographic walls. It is not necessary to dare the total look, on the contrary: even by choosing a single room or a single wall, the effect is guaranteed.

Even the fabrics can give many ideas to refresh the furniture. Curtains, tablecloths and seat coverings are in fact useful elements to punctuate the environment with colour and renew its appearance. Colorful chairs in the kitchen, a new carpet and a few colorful pillows on the sofas, floral patterned curtains or sheets for the sleeping area are just a few suggestions for bringing Spring into the house.

Spring decor to renovate your home

In your home renovation project, also include some targeted purchases to give new life to the environments. Coloured tables and chairs but also tables and coffee tables can in fact prove to be very useful for enjoying the good weather.

spring furnishing
Ray coffee table with steel structure and crystal top.

A table with a minimal design that is easy to move is the ideal ally for extemporary lunches on the veranda or under the porch. The living room, on the other hand, will be ready for Spring with the addition of one or more low tables on which to place magazines, drinks and snacks to enjoy some carefree relaxation. Practical and multitasking, they will always be able to indulge the inspiration of the moment by performing various functions throughout the day.

A touch of green to renovate the house

Plants not only decorate and brighten the environment, but also make the air more breathable. There are no real rules for enhancing the environment with plants and flowers, if not the basic ones of harmony between proportions and colours.

How to renovate the house
Polo chair with steel rod frame, padded back and seat upholstered in premium leather. Pica sideboard with wooden structure.

Among the most popular houseplants at the moment are potos or pothos. Definitely easy to grow, they easily tolerate conditions such as high temperatures, dry air and prolonged drought, giving their beautiful glossy leaves as well to the most casual gardeners. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, try to renovate the environment with one of these plants and you will see: even the house blooms in Spring!

New shapes, new materials and finishes: there are many new products in the Bontempi Casa Living Collection 2021 arriving among tables, chairs and furnishing accessories, the result of our constant desire for renewal. Today we begin to reveal a few…

The Delta table

Often at the center of the scene, the tables play a leading role in the daily management of domestic spaces and represent an important focus in the production of Bontempi Casa. They are also protagonists among the novelties of 2021, with new designs and different iconic models ready to be renewed in shapes, materials and finishes. Among the new entries, today we reveal the Delta model, refined and versatile.

Delta table
Delta table with lacquered steel structure and barrel top in SuperMarble. Margot chairs with solid wood base, monocoque with or without armrests, padded and upholstered in velvet. Spark pendant lamp with canopy, natural brass structure and six borosilicate glasses.

Its structure is characterized by geometric lines that take up the theme of the table with crossed legs, reinterpreting it with lightness and with precious details that underline its strong personality. In lacquered steel, it can be declined with different finishes ranging from antique brass to gold through black and white, matt or glossy. The Delta table then takes on different faces and can be inserted in any context depending on whether you choose the rectangular or barrel-shaped top in wood, crystal, SuperMarble or SuperCeramic: many possible variations as proof of its great versatility.

New finishes: pink gold and Sand and Savoy Gray SuperCeramic

Research on materials has always been one of the cornerstones of Bontempi Casa business, that over the years has developed innovative solutions to ensure optimal performance of its design. Among these is SuperCeramic, elevating the characteristics of traditional ceramic by combining maximum strength and inalterability with minimum thickness to create durable and functional tables.

Not only performance but also aesthetics: SuperCeramic satisfies the eye with a delicate texture that is also appreciated to the touch, and this year it is renewed with two new finishes to be applied to different tables in the Bontempi Casa catalog. Sabbia is a discreet and refined variant, while Savoia Gray recreates the effect of natural stone thanks to bush hammering, a particular process that gives the material an absolutely authentic look.

Artistico table
Artistico table with rose gold lacquered steel structure and SuperMarble top.

The lacquered steel that serves as the base for tables and chairs, on the other hand, is enriched with a new and sophisticated rose gold finish. Obtained thanks to numerous experiments with color mixes, it is precious and delicate at the same time to be able to elegantly fit into any context. Its brightness enhances the shapes and discreetly emphasizes the details of the structures.

The Dada and Shape chairs

Indispensable accessories for every room in the house, the seats also contribute to defining the style of furniture and the way of living the spaces proper to each one: they can add touches of inspiration and color in a minimalist environment, or bring back rigor around a table from the richer design… Among the new proposals for the year that has just begun, we reveal two with a decidedly different character.

Dada chair Bontempi Casa
Dada chair with rose gold lacquered steel frame and padded shell covered in Mambo fabric.

Rounded lines draw the Dada chair, soft and seductive, with a retro charm that recalls the elegant silhouettes of the 1950s but also the creativity of Dadaism, a visionary artistic movement of the 1920s. Inspirations that are updated thanks to current know-how to give life to a seat, with or without armrests, which can be dressed in a wide range of fabrics and colors.

Shape chair Bontempi Casa
Shape chair with lacquered steel structure, padded shell and covered in leather.

With a diametrically opposite character, Shape is a seat with square lines and a light and rigorous design. A timeless classic, it is available with or without armrests to complement any environment and any context – from domestic to office – bringing a touch of elegance with the quality of its materials.

The Ray coffee table and the Spark lamp

In a modern home, the style of furniture can be recognized (also) from the accessories, such as coffee tables and lighting. The coffee table is a discreet protagonist of the living area, capable of clearly expressing the attitude of those who choose it, just like the lamps: and here are two other novelties for 2021.

Ray coffee table Bontempi Casa
Ray coffee table with steel structure and crystal top.

The design of the Ray coffee table takes inspiration from the light, whose asymmetrical structure recalls the propagation of light rays, while the glass top creates beautiful games of light that embellish the environment. It is available in three different sizes with which to compose the most suitable combination for your space, creating the ideal support surface for moments of relaxation and more.

Spark pendant lamp Bontempi Casa
Spark pendant lamp with canopy, natural brass structure and nine borosilicate glasses.

Crystal is the absolute protagonist in the design of the Spark suspension lamp, extremely modern and versatile, available in the configuration as a chandelier or with single or cluster stems. Like flying saucers, its spheres plow through the air and diffuse a lively and intense light.

The news do not end here: stay tuned on the Bontempi Casa channels to discover the next ones.