2020 was a complex year, but it did not affect our desire for renewal. We have continued to study and research solutions to bring something new to our catalog and offer you products that are increasingly suitable for personalizing your home spaces. So what is cooking for 2021? For the moment, we can only anticipate some clues about finishes, details, design …

Innovative and unique of its kind, SuperMarble reveals a new and sophisticated finish. This exclusive material patented by Bontempi Casa and used for the top of the most elegant tables reproduces the brilliance and magnificent natural veins of marble, while offering infinitely greater functionality and durability. The Noir Desir variant, as warm as earth tones with golden streaks, will now also be available with a matte finish.

Novità Bontempi Casa 2021

Still on the subject of tables, among the most iconic models by Bontempi Casa there are those characterized by the crossed-legged structure. The result of a great deal of design work, that we have also carried out in these months full of unknowns, they represent decorative elements capable of creating a focal point in the environment in which they are placed. A big news is coming right in this special category of products.

Novità Bontempi Casa 2021

Some of the most popular chairs in the Bontempi Casa catalog change their look. The Margot chair, for example, becomes more elegant and sophisticated than ever: the backrest in Premium Leather is enriched with a detail that emphasizes its artisan nature and the vocation to define a refined and welcoming furniture. Quality of raw materials, attention to detail and innate refinement will be the stylistic coordinates also in this 2021 that has just begun.

Stay tuned on Bontempi Casa channels, other news will be unveiled soon.

The spotlessness and purity of white, but also the elegance and depth of black. They blend in the strong and shiny surface of Supermarble, a special material that guarantees a sophisticated and minimalist décor in style, solid and resistant in practicality.

bontempi supermarmo

Of marble we know the ethereal refinement, that symbolized the earthly perfection in the Greek and then neoclassical sculptures. We know its prestige, that transpires from the architecture of the rich houses of the Venetian merchants. Now let’s imagine a shiny, brilliant, compact and smooth stone just like marble, in shape and color. And let’s imagine that this stone has all the brilliance, elegance, refinement of the marble. Everything, except its fragility. Supermarble is an innovative material, unique in its kind, that combines the extraordinary characteristics of marble and transforms it into something modern and functional, without losing that unmistakable stately allure typical of marmaròn.

Supermarble is born from the brilliant combination of glass and porcelain stoneware, covered with a perfect marble print that incorporates the shine and natural striations of the most precious stone in the décor world. It can become a large table for the living room, a decorative element for every room in the house. Resistant to temperatures, impacts, chemical and organic substances. Durable and malleable in all external and internal environments. Its colors accurately reflect the color range of marble stones: from gray, delicately silvered, to the Noir Desir, streaked with gold and warm like the earth tones, passing through the pure Staturesque white and the pearly white of the onyx.

Preferring Supermarble is a smart, cunning, intelligent and even eco-friendly choice, because it is recyclable. Furnishing, decorating, embellishing your home with a piece of this magical element, comfortable yet sophisticated, is the first step to live with practicality, surround yourself with pure beauty and breathe serenity, peace and harmony.

The uniqueness of Supermarble according to Bontempi


tavolo glamour bontempi

The Bontempi Glamour table is a precious table available in circular Supermarble that rests on a lacquered steel structure. Solid, resistant, stable. The anthracite black / gray color, streaked with pure white, and the glossy, compact and perfect surface, make it a unique object of décor, as well as a useful and functional piece of furniture. It combines harmoniously with chairs and armchairs upholstered in leather or fabric, in shades of teal, ultramarine or purple. To complete the furnishing are other decorative elements made of Supermarble in different shades, tone on tone, positioned on the surface of the table to create a balance of shapes and colors that becomes one.
The ideal choice for a classy living room, with clean lines, minimal in shape but refined in style. For those who love the design but also the durability of each individual décor object.


versus bontempi

The Versus table by Bontempi is a practical fixed or extendable table, square or rectangular, with legs in solid wood. Made of sturdy black Supermarble with golden stripes, whose shine becomes even more valuable if placed in stark contrast to a light wood parquet floor, such as Canadian maple, or darker, like walnut, both products equipped with a comfortable, cozy, warm allure. The most balanced combination is that of chairs or armchairs in burgundy leather and in shades of amaranth red, because the contrast of materials and colors is the stylistic channel that most enhances the noble character of this splendid Supermarble.
The perfect choice for a bon ton but not haughty living room, minimal chic never pretentious. For those who love contemporary taste but do not give up practicality.

Senso bontempi supermarmo

Password: total white. White on white, the Senso table by Bontempi, made of white staturesque Supermarble covertly streaked with gray and black, is the décor touch that gives harmony and balance to a large and luminous room. The extendable rectangular shape is practical, comfortable and modern; the surface and legs in white staturesque Supermarble allow to enlarge the view of the kitchen or living room. The ideal is to create an optical effect of light and shadow play, positioning mirrors of different sizes on the main wall. Glass vases and design objects to adorn the table, bright and tidy.
The perfect choice for a room to be illuminated, expanded, aired. For those who love the light and the sense of order and peace. To make room for positive emotions at any time of the day.