Now that smart working has become an everyday occurrence for millions of people, the creation of an office zone within the home becomes indispensable. But how should one go about furnishing a home office? Today, the preference is to create a hidden or seemingly closed area that can fulfil several functions: checking email, keeping household accounts, writing, editing photos and videos on the computer. But even when furnishing these spaces, it is always the love of beauty and the desire to create a place that is in harmony with the rest of the house that predominates.

Inspirations and tips for a home office area 

For those who have the possibility, good initial planning would always be recommended. It is not easy, in fact, to create office areas if one does not have sufficient space or if there is no dedicated corner designed on the floor plan of the house. If, on the other hand, the home-office is to be built on an existing house plan, the advice is always to favour  order and aesthetics. Order means opting for strong composure: choose workstations with as many drawers as possible or at least closable areas, so as to keep the workflow alive without having to put everything back every time. Furthermore, by closing doors, doors or drawers, you do not live with the anxiety of having a cluttered office on view in your home.

A small home office to be furnished with big ideas

If your home has a very small footprint, you have to come up with ideas that are highly practical: furnish a small home office, as if it were a container of pure abstraction, but still functional. For example, a small home office can be created in the entrance of the house, if the structure has spaces or niches to be exploited. It is then essential to choose the right colours: a studio, even a small one, must transmit serenity and concentration and for this reason the choice of neutral, light colours in continuity with the rest of the house is fundamental. Choose a too dark colour could be cumbersome and make it more difficult to concentrate, especially in an already small  space which will appear even smaller and more oppressive.
Those who have a large office space at home can really enjoy themselves. In addition to the furnishings typical of work areas, a high-standard office  almost always offers a sofa. Among the many Bontempi collections, it is easy to find a quality sofa, capable of lending character and personality to a office, even a domestic one.

Dakota: divano Bontempi Casa
Dakota: the sofa by Bontempi casa

Furnishing the home office: things you cannot do without

To furnish the home office, there are certain pieces of furniture that you cannot do without. A desk: whatever its size, the important thing is that it contains everything essential for working. If you want to give the room more prestige, you can insert a table in place of the desk. For example, Bontempi’s  Bridge : rectangular and barrel-shaped table, fixed or extendable, with frame and decorative details in lacquered steel.
A chair: better if ergonomic, given the prolonged use for several hours during the day.
An ottoman or an armchair: every now and then a change of point of view helps to think better, to get new ideas and to work with a different perspective.
A bookcasepossibly made to measure, if you have small niches available.
A lamp or spotlights: a good lighting is essential for all types of work.

Charlotte: libreria Bontempi Casa
Charlotte: the bookcase by Bontempi casa

Vintage or minimal: what style to furnish your home office with

A modern, minimalist home office favours geometric lines: a contemporary design, simple, inconspicuous furniture. In this concept, space is the main protagonist, so furniture elements must be reduced to the essential. Metal will be the material par excellence, also in its lacquered versions.
In a studio with a vintage flavour , on the other hand, wood will be the dominant material. Most vintage desks stand out for their characteristic inlays, as well as the decorations on the legs of the frame. Indispensable will then be the chest of drawers on the side, the bookcase and, perhaps, the so-called “bankers’ lamp” in opaque green glass.