pelle premium


The leather has always been used as a noble covering of furnishing accessories and represents the detail that distinguishes the elegance of the most exclusive and refined environments, but also of the most welcoming ones. The surfaces covered in leather create, in fact, an effect of warmth, comfort and exclusivity at the same time. Touching a natural leather lining gives a genuine feeling of pleasure and comfort. This is why more and more families choose it to cover chairs, armchairs and other design objects.
In fact, the leather communicates much of us, of our lives: the signs of our experience remain on it, its scent evokes memories we are bound to, touching it gives us a deep sense of well-being. The leather transmits emotions: joy, sadness, love, embarrassment. The memories that we have built within the walls of the House remain in the leather.

Penelope chair with armrests in avio blue Premium leather and chocolate Premium leather, natural silver structure






















The Premium Leather used for the Bontempi Casa chairs was born with the intention of keeping intact all the emotions that its touch can spring. It preserves the original and natural softness of the most precious mantles. It is a half-grain natural cowhide of variable thickness, adaptable to every need. Very soft to the touch, almost waxy and semi-opaque, and at the same time solid and durable.

Premium Leather is available in 22 different shades: from pastel shades such as powder pink, antique pink, light green, olive green, ivory, beige, sand and gray, to the warm shades such as amaranth, hazelnut, chocolate and antique red.

Alfa chair with cushion in light green Premium leather, seat in white lacquered wood and structure in solid spessart oak – Versus table in solid spessart oak and scratch-resistant glass top in opaque velvet white

The Premium leather coats are valuable and high quality, lending themselves to cover furnishing accessories such as chairs, stools and armchairs of large living rooms, sitting rooms and bedrooms.

The Margot chair by Bontempi Casa is, for example, a chair with structure and armrests in solid wood or steel, with a solid and comfortable seat, covered with silky Premium Leather in different colors. In its light gray color it becomes a small armchair with an elegant and discreet look, perfect to furnish a living room in soft shades.

Margot chair with armrests in light gray Premium leather and charcoal oak

The qualities of silkiness and soft-touch of the Bontempi Casa Premium Leather are guaranteed by careful craftsmanship of the raw material, which is treated and colored in the absence of substances harmful to the environment, in an ecological and eco-friendly way.
The variety of products offered by Bontempi ranges from the most diverse styles of furniture, precisely to realize all the living dreams. The Kuga Stool, for example, with a white lacquered steel structure, covered in light gray Premium leather, also suitable for the most demanding kitchens and spaces.

Kuga stool in light gray Premium leather and structure in white lacquered steel

Diversa è la Poltrona Clarissa, morbida, imbottita, rivestita di Pelle Premium bianca: la soluzione d’arredo ideale per le living room eleganti e ricercate.

Clarissa armchair in white Premium Leather and chromed frame

Feminine and intriguing is the Sveva Chair in amaranth Premium leather, with which every classy woman can furnish the refined living room.

Sveva chair in amaranth Premium leather and charcoal oak frame

Choosing a piece of furniture in leather means giving warmth and refinement to the rooms of the house. Be it an armchair, a chair, a stool, or a movable shelf of the bookcase, a small detail. The result will be the same: the emotion of living a home that tells stories, a story, yours.