outdoor metal


Which are the rules for choosing pieces of furniture for outdoor and making the most out of them? Your garden can be considered an extension of your home and furnishing it can be a fun challenge. With the right furnishings, in fact, we will have a real outdoor lounge where you can spend a nice time during summer.

Garden furniture: choose materials designed to last

Sun, rain, wind… Garden tables and chairs must resist all of them as well as any food stains or signs caused by daily use. Bontempi Casa outdoor tables have metal structures for outdoor use. Otherwise they are made of lacquered metal that ensures long life and resistance to external aggressions. The top, on the other hand, is made in layered laminate, Fenix, crystal, SuperCeramic or other materials chosen to combine durability and elegance.

GIPSY chair
Gipsy chair with and without armrests; they have an integral structure made of polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

The chairs for outdoors are made of outdoor metal, just like the Freak model, or in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass such as Gipsy and the iconic Galaxy. This is a resistant, totally waterproof and recyclable material that guarantees a balance between solidity and lightness.

Garden furniture: eye on style

We will never repeat it enough, the outside of your home represents a real extension of the house, therefore it should reflect its style.

Freak stackable chairs
Freak stackable chairs made in lacquered metal for outdoors; padded cushions covered with waterproof fabric.

For a traditional and classic style, the ideal choice are garden tables and chairs with elegant and refined lines coloured in neutral tones. When the in-house furniture is inspired by a more modern style, however, you can dare with a pop touch of bright tints, perhaps combining a few chairs in different shades, that should be chosen according to your mood and current trends.

Garden furniture: space-saving solutions

Whether the garden is large or small, it is always appropriate to think of some tricks to adapt the decorations to different occasions, from a romantic vis-à-vis dinner to a cocktail party with friends. Stacking chairs and stools, extendable console tables, multitasking accessories are just some of the ideas we suggest.

Mobili da giardino
Tao coffee table and Pattern magazine rack and pouf, both made in lacquered metal for outdoors.

Tao is a coffee table available in two sizes. It’s perfect for a moment of relaxation with a refreshing drink or a vase of flowers on it. Pattern, on the other hand, is an outdoor pouf as well as a magazine rack. Both are in lacquered metal and they are a perfect match for each other.

0There is a desire that never stops, even when the years pass by, it comes back every spring. It is the wish to be outside enjoying the outdoor spaces of our homes, like the terrace or the garden. Those that represent a real extension of the house and therefore must be furnished in the same style. A crucial piece of furniture, as well as a great protagonist of summertime with family and friends, is the table for outdoors. It should be picked up with an eye for shapes and materials. The size should match the habits of the owners and fit the space that’s available. Quality materials are needed, as it has to resist to the weather and the use. That’s why Bontempi Casa tables are made of lacquered metal specifically produced for outdoors.

Fixed Sander table and Freak stackable chairs
Fixed Sander table with lacquered metal structure for outdoor use and with a scratch-resistant glass top. Freak stackable chairs and Boss stools with lacquered metal structure for outdoors, and padded seat cushions covered with fabric for outdoors.

A large-sized table like Sander is suitable for spaces such as gardens and open verandas. With its 8 seats, it is the perfect outdoor table for large families and for those who like having guests over for lunch. The elliptical crystal top expresses elegance and lightness, but the more classic rectangular variant is also available. In both versions, the central structure is made of lacquered metal for outdoors and it is designed to not obstruct the seats. This modern design adds a touch of style that does not go unnoticed – and which is also in the geometric patterns of the Freak chair back, or in the seat of the Boss stool. This is the ideal combination of products we advise to complete the furnishing of your garden or veranda.

Diesis fixed table and Hidra chairs
Diesis fixed table with a metal structure and a polished glass top. Hidra chairs with a polypropylene structure.

The size of the table for outdoors is important when it is placed in small open spaces such as a tiny terrace or enclosed veranda. In these cases, you need to pay attention to proportions to create a harmonious environment and guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Diesis table by Bontempi Casa is available in three different shapes: from the squared version with 4 seats to the two variants of the rectangular one with 6 seats. While the height remains unchanged. To further customize your favourite piece of furniture, Bontempi Casa suggests combining it with Hidra chairs, made of polypropylene for outdoors. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Outdoor tables Bontempi Casa
Vincent Coffee table with both structure and top made in lacquered metal. Galaxy stools with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Finally, an interesting option for decorating outdoor spaces are tiny taller tables, that can be easily moved according to your needs. The height of the table can be combined with tall stools. These can be placed together to create areas for chilling out with friends during a cocktail party. Otherwise, one table with two stools could become the ideal ally for a romantic aperitif with your loved one.

Looking for tables, chairs and outdoor furniture. Beautiful to look at but also functional, colorful and resistant. Furnishing the outdoor spaces of the house requires the same care that is used for the living or the sleeping area, with special attention to the weather conditions in which our furniture will “live”. This is where outdoor metal comes into play: indestructible and versatile, it is a perfect material to create furnishing accessories with essential and light lines, with a modern and never boring design.

The inspiration comes from the modern furnishings of the 1950s, but also from the more contemporary trend of the industrial chic style, of which metal is the absolute protagonist.

Well, it’s easy to say metal, but what material are we talking about exactly? In the Bontempi Casa catalog, the outdoor metal furniture is in lacquered steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, resistant and stable over time, to which a double treatment is applied to ensure its long life. The first step is the painting by cataphoresis, characterized by the uniform deposition of an epoxy or acrylic resin on the surface of the object, this ensures a high protection from chemical agents and other external factors, a remarkable resistance to corrosion and rust. The second is a further painting of the piece with an external powder paint and subsequent baking in the oven.

Which are the ideal metal furniture for furnishing a veranda, a terrace or a garden? These ones.

INES – The essential chair

A seat capable of combining the solidity of the metal structure with an incredible aesthetic lightness, given by simple and essential lines, that are soft and enveloping. With its strong personality, the Ines chair in lacquered steel with armrests and cushion is perfect combined with a minimalist table, to be set following a single mantra: less is more.

FREAK – The wave chair

Light and refined geometries taken from the seat and backrest characterize the Freak chair with lacquered steel structure, available in white or in different shades of gray, whose look is completed by combining the upholstered seat cushion with matching outdoor fabric matchy or contrasting. The Vincent coffee table, whose lacquered steel structure recalls its sinuous lines, is the perfect combination to create a relaxation area where you can have coffee, browse through a magazine or simply enjoy the shade.

SANDER – the table

To create an area dedicated to lunches with friends, perhaps sheltered by a pergola or an open veranda, the ideal combination for the Freak chair is the Sander outdoor table. Its slender and essential metal structure is available in the same range of colors as the chairs, and creates a beautiful contrast between this industrial-inspired material and its scratch-resistant glass and crystal top.

TAO – the round coffee table

Take a round top and “put it on” over legs that resemble the shape of an origami: it is the Tao coffee table, available in two different sizes and in different colors. One next to the other, thanks to the solidity of the lacquered steel structure, they create a perfect surface for an informal aperitif with friends or for refreshing drinks on summer afternoons.

PATTERN – the magazine rack ottoman

Top, magazine compartment, seat: Pattern is all this thanks to its inverted pyramid structure in worked steel, with a perforated pattern on all sides that gives a fresh feeling of lightness to its aesthetics. Genial in its simplicity, it adapts easily to any type of environment – external but also internal – and to different styles of furniture.