outdoor chairs


For some time, high bar chairs have become part of the outdoor furniture of private environments to give a more modern touch to areas dedicated to moments of conviviality. High stools can become the ideal solution for organizing an aperitif in the garden with friends, but also for a romantic toast for two.

How to choose the ideal high chairs and stools for your garden? A bar-style set-up is mainly suitable for homes with a modern taste, so it is good to evaluate whether these seats for the outdoors accord with the furnishings chosen for the interiors, creating a harmonious image overall. If the answer is yes, proceed to evaluate the spaces available to you and imagine the possible arrangement of the high chairs and related support tables. Now you are ready to browse the Bontempi Casa catalog to discover the most suitable proposals, including the latest news for the outdoors.

The Galaxy chair in the high stool version, characterized by the unmistakable geometric pattern on the back, is perfect for recreating the coolest café environment even in the home garden. The choice of color will make the difference: white and it is immediately white party, blue and light blue to feel on the seashore, light gray or anthracite for a refined environment, caramel or mustard yellow for a lively touch.

Do you prefer more classic lines? Mood is the bar stool for you, but always with a touch of color for a modern and never banal elegance. Its polypropylene shell is comfortable and enveloping, inviting you to relax and indulge in carefree moments – preferably accompanied by music as soft as the line of its backrest.

Moon table with high stools
Moon table with lacquered steel structure and SuperCeramic top.

When choosing the high tables to combine with these seats, it is good to give priority to light and essential structures such as those in outdoor steel of the Contract models by Bontempi Casa. Among the new proposals this year, in particular, the Moon table in the version with a high structure (also in the opening photo) has a fascinating and cosmopolitan allure, definitely suitable for a bar-style setting. Square or rectangular, it lends itself to creating more intimate conversation areas or “enlarged” depending on how you want to occupy the space in the garden. Its essential and refined design, then, makes it a suitable complement to different combinations with high chairs and stools.

Spring brought a breath of fresh air for Bontempi Casa, also in terms of outdoor furniture. Among new designs, new materials and new details, the 2021 Living Collection includes, as well, proposals designed for outdoor dining and all the convivial moments that await us during summer, at home or at the outdoor area of ​​a bar, a restaurant or a poolside.

Perfect for outdoor spaces, from the garden to the terrace, but also suitable to be placed in a modern kitchen, the Moon table is available in double height, square or rectangular in different sizes just to test its versatility in all types of environments. The structure can be declined in various colours and is made of lacquered steel, a material that in the production by Bontempi Casa is subjected to a double treatment to ensure long life and resistance to external aggressions typical of the outdoors, from sun to rain. The top, on the other hand, can be chosen in a range of materials including melamine, modern and particularly resistant to high summer temperatures, glossy or matt anti-scratch glass, SuperCeramic and SuperMarble, innovative and designed to enhance the quality of the original materials and make them even more functional for furnishing.

The Moon outdoor low table

Outdoor table and chairs
Moon low table with lacquered steel structure and matt SuperMarble top. Eva chairs with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene shell. Gloria lamp in lacquered steel. Chic food trolley with lacquered steel structure and glass shelves.

In the version with low structure, the Moon table is particularly suitable for informal lunches for two or more people, with family or friends. Its light and essential design allows to easily move it according to personal needs, but it is good to carefully evaluate the space in which one is going to place it to choose the perfect size among the six available variants. To get an idea, consider about a meter away from the edge of the table to the nearest obstacle, whether it is a wall or another piece of furniture. The ideal combination? Chairs that share a linear, agile and modern design with Moon, like Eva: the polypropylene shell invites to add a touch of colour to the whole, while the lacquered steel structure creates continuity with the table.

The Moon outdoor high table

Moon high table
Moon square and rectangular high table with lacquered steel structure and melamine top. On the left, Mood stools with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene shell. On the right, Galaxy stools with structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.

Moon becomes large and, in the version with high structure, it can be the ideal outdoor table for organizing cocktail parties and aperitifs with friends. Square or rectangular, it takes on a fascinating and cosmopolitan allure, particularly suitable for contract furniture, too. The ideal combination, in this case, is with high and colorful stools such as Galaxy, one of the iconic models from the Bontempi Casa catalog with its geometric design on the back and the color palette that goes from the blue of the sky and the sea to the classic white and gray through mustard and caramel. Do you prefer more classic and enveloping lines? Mood is the stool for you, but always with a touch of colour for a modern and never banal elegance.

Spring has come, the days are getting longer and nature awakens with many colorful and fragrant flowers: the time has come to prepare the terrace with outdoor tables and chairs to enjoy the good weather. With one eye on functionality and the other on the style of furniture, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable accessories for furnishing your outdoor spaces – which can be considered “rooms” of the house in all respects.

How to choose outdoor tables and chairs

There are a few simple rules to follow when choosing outdoor furniture, and they mainly concern functionality. With the right accessories, the terrace becomes an extension of the house, but it is good to remember that outdoor tables and chairs dedicated to this area will be exposed to sun, wind, rain… The materials play an important role from this point of view: the outdoor metal with which the Bontempi Casa outdoor table structures are made is subjected to a double treatment to ensure long life and resistance to external aggressions; for the tops, on the other hand, there are materials such as layered laminate, Fenix, crystal, Superceramic or Supermarble, combining durability and elegance for outdoor furniture. The chairs can also have a lacquered steel structure for outdoor use, but to add a touch of color there are also models in polypropylene and fiberglass, a resistant and totally waterproof material.

outdoor tables
Moon fixed outdoor table with lacquered steel structure and SuperCeramic top. Net stackable outdoor chair.

Another aspect to consider is that of the size of the outdoor table and the space it occupies together with the relative outdoor chairs: it is important to pay attention to the proportions to ensure the right freedom of movement on the terrace, as well as to furnish the environment in a balanced way. To get an idea, consider about a meter away from the edge of the table to the nearest obstacle, whether it is a wall or another piece of furniture.

Folding tables and chairs to enjoy the terrace

With the right furniture, the terrace can become a functional space to devote to everything we love to do during the summer, whether it’s eating outdoors or enjoying moments of relaxation in the sun and shade. Extendable console tables, folding outdoor chairs or stackable stools, double function poufs will be your best allies.

Poket folding chair with seat and back in polypropylene.

With a light and easy to move outdoor table it will be possible to use the terrace as a space for lunch for two or more people, but also for other moments in the family with board games or snacks all together. All accompanied by folding chairs that know how to combine comfort during use with the convenience of being able to store them in very little space when not needed. To create an outdoor relaxation corner where you can devote yourself to your favorite readings or simply enjoy the good weather, multitasking accessories can also be very useful that can act as a magazine rack, seat and table top all in one.

outdoor chair
Pattern magazine pouf in lacquered steel for outdoor. Gipsy chair with armrests with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.

The pleasure of being outside – in the garden, by the pool or under the porch – goes hand in hand with the care we have in the choice of pieces of furniture for outdoor. As you know, outdoor can be furnished with the same style as the indoor, matching the owner’s lifestyle. A wide range of tables, chairs and home accessories is available in order to give you comfort, combining beauty and functionality. But which is the role of furniture fabrics for outdoor? Whether they are upholstery, tablecloths or screens, they add a touch of colour and help to create a unique environment. Choosing new fabrics for cushions, for example, is a simple and fun way to renew your furniture without resorting to drastic changes.

The Bontempi Casa catalogue includes several furnishing fabrics for outdoor seating, they are all waterproof and designed to last as long as possible. Now, which are the ideal fabrics for decorating outdoor? These ones.

Outdoor Fabrics

Boss stool
Boss stool with structure in lacquered metal for outdoor and cushion covered with outdoor fabric.

Bontempi Casa outdoor fabric is made of acrylic fibre, one of the most popular and appreciated materials for outdoor furniture. Among its features there is excellent resistance to the weather, chlorinated and sea water: this makes it suitable to be used by the pool or to furnish the house by the sea, but also for naval use. Furthermore, the Teflon treatment makes it anti-stain and anti-mould.

Texplast and Soft Texplast

Net stool
Net stool with structure in lacquered metal for outdoor, seat and back made of Texplast or Soft Texplast.

For outdoor seats, Bontempi Casa catalogue also proposes Texplast, a fiber made of PVC and polyester, and Soft Texplast, made of polyvinyl and polyester. The first is incredibly stress-resistant and it comes in a classic palette that includes refined shades of white, sand, grey and black; the Soft Texplast, on the other hand, is available in the cerulean variant. For both, the cleaning method is very simple and requires only a damp cotton cloth.


Sedia HIDRA outdoor
Sedia impilabile Hidra con struttura integrale in Polipropilene e Fibra di vetro, cuscino in poliuretano.

There are not only fabrics for outdoor, but also materials designed to make outdoor seating more comfortable through cushions and padding. Hidra chair, for example, is enriched with a polyurethane cushion, a material that combines softness and resistance to sun and rain. Available in sand, light grey and anthracite shades, it brings a touch of refinement by the pool, in the garden or wherever you wish to use it.

For those who are lucky enough to have it, the outdoor space can become a true environment that “expands” the in-house rooms outside. So, it can be furnished just exactly an internal living room. The porch, in particular, is an appendix of the house that overlooks on a beautiful view and guarantees the privacy we need. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the walls of the building we will place it on. To enjoy it at its best, then, it is equally important to evaluate well how to furnish your porch.

What are the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing under your porch? A lot depends on the type of house – is it in the city, by the sea, or on the mountains? – and on the style of your furniture – are you more into classic, rustic or modern? You will certainly want to create a comfortable and suggestive environment. That’s why we advise you to start thinking about a good number of comfortable seats, to match with practical tables and poufs as supporting elements for your readings, but also to enjoy a snack or an aperitif outside. If the space is large enough, you can also include a dining table or an extendable console table to furnish the outdoor porch.

MARGOT chair
Margot chair, with a wooden structured end covered with Premium Leather.

How to decorate a rustic porch? Go ahead with wooden pieces of furniture in your favourite shade, light or dark, according to the type of atmosphere you want to create. The dark woods have an innate elegance, while the lighter ones give a fresh and informal mood to the environment. Margot chair lends itself to both interpretations as it is available in different finishes, to be combined with the shell that is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

AQUA chair for outdoor
Aqua stackable chair for outdoor with integral polypropylene structure.

To furnish an external porch, perhaps near a swimming pool or a fountain, it is better to opt for waterproof materials such as polypropylene. It is in fact a waterproof and durable material, and it perfectly combines solidity and lightness. With its essential and modern design, Aqua chair is ideal for the outdoor, including the porch: being stackable, it is the trump card that cannot be missed when inviting friends to spend time together at your place.

If the porch is large enough, you may also turn it into a perfect dining area. We recommend Diesis table, that is practical and functional and Hidra chairs, that give a style twist to customize the outdoor. They adapt easily to any environment, you only make sure to choose the table size that suits you best among the three available, while the chairs are light and easy to be moved around when needed.

Finally, don’t forget the lighting to enjoy your porch even after sunset. You can place a row of lights suspended from one corner to another for a boho-chic style or simple outdoor lamps on the centre of the table.

Luna and Massimiliano are a young married couple. They have moved into a lovely villa overlooking a beautiful garden, not too far from the city centre, where they both work.
With the arrival of the summer season, Luna enjoys preparing the veranda and furnishes it carefully for the reception of guests, with whom she intends to share aperitifs, lunches and dinners outdoors… After some cleaning, she places a new elegant outdoor table with a glass top, and a few chairs with cushions padded in a soft blue fabric. A few more stools that can be turned into poufs. That’s it, the refreshment area is now simply perfect.

AQUA chairs
Aqua chair, in polypropylene for outdoors

Massimiliano is a true book lover. Other than a beautiful bookcase placed in the living room, he sets up a relaxation corner in the garden, designed for its moments of leisure among books in the open air. He places a small white table coordinated with a couple of chairs. Luna, who always has an eye for style and details, adds two padded cushions, and now it looks like a movie set. They both spend some nice time here, sitting and reading their favourite books under the shade of a hydrangea. They truly enjoy the peace of their garden.

They often take care of the garden together: Luna waters the flowers, arranges the furnishings and adds some new accessories from time to time. Massimiliano waters the lawn every day… Sometimes they make fun of each other and laugh a lot together. That garden is definitely their favourite place.


With friends coming over, the two of them decorate the plants with a few outdoor lights, serve a fresh buffet on the table and put on some background music. In the most hidden part of the garden there is a small wooden patio, built by the old owners of the house: Luna and Massimiliano decided to keep it and leave it as it was, because it is such a nice corner, and it is also really useful as a storage – In fact, in winter this is used as a covered area to safely place the garden furniture. Over summer, when their grandchildren and children of friends come to visit them, the couple leaves on the patio some coloured chairs so they can play.

Galaxy chairs for outdoor
Galaxy chairs, stackable, in polypropylene, perfect for outdoors.

If you have a garden at your home, you are very lucky. It’s an opportunity to share special moments with those you love. Luna and Massimiliano know it well, and that is why as soon as the hot season comes, they do not hesitate to furnish it and make it as welcoming as possible. With a refreshing drink on the veranda, a book or a fun game on the patio, a simple walk outside with friends, the home garden becomes a real magical place.

Enjoying the good weather on the terrace is everything we dream of! Summer is coming so it’s time to prepare the outdoor area for the relaxing moments ahead. We must keep in mind a few tips regarding the choice of tables and chairs for the terrace and we will have the ideal environment for a wonderful summertime. The first thing to do is to see how much space we have available and decide how we want to use it. Then, let’s choose the furniture accordingly. Family lunches, cocktail parties with friends, relaxing readings… How will you spend your time on the terrace?

Diesis fixed table with metal structure and polished glass top. Hidra chairs with polypropylene structure.

Those who love having lunch outdoor will be happy to create a dining area on their terrace, choosing from the most suitable outdoor tables and chairs for this purpose. A terrace table of this type is Diesis: light and easy to move if necessary, it has an essential design to complement the environment with sober elegance and optimize the use of space. An outdoor chair that perfectly matches Diesis is Hidra, made of polypropylene, available in neutral or more vibrant shades, from powder blue to mustard yellow. This helps us to create a cheerful and fun mood! Complete everything with an equipment in summer colours, perhaps replacing the classic tablecloth with modern coloured linen runners, and the season of outdoor dining can begin.

Galaxy stackable stool
Galaxy stackable stool with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Do you prefer eating in a traditional dining room and using the terrace for aperitifs and refreshing drinks? That’s fine: to organize a perfect cocktail party you do not need a large table set, but smaller tables to place glasses and saucers at the right time, and some chairs to create a conversation corner. Remember to leave enough space so your guests are free to move around. If you choose high tables, you can pick some practical and colourful stools like Galaxy, one of Bontempi Casa most iconic and recognizable pieces. The geometric motif of the backrest and the captivating tints are perfect for outdoor furniture used over summer. Also, the Galaxy barstools can be easily stacked one on the other and are resistant to water, rain and bad weather.

Outdoor chairs
Gipsy stackable chair with armrests and integral structure made of Polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass. Pattern magazine tables in worked metal.

Finally, don’t forget to spare a few moments for yourself, to your readings or simply to a relaxing break. Gipsy outdoor chair will welcome you just fine: its comfortable backrest will invite you to relax. Complete your outdoor corner with Pattern, that can be used as a practical coffee table where you can place a fruit basket or some drinks and it can turn into a magazine rack as well, so you never run out of inspiration.

Summer = outdoor chair wanted. Outdoor chairs are furnishing accessories designed specifically to furnish courtyards, gardens, balconies, terraces, patios, pool areas and public spaces.

They can be totally made of ecological and recyclable plastic (like the Bontempi Galaxy chair), or with an external metal structure and an ecological and recyclable plastic shell (Bontempi Mood chair). We also have all-metal ones for outdoor use (for example the Bontempi Freak Chair) and finally those in polycarbonate (see the Bontempi Aria Chair).

Freak chair with steel white lacquered structure for exterior. Outdoor cushion padded and covered with outdoor fabric – Vincent steel lacquered white table for outdoor.

Garden chairs – also called garden armchairs – are among the best-selling models. Often colored, but also of neutral shades so that they can be combined with tables and other outdoor furniture, plastic garden chairs are easily harmonized with the natural environment, bringing freshness and grace in the outdoor spaces, both daily and not. They are perfect for decorating nicely gardens, terraces, small courtyards, patios, pool areas and public spaces

Mood chair with or without armrests, gray lacquered steel frame for exterior and light gray polypropylene shell – Alis coffee table in light gray lacquered steel for exterior.



Garden small table and chairs are purchased especially in the months that anticipate the summer, just in view of the greater use of external domestic spaces. Wood is one of the most used materials for creating outdoor seating: it is often used only for the structure, that is then covered with waterproof fabrics, in particular textilene. This new generation fabric is not damaged by contact with sunlight, rain, ice, snow, salt and chlorine. Then there are the bamboo chairs for outdoor environments, 100% natural and with an exotic allure, very resistant material. But the most popular products are undoubtedly the colorful garden chairs, such as Galaxy, the brand new Bontempi Casa proposal.

Galaxy chair with structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass in white – Alis coffee table in lacquered white steel for outdoor.

Galaxy is a comfortable chair designed for outdoor use, made of solid polypropylene. Its structure is created ad hoc to favor a cozy, comfortable and relaxing seat; it is available in 8 shades of color, from Powder Light Blue to Sand, to Mustard Yellow. The plastic garden armchairs are very practical, they can in fact remain outside both in summer and in winter without deteriorating.

Aria chair, with transparent white glossy polycarbonate structure – Alter coffee table with stainless steel structure

But how to prepare for the summer in the right way, and choose the most suitable outdoor chair for your home (and garden)? Here are some original, fun and captivating advices to furnish outdoor environments with color and warmth.

All the garden games you can do with outdoor chairs

Galaxy chair with armrests, structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber in powder blue.

If you have children with your family, you know that outdoor games are very important. Here’s how you can take advantage of your Bontempi Casa Galaxy chairs by organizing nice group games (for children, but also for adults). For a 90’s mood, the famous game of the chairs: just place a number of colored Galaxy chairs lower than the number of participants, put music to taste and let the guys dance and have fun outdoor, then run to sit down as soon as the music ends. The game “Witch says color” is another classic of the children fun games: hide in the park some Galaxy chairs of different colors, and let the children play to find those of the color required by the “witch”. Do you have a swimming pool? Why not take advantage of it then! Place Galaxy chairs on the bottom of the pool (yes, they are 100% waterproof) and organize ball games that force participants to stay seated.

How to turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor cinema in perfect 1950s style

Galaxy chairs with or without armrests, polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber structure in powder blue – Alis small tables in lacquered white steel for outdoor.

With the right chairs you can turn a simple little backyard into a fantastic cinema under the stars, like those of American drive-ins. Choose cozy, comfortable and at the same time resistant seats, like the Galaxy model by Bontempi Casa. Place them in alternating rows, perhaps playing with different colors; add a few small coffee tables for each two chairs and offer fresh fruit juices and ice lollies. Then a TV screen or a laptop placed at the center and this will be enough: an outdoor cinema directly at home. All comfortably seated, in total relaxation, with a hint of color and taste of summer.


Set up the perfect party of Mid-August with the right outdoor furnishing accessories

Galaxy chairs with or without armrests, polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber structure in light blue, mustard yellow, caramel and white.

Mid-August marks the end of the summer? Absolutely not, but it is an opportunity to organize a nice little party in the garden or on the terrace of the house. What do you need? A table large enough to serve all the guests you want to invite, strictly home-made food (cooking with our loved ones produces endorphins and makes all happier, it is statistically proven), and many colored chairs to give vivacity to the table. Better even if of different shades, so that each has its own color of reference, and match them with a multicolored flower centerpiece. Music, old movies and board games. Need more for the perfect night of Mid-August?


Looking at the falling stars at San Lorenzo hand in hand? Yes, but only if you sit comfortably

Galaxy chairs with structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber in white and mustard yellow.


San Lorenzo and his stars. Take two Galaxy chairs of your favorite color, place them on the terrace or in the garden; bring out a blanket, a bottle of wine and leave your smartphone at home. Admire the view in silence, away from social networks and the digital world, enjoy that moment, experience the present moment. Keeping your nose up for a whole night, however, can be tiring: this is why it is essential to have a comfortable and practical chair. If this chair is also waterproof … Enjoy the spectacle of the sky with your feet in the water.