modern sideboard


After all, it’s not that bad to spend these days at home. We can definitely find some positive aspects in the invitation to remain home for stopping the health emergency related to Coronavirus. Bars and shops closed, offices turned their activities into smart working, streets became empty and silent. The daily frenzy is quickly forgotten, so it’s time to rediscover the pleasure of spending days at home and brushing up on those activities that you never find time for. Let’s keep a positive attitude!

Clara stools
Clara stools with metal structure, fully padded and upholstered shell, quilted backrest.

To start a day on the right foot, why not to choose a good healthy and slow breakfast? What for many is a pleasure on Sundays only can become a daily joy over this period. A good freshly squeezed orange juice, toasted and buttered bread or a slice of cake baked by yourself and your children… Isn’t your mouth already watering?

In the kitchen we can devote ourselves to all those recipes that satisfy the taste but require time and patience, or experiment by letting ourselves be inspired by blogs and magazines. Let’s whet our appetite with pictures, let’s put ourselves in the kitchen and don’t neglect the mise en place, so we’ll give a special flavour to every meal enjoyed at home. We can also keep the rituals of our social life by translating them into the domestic reality: we prepare a delicious aperitif and chat with friends over a video call, we prepare Sunday lunches and we share photos of our recipes in the family chat.

Artistico coffee table
Artistico coffee table with lacquered metal structure and wooden or crystal top.

Now that we can put aside the daily frenzy, it’s time to let our imagination run wild and maybe do some thinking. We can feed our thoughts with good readings: we can pick up all those books that have been waiting for us on the bedside table for months (if we really want to read them) or have fun with something lighter. To find inspiration, we could also take advantage of free time to tide up our bookcases: there are those grouping books by genre and those doing it in strict alphabetical order by title or author, but also those who arrange them by colour … What suits you best?

Lexington bookcase
Lexington bookcase with lacquered Metal frame.

Mens sana in corpore sano, the Latins used to say, and we should not forget it. Without going to the gym, we can keep working out in our living room. On Youtube there are many video tutorials with simple exercises to do at home even without specific tools, perhaps using a chair or the sofa (try and type “train on the sofa”, you will see). This can become a good habit to mark the days without getting bored.

Enea sideboard and Strega floor lamp
Enea sideboard made of lacquered wood and lacquered glass. Strega floor lamp with lacquered metal structure and fabric lampshade.

Another nice activity is tiding up the closets and preparing them for a seasonal change. We follow the advice of famous Marie Kondo or other experts, and we try to arrange clothes and accessories in the drawers of our sideboards in a different way: we could discover new ways to optimize space and refresh our wardrobe. Do you also see the first buds on the tree branches outside your windows? Spring is coming, let’s get ready!

Modern sideboard wanted to furnish a home. Yes, yes, and yes, because sideboards are furnishing accessories that combine functionality and practicality with style and personality. The modern design sideboard is in fact the evolution of the old kitchen cupboards, bedside tables, chest of drawers and furniture of our grandmothers. The sideboard is a solid and sturdy piece of furniture, it can be composed of numerous drawers, doors and offers a large top. It is ideal to furnishing entrances, living rooms, bedrooms: in short, the sideboard, in its most contemporary version, is a true passepartout furniture. That’s why it is increasingly chosen to furnish small and large houses, offices and professional spaces.

Made of wood, crystal, Supermarble, Superceramic and Superconcrete, the collection of modern sideboards by Bontempi Casa offers a decorative and practical solution for every need.

High sideboard

Cosmopolitan in scratch-resistant matt velvet crystal, dark rust lacquered wood groove and deep black lacquered feet.

The high sideboard is a piece of furniture with doors and drawers that is normally positioned at the bust height or slightly lower. It is therefore easily usable as storage for small everyday objects, such as plates, crystal glasses and more. A high modern sideboard like Cosmopolitan is the ideal solution for the living room, in fact, it has a wooden supporting structure, two doors that open onto a spacious cupboard, it can be customized in different materials and finishes, the opening system is with groove.

Low sideboard

Aly Glass, is a low sideboard with wooden structure, opaque lacquered sides, top and doors in polished glass, internal shelves in transparent glass.

There are many types of modern low sideboards: Bontempi Casa offers a wide choice in terms of shapes and

materials, but also styles.

Also from the Cosmopolitan line, available in different sizes, doors, tops, open compartments, drawers and baskets, infinite color variations that allow maximum customization;

Aly Glass in shiny sand crystal.










Amsterdam is a low sideboard with wooden structure, open compartment, top, sides and doors. It can extend from 195 to 260 centimeters.

Amsterdam in spessart oak veneered wood, feet in sand lacquered wood.


Liquor cabinet

Madison in Noir Desir Supermarble, structure in deep black, feet and handles in antique brass.

A liquor cabinet or a design sideboard, Madison by Bontempi Casa has a wooden structure, it is composed of two hinged doors, a transparent glass shelf and a mirrored back panel. Top, sides and doors are in lacquered wood, crystal or Supermarble, the decorative feet and handles can be freely customized (enjoy creating the most original combination with our Configurator). Is there a modern sideboard that brings us back into the past? Yes, Madison.

The cupboard sideboards are a piece of furniture much loved by women thanks to the elegance of the shapes and the possibility of transforming them into their precious casket for the home. A perfect piece of furniture to hold silverware and glassware, refined and elegant, but at the same time functional and comfortable.

Small sideboards-bedside tables

Enea in glossy white crystal.


For those looking for a small sideboard, a bedside table or a chest of drawers for the sleeping area, instead, Bontempi Casa has thought of Enea, a modern low sideboard, modular with several sections and that reaches different heights.

The low sideboards are very practical for the bedroom, because they resemble the small bedside tables of the past, but they have a much more contemporary design. Enea is a collection of low sideboards, storage units and wardrobes made of matt lacquered wood, with polished crystal details. The height and number of drawers of Enea can be customized according to the needs: they range from 2 to 7 drawers, from 50 to 160 cm in height. In short, there cannot be an Enea sideboard that does not correspond to a particular space.

Which living space do you want to furnish? Which is the product you need? With the Bontempi Casa Configurator you can create the custom-made sideboard for you.

Therefore, modern design sideboards are an essential piece of furniture in the houses, because, despite they take up little space, they manage to combine the functional aspect of containing small objects – indispensable in everyday life – and the elegance of a minimal and contemporary decor. Thanks to the wide choice available, Bontempi Casa offers bespoke solutions for all needs: visit our website on the Configurator page, and build your ideal sideboard, high or low, cupboard or bedside table, in lacquered wood or crystal, Supermarble or Superceramic. Having a modern design sideboard in your living room will never be so simple.