Thanks to technology, the materials used in the furniture industry are evolving, as well as our taste in design. Among the new generation materials, the most widespread is undoubtedly the Materico melamine. Innovative in its appearance so full-bodied and material, anti-scratch and resistant to heat and impact. The Materico melamine is a versatile and not too expensive material, that can be used as a cover of tables for living rooms and kitchens, it belongs to the family of the so-called “melamine panels” and it is composed of chipboard sheets covered with a paper impregnated with resin – in fact – melamine. That is, a sort of very thin synthetic resin. The texture of a top in Materico melamine comes in different ways, depending on the effect that you want to give.

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is an extremely versatile material, able to combine functionality and aesthetic quality. The version with a decorative melamine effect, especially in wood and concrete finishes, gives body and reproduces perfectly the characteristics of the raw material, making it authentic and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Why is the Materico melamine material a guarantee of aesthetics and quality at the same time? The resistance to heat and impact is very high, and the material and full-bodied aspect of the surface makes it versatile and transversal for different rooms in the house.

Tom table with lacquered steel structure and cement Materico melamine top

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine tops are equipped with an ABS edging with an aesthetic and protective function, for greater resistance against impact, wear and abrasion. A table with melamine coating is perfect for both the living room and the kitchen, because it is extremely resistant and functional but also elegant in appearance.

Bontempi Casa has just launched the new Materico melamine coating for the Tom table. But also the Chef, Cruz and Cruz XXL, Pascal, Magico, Flash, Etico Plus, Echo In, Dublino and Diesis tables are available with a melamine coating surface. The melamine top is easily combined with lacquered steel structures. The concrete effect is very trendy at the moment and modern and minimal chic to the eye.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

To clean a melamine top it is essential to use a very soft microfiber cloth (of high quality), moistened with warm water, carefully wrung out and carefully dried. However, it is also necessary to dry out any small drops of water and steam that may form, in particular by insisting on the edge of the top. This will prevent water infiltrations that can, over time, damage the product.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

The Materico melamine is a contemporary, immediate, fresh and always current choice. Proof is in the pudding.

The furniture trends seen at the Salone del Mobile 2018 will inspire the choices of thousands of consumers across the country during 2018 and beyond. The Salone del Mobile is in fact a meeting point between creativity, innovation and tradition, where trends in color palettes, contrasts of materials and shapes are born.

The edition just passed highlighted three clear trends that are already spreading in the world of luxury design and interior design.

Materials – Glossy and matt

Secret desk in anthracite leather, natural oak veneered wood top and flap door in glossy arabicised SuperMarble.

It has now been decreed with certainty: the matt and shiny furnishing accessories in the living rooms are the elements on which to focus when creating trendy environments. The living area, after all, is the most vital environment of the house: so its style must be studied in detail to give a personality to the room, make it hospitable, but also cool.

Versus table, solid oak wood frame, SuperMarble Noir Desir polished top – Sveva chair

As we have seen at the Salone del Mobile 2018, many national and International designers have proposed matt and shiny living room furniture, a combination of optical and material effects that do not come unnoticed. In particular, if in recent years the minimal design has characterized many modern furnishings, this year will focus on the highly processed and studied material components, compositional freedom and shapes, volumes and surfaces different from one another, juxtaposed.

The Bontempi Casa proposals

We at Bontempi Casa have interpreted this trend and made it our own, trying to combine matt, rough and porous surfaces, like oak wood, to shiny, cold and metallic surfaces such as steel. The Matrix table, for example, is the perfect paradigm that unites these two contrasting materials, very different by view and touch. The result is an innovative product that satisfies traditionalists and avantgardists.

Matrix table, antique brass structure, charcoal oak wood top

Pastel colors – pink

Alfa chairs, oak frame, antique pink Premium leather cushions – Matrix table – Lexington bookcase – Ginger coffee table

The pastel shades give a lively but never exaggerated allure to the home environment. They can be used to color seats, details and finishes, or even entire surfaces of sideboards, containers and even small coffee tables. For some years now, the Milanese stands of the Salone have been tinged with a delicate mustard yellow, an airy sky-blue and many other colors that belong to pastel palettes. However, it has been confirmed that for 2018 the antique pink will be the best-selling color in the design world.

Long Island armchair in pink powder velvet and antique brass structure – Planet coffee table


How to match the pink to the furniture? Very simple: the designers advise to approach it with delicacy and parsimony and make it stand out in environments where more neutral materials and colors predominate, such as white, ocher, black or gray.

Bontempi’s proposals

Kelly chair, frame in natural oak with antique pink premium leather covering – Secret secretary desk


Malik chair in Antique Pink Premium leather – Millennium table – Cosmopolitan sideboard – Olimpia lamp


We at Bontempi Casa, for the 2018 furniture collection, have chosen to range between the different shades of pink: a matt and compact pink, shaded like a pastel. More than romantic and feminine, our pink comes in a unisex color that becomes a pantone for the walls, and a delicate shade on the premium leather of the Malik chair.

Shapes – the circle

Penelope Chair
Lazy Susan rotating tray

Riding the wave of the 80s influences, the circular shapes return, those of the disco ball from Studio54, but this time turned into surfaces. Marble disks stacked on larger disks of wood, steel and glass. The circle becomes the protagonist of the trends of the Salone del Mobile, and is used to furnish living rooms, halls, kitchens and even sleeping areas. Round tables, but also chairs with a roundness evident in the structural lines: so will be our trendy houses.

usion table in antique brass, top and base in pearl onyx SuperMarble – Penelope chair – Cosmopolitan sideboard – Strega chair 
Tondo mirrors



Bontempi’s proposals

Imperial Table

The Imperial table by Bontempi Casa has been presented at the Salone, as part of the #bontempideluxe collection: it has a supporting structure reminiscent of a jewel bracelet; the top is elliptical, made of transparent bronze glass (but also available in other variants).

Imperial table, antique-gold brass structure, bronze transparent glass top – Sveva chair




Planet, designed for Bontempi by the designer Davide Casaccia, is a coffee table equipped with autonomous lighting, and composed of three circles of different sizes, which seem to play in harmony in space. The circle, therefore, is the dominant shape element of the 2018 home decor, and will decorate all the rooms, large and small

Planet coffee table, antique brass structure, antique brass details,
SuperMarble Noir Desir top – Daya armchair