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When we think of the main furniture styles, we certainly cannot forget one that is known and appreciated all over the world: the Italian furniture style, unique and unmistakable in its various forms, an expression of typically Italian versatility. Even without a clearly defined color palette or ever-recurring shapes or decorations, it stands out for its attention to detail and quality, together with the constant search for solutions to combine aesthetics with the functionality of spaces. The house and the way of furnishing it reflect the desire for comfort for those who live there and for their guests, with the taste for conviviality that characterizes us.

The strength of Italian design furniture lies in the creativity and know-how of highly specialized companies and workers, a fundamental piece of a style that is based on craftsmanship and territorial specificities which then become excellences loved from North to South throughout the country. We are talking, for example, of the timeless Italian cement tiles, but also of tables and chairs with an unmistakable design, of materials such as solid wood and precious marbles that, skilfully worked, can take on always different shapes and functions. Quality of raw materials and workmanship also give life to another characteristic of the Italian furniture: solid and durable pieces and accessories, that can be handed down from generation to generation, capable of being current in any environment.

Millennium table with structure in lacquered steel and top in solid Secular walnut wood. Clara quilted chair in terracotta Premium Leather.

The contrasts that are often created by combining elements of different style, for example modern furniture in a rustic setting, or classic finishes and contemporary design pieces, are also characterizing the Italian furniture, managing to obtain a harmonious and interesting whole. The sartorial approach to furnishings typical of the Italian style thus allows you to customize the rooms to reflect your taste as well as your functional needs.

italian design furniture
Fixed Fusion table with structure in lacquered steel, top in transparent glossy glass. Malik chairs with steel structure completely padded and covered in velvet.

Versatile by definition, the Italian-style furniture has some recurring features based on the geographical location in terms of mood, colors and materials. Starting from Northern Italy, we find a more modern and essential style, with light colors and well-defined lines, without too many frills. The spaces are open and multifunctional, and materials such as glass and metal find ample space. Moving towards the Alpine areas, on the other hand, wood becomes the real protagonist of a furniture that finds modern answers to the question: how to furnish a house in the mountains?

italian design furniture
Clara quilted chair in terracotta Premium Leather.

In central Italy the wood is also that of the exposed beams, combined with stone, bricks and wrought iron finishes. Warm colors and a fireplace make the rooms particularly warm and welcoming, as do the wooden furniture and pieces of local craftsmanship that underline the strong link with tradition. Finally, in the South we find the most vibrant colors for coverings, ceramics and furnishing fabrics characterized by patterns inspired by Mediterranean nature. The most used materials are wicker, cork, marble and terracotta, that perfectly encapsulate the charm of the place.

It’s known, made in Italy design is esteemed and recognized all over the world for its quality and for its unparalleled beauty, so much so that it has become an example to be exported to offer innovative and elegant furnishings. Passion and attention to detail, quality of raw materials, modern and always current style are some of its trump cards, and they are also found in the furniture that is part of the Bontempi Casa catalog. Design solutions to create sophisticated and welcoming environments at the same time, to be customized by choosing materials, colors and finishes that best reflect your style. From the most impressive tables to small furnishing accessories, each piece expresses the modern and never banal elegance of the Ancona-based company.

Starting with the design tables, that in addition to having a fundamental role in everyone’s daily life, often have the most important position in the furnishing of the living area. Placed in the center of the living room, they give a strong mark to the style of the furniture, without forgetting the functional aspect.

Artistico table
Artistico table with structure in lacquered steel and glass top. Aida chairs with aluminum lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered in ecological leather.

Bontempi Casa tables are made in Italy furniture that know how to leave their mark thanks to their design that is always cared for in every detail. The choice is really wide: it ranges from sculptural models such as those cross-legged, original and iconic structures such as Artistico and Fusion, to those with a minimal chic design focusing on the value of materials such as SuperMarble or crystal, like, for example, Universe or Matrix. Shape and size must be chosen in relation to the space to be furnished, while the style should always reflect the taste of those who will use it.

There are no tables without seats, of course, and the Bontempi Casa catalog is truly full of possibilities to create refined matching combinations – but also contrasts to amaze and create an even more unique and personal whole.

Clara chair
Clara chair upholstered and covered in premium leather with quilted backrest.

To create a warmer and more welcoming environment, many seats are also available in the padded armchair version. As proof of the brand’s great attention to detail, and the ability to renew itself to create proposals that are always in step with the times, the most popular made in Italy design furniture is subjected to periodic restyling and proposed under a new guise. A recent example is the Clara chair, which has redone its look, becoming more elegant and sophisticated than ever thanks to the quilted backrest.

Among the made in Italy furniture of the Bontempi Casa catalog there are also coffee tables, sideboards, bookcases, poufs and everything you need to furnish the home with taste and elegance.

made in Italy furniture
Millennium coffee table with lacquered steel structure and scratch-resistant glass top. Cosmopolitan sideboard with wooden structure, top, sides and doors in SuperMarble. Puffoso pouf with lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered in velvet.

Essential accessories for the kitchen and living room as well as for the sleeping area, chairs are also used by design lovers to define the style of a corner or as a contrasting element to enliven the environment. They reveal a lot of the personality of those who choose them, of their style but also of their way of living the house. For those who love good design, Bontempi Casa’s made in Italy chairs can only be at the top of the wish list for furniture. Quality of raw materials, attention to detail and innate elegance characterize each model, from the classics to the most original and modern ones. In the catalog of the Ancona-based company there are in fact chairs with soft and sinuous lines such as Margot but also the bright colors of the iconic Galaxy in polypropylene, the modern elegance of Penelope and Freak, the functionality of the models for the outdoors and much more.

Margot chairs
Margot chair with base in solid walnut, monocoque with armrests, padded and covered in waterproof nabuk.

How to use made in Italy chairs to immediately make a home environment warmer and more welcoming? Materials such as solid wood and the fabrics with which the Margot chair can be upholstered are an excellent starting point. Its enveloping lines do the rest, especially in the version with armrests. Comfortable and welcoming, for the waterproof nubuck, ecological leather and premium leather covers, it is also available in a version with a quilted backrest – a style detail particularly suitable for furnishing the sleeping area.

Freak stackable chair
Freak stackable chair with lacquered steel structure, available for indoor and outdoor.

From the warmth of wood we move on to the modernity of lacquered steel, characterizing the Penelope and Freak chairs. The geometric and intriguing design on the seat and back makes Freak a model that lends itself to different styles of furniture, from industrial chic to the most refined minimalism, also thanks to its many color variations. Its look is then completed with the matching padded cushion, with which to create your favorite color combination.

Penelope chair
Penelope chair with lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered in velvet.

The Penelope chair is also composed of a lacquered steel structure available in different colors, while the seat and back are padded and upholstered in a wide variety of materials, from velvet to premium leather. What detail makes the difference in defining the style of these made in Italy chairs? The central button of the backrest, that can be customized with matching or contrasting shades.

Galaxy stackable chair
Galaxy stackable chair with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber.

Another iconic model from the Bontempi Casa catalog is dedicated to those looking for modernity in made in Italy chairs, namely the Galaxy chair in polypropylene and glass fiber. It is part of the trend of chairs in plastic materials that in the last twenty years has also had great success in Italian design, and is noted for the geometric design of the backrest and for a color palette that truly meets all tastes with original colors such as mustard yellow, caramel and powder blue alongside the classic white, black and gray. Another feature that makes it stand out among the made in Italy chairs is its great versatility: solid, light and easy to clean, it is perfect as a kitchen chair or for the dining room, to give a touch of color to the living area or for decorating the garden.

These are just a few examples: in the Bontempi Casa catalog there are truly made in Italy chairs for all tastes and needs. To discover all the customization possibilities, all that remains to do it is to try the configurator and unleash the imagination.