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December is almost upon us, and what is certain is that we will go towards an unusual Christmas, different from the past ones, but nothing can prevent us from feeling the magic of the Holidays in our hearts. The first decorated trees, colored lights and lit fireplaces can already be seen on social media, a sign that the desire to enter the Christmas atmosphere is already beginning to be felt. There will be no Christmas markets, the race for gifts will perhaps be less hectic than usual, but there are many things we can do in the intimacy of our homes to let ourselves be infected by the joy of the end of year celebrations. In addition to renewing the environment with Christmas-themed furniture, it’s time to get into the kitchen to brush up on some Christmas recipes. And certainly it will be enough to smell the sweet scent that will pervade the house from the oven to warm the atmosphere. Here are our tips and inspirations.

The gingerbread men

There is a perfume that contains all the memories and joy of the holidays, and it is that of ginger. Ginger biscuits, spiced herbal teas to sip wrapped in a blanket, candied ginger… How could Christmas be without the gingerbread men? When they start wandering around the house, served on a backsplash with tea or hung on the tree for decoration, it means that the time to celebrate is coming.

Dublino table Bontempi Casa
Dublino extendable table with steel structure and SuperCeramic top.

For the dough you need sugar, a pinch of salt, butter, an egg, flour, yeast and, of course, ginger and cinnamon, to be mixed until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. The dough should be left to rest for 45 minutes before rolling it out on a lightly floured surface to obtain the men using cookie molds. The SuperCeramic tables are perfect for this purpose, because this exclusive Bontempi Casa material is durable, resistant, hygienic and non-toxic.

To make them more greedy, you can pass one side of each cookie in sugar so that it adheres and creates a delicious crust on the surface. As they bake in the oven for 15/20 minutes, the house will fill with the scent of your spiced cookies and Christmas will seem closer.

The plumcake for breakfast

A soft and delicious dessert to be enjoyed with a cup of latte, because breakfast is a special moment and during the holidays it is even more so. A very easy recipe to prepare, perfect for putting your hands in the dough without stress even if you are a beginner, or to involve even the little ones of the house and make them feel budding pastry chefs.

NATA stool
Nata stool with lacquered steel frame, fully padded shell covered in Mambo fabric with contrasting border.

A modern kitchen with a peninsula or central island and a simple recipe that does not require too much space on the worktop: here is the perfect mix! To prepare the plumcake, simply mix flour, sugar, yeast, milk (or a vegetable drink to make it suitable for everyone) and seed oil in a bowl. The planetary mixer or a food processor can be useful for having a well-blended dough, which can be enriched by adding chocolate chips and a teaspoon of cinnamon for a slightly spicy aroma, perfect for this period. Then, 45 minutes in the oven at 180 ° and that’s it. The hardest thing? Resist the temptation to sit on the kitchen stools and cut a slice just out of the oven…

The chocolate truffles

Thinking of the delicacies that we allow ourselves during the holidays, you certainly cannot miss it: Its Majesty the Chocolate. Among refined boxes of pralines with sparkling packaging, sweets covered with chocolate and many other goodies, why not try your hand at preparing home-made chocolates to accompany coffee?

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered steel top. Optional aluminum tray.

They are prepared as follows: break the chocolate (half dark and half milk) in a bowl with cream and butter, melt everything in a bain-marie and add some coffee, then let it cool and place in the refrigerator for about one hour and a half stirring occasionally. Shape the truffles with the help of a spoon, pass them in a deep plate of bitter cocoa, cover with plastic wrap and place them in the refrigerator until ready to serve – remembering to keep them at room temperature for 15/30 minutes beforehand to enjoy them at their best.

The Tiffany coffee table is a coffee table that seems to have been designed specifically for a coffee served to perfection in the living room. Its top is spacious enough to accommodate cups, sugar bowl and a tray of truffles or friandises, plus it comes with a matching tray (optional) to bring everything you need from the kitchen. A real touch of class to perfect the art of receiving, even if only for a few close friends.

Sitting at the table for a dinner with friends, sitting around a table to browse through the memory album or for an afternoon dedicated to board games, choosing the worktop suitable for your hobbies … There is no doubt that the modern designs tables play an important role in everyday life, and therefore in the furnishing of our homes. How to choose the right one, choosing between round and rectangular tables, fixed or extendable versions, contemporary or vintage design ones? Here are the variants to be taken into consideration with the advice by Bontempi Casa.

Round design tables for any environment

Barone round table
Barone fixed round table with central recessed revolving glass top and spessart oak veneered wood ring, lacquered steel structure. Nata chairs upholstered and covered with steel legs.

Contemporary furniture cannot do without design round tables, multitasking and space-saving accessories able to adapt perfectly to any area of the house. Without edges, they give greater lightness to the environment, and without the four legs on which rectangular or square tables generally rest, they eliminate any possible obstacle to seating. Modern tables with attractive design structures, often highlighted by the glass top or in precious materials such as SuperMarble, can become the protagonists of the living room or discreet allies in the dining room.

Modern design tables with crossed legs

Fixed Fusion table
Fixed Fusion table with structure and base in lacquered steel, top in matt anti-scratch glass. Kuga chairs with lacquered steel structure and padded shell covered in ecological leather.

Speaking of captivating structures for modern tables, a theme that catches the eye when browsing the Bontempi Casa catalog is that of the table with crossed legs, the result of a great design work and declined in different designs. The ring structure of the Fusion table can recall a jewel, or the orbits of two planets that cross; those of the Artistico and Barone tables, on the other hand, are made up of plates that cross in the center as in a dance; finally, a clearer geometry design was chosen for the structure of the Millennium table.

XL size modern design tables

Millennium XXL fixed table
Millennium XXL fixed table with lacquered steel structure and Arabescato Supermarble top, Kuga chairs with lacquered steel structure and monocoque upholstered in velvet.

Important elements of the furniture, the large tables evoke the pleasure of conviviality but also lend themselves to becoming multitasking worktops, especially in times of smart working. Inevitably protagonists of the scene with their generous volumes, they can be further enhanced by placing them next to design bookcases, modern sideboards or large mirrors. Particularly important in this case is the combination of the chairs, to be chosen in accordance with the design and finishes of the table.

Design extendable tables

Imperial extendable table
Imperial extendable table with scratch-resistant glass top and lacquered steel structure. Malik chairs with steel frame and padded monocoque upholstered in Mambo fabric.

The modern and functional version of the large table? The design extendable tables, of course. The latest trends in living confirm this: we mainly ask for functionality and flexibility from our furniture, or the ability to adapt to the different needs of everyday life, and the extendable table is the ideal answer to these requests. The extendable dining table is the ace in the hole for family gatherings and other special occasions, just as the design extendable tables for the living room or for the study are the multitasking solution for dedicating oneself to one’s passions or work.

Modern design kitchen tables

Tavolo da cucina CHEF
Tavolo allungabile Chef con struttura in acciaio laccato, piano e prolunga in SuperMarmo. Sedie Mood con struttura in legno massello rovere e monoscocca in polipropilene.

When choosing the kitchen table, in addition to the style of the furniture, it is also good to consider a question of functionality. In fact, its dimensions must be carefully evaluated in relation to the surrounding space, to allow the right freedom of movement, and to favor stain-proof surfaces and finishes such as SuperMarble or scratch-resistant glass for the countertop. Precautions to be reserved also for the choice of chairs that will be combined with the table.