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The choice of lighting the spaces is fundamental for outlining the style of furniture in a home. In short: how to choose the right design lamps for each room? When choosing a designer lamp, style, color and materials make the difference, in every detail. The market offers many alternatives, so it is often difficult to take a decision that can involve personal taste and practicality.

We at the Bontempi Casa team want to give you some advice to furnish your home or your office with the perfect design lamps that are more contemporary and functional. First of all, we need to start with planning, considering the strategic points of the living space: the size of a room, the flooring, the height of the ceiling, the presence of furniture. Kitchen, living room, bedroom and entrance? Each room has its own peculiarity and it is important to evaluate the characteristics of each one very carefully before buying a lamp.

How to choose the design lamp for each room: suggestions for kitchen, living room, entrance and bedroom

Better a floor or a table lamp? Ceiling light or lampshade? Wall or suspension? The lighting of each room is very important for the overall harmony of a home. Immediately after the presence of windows that allow the diffusion of natural light, it is essential to make strategic choices with artificial light. With the right lamp, even the narrowest space finds equilibrium. Here then how to choose the design lamps of your dreams.

Design floor lamps

Strega Lamp, structure in deep black lacquered steel, lampshade in black fabric inside gold.

Design lamps for the living room? The living room is the space of the house dedicated to sharing, family and friends. Here guests are welcomed, aperitifs are offered and the longest conversations are held. That’s why living room lighting is the primary choice in furnishing. For those who prefer ceiling lamps with diffused light, it is advisable to combine a floor lamp as Strega by Bontempi Casa. The floor lamps are useful for illuminating specific points of the room – for example the area near the sofa or a coffee table, or next to the mirror to duplicate the reflection of lights. A floor lamp ensures atmosphere, soft light, warmth. It is a detail in furnishing that certainly makes the difference. Strega by Bontempi Casa has a lacquered steel structure that rests on the ground and a fabric lampshade. Also available in the suspended model, suitable for modern design kitchens.

Design suspension lamps for kitchen

Gloria lamp, structure in deep black and white lacquered steel.

Lamps for kitchen wanted. In the kitchen, the watchword is practicality. The best design kitchen lamps are simple and functional furnishing accessories. The Gloria lamp by Bontempi Casa is a design suspension lamp, thought especially for large rooms such as contemporary kitchens. It is made of lacquered steel, and often combined in its two minimal white and black colors that blend with all furniture combinations.


Design pendant lamps for living room

Pandora lamp with black lacquered rose window and body in worked and aged brass lacquered steel.

Large dining tables and wall covered with paintings, mirrors and design furniture details. All this goes well with a design pendant lamp, as the light is thus spread out over the whole room, without cluttering or stealing space. In fact, the living room is often the place of the house reserved for bookcases, coffee tables, poufs and other decorative elements. Pandora by Bontempi Casa has a simple suspension metal structure, its surface is delicately perforated, so the light spreads harmoniously. Its design shape makes it an integral part of the surrounding decor.

Bedroom design lamps

Olimpia lamp with black lacquered rose window and natural silver lacquered cage

After an aperitif in the living room, lit by an elegant pendant lamp and a design floor lamp, we move on to the sleeping area. Our most private, intimate space. In the bedroom you need a beautiful design lamp, that we like aesthetically and communicates harmony with its shape and its light – lighting is even more important in the room dedicated to rest. When the light is wrong, too strong or too white, it does not allow us to relax. In the bedroom, therefore, yes to small side lamps and design table lamps with delicate lights on the bedside tables, but to illuminate the entire room the suspension lamp wins it all. This time, however, we can afford more extravagant shapes to accompany our dreams … Olimpia by Bontempi Casa has a subtle geometric structure in lacquered steel that encloses its light bulb in a small sphere like a pearl.

The n.1 rule for choosing a lamp for the home, for the study or the office is always and only one: aesthetics + functionality. The perfect design lamp must guarantee both.

The colored chairs are furnishing accessories with which it is easy to add a fresh and vital note to any room in the house, including the outside.

Sit around a table to enjoy the conviviality, or at a desk to rearrange the ideas, sit in the garden or on the terrace to enjoy the sun and the fresh spring air coming … Everything becomes more beautiful with the right seat, and the colored chairs – whether in wood, metal or plastic, as long as they are designed like the Bontempi Casa chairs – they can just be the style element that makes the moment special.

Colored design chairs

Galaxy chair with arms in powder blue, Galaxy chair without arms in caramel, mustard yellow and white

Design chairs

One of the most colorful and versatile is undoubtedly the Galaxy model: with its captivating decorative motif, it can be declined in 8 colors ranging from white to black through mustard yellow and light blue sugar paper. Designed as an outdoor chair, it is perfect by the pool or near a garden table, but it also lends itself very well to complete the decor of a young and modern living room with an ironic touch. Made of solid polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber, it is available with or without armrests and guarantees a comfortable and relaxing seat. http://journal.bontempi.it/enjoying-the-summer-at-full-with-the-perfect-outdoor-chair/?lang=en

Linda stools in red leather with black contrast stitching

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not to provide some hint of warm and vibrant colors? In a minimalist neutral-toned setting, the Linda stool upholstered in bright red leather, with matching stitching, or in contrast, finds its ideal location, becoming the discreet protagonist of the environment. With some matching decorative elements, such as a vase of aromatic herbs or a design appliance, the effect of the colored chairs will be even greater.

 Colored wooden chairs

Margot chair, solid wood frame in natural oak and padded shell upholstered in emerald green velvet – Podium table – Lexington bookcase

The warmth of solid wood and the colors of the rainbow are the hallmarks of the Margot colored wooden chairs, available in five different woods and in a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose the perfect covering to fit harmoniously in any environment, from the living to the sleeping area. Sumptuous velvet or soft wool, fabrics with refined textures, Premium leather or Nubuck: each texture transmits a different emotion.

Colored upholstered chairs

Sally chair with armrests, structure in antiqued brass lacquered steel and shell in Bulgarian red leather – Matrix table

To furnish a refined and elegant living room, the ideal choice can be the Sally chair. With the decisive touch of its leather upholstery, to be chosen in different colors, these upholstered colored chairs match perfectly with a designer table to create a refined and characterful environment. Available with or without armrests, they have a lacquered steel structure, durable and reliable over time.

Nata chair, frame in glossy black lacquered steel and padded shell and upholstered in Yellow velvet – Zac desk

Even the area dedicated to the modern or classic writing table becomes more welcoming thanks to the touch of color that a padded chair can give it. Nata is a chair with a clean and essential line, with a light lacquered steel structure, padded shell and upholstery to choose from different materials, from fabrics to leather, in solid colors or with multicolor textures, with a border that can be chosen in the same color or contrasting. http://journal.bontempi.it/modern-and-classic-writing-desks-but-strictly-of-design-the-furnishing-accessories-for-those-who-love-to-write-and-organize/?lang=en)

The infinite versatility of the colored chairs makes them furnishing accessories able to adapt to any environment and to any decorative style. And you, have you already found the perfect colored chairs for your home? With the Bontempi Casa configurator you can create the combination of structure and coating tailored to your needs.


Since ancient times, animal hides are among the materials most appreciated by man for the creation of accessories and furnishings, also thanks to the development of refined processing techniques that allow to enhance the natural qualities of comfort, malleability and at the same time wear resistance. Leather, in particular, owes its name to the tanning process that makes the raw material suitable to be used as a covering for furnishing accessories; currently, the most common are vegetable tanning and chrome tanning; the latter is chosen by Bontempi Casa to treat the leather of bovine origin used for the shells of chairs with a strong personality, coffee tables and refined writing desks.

Choosing leather means giving in to the everlasting charm of a natural material that, with the passage of time, will not only be always current, but will only become even more beautiful thanks to the natural aging process that gives new shades to its colors and it makes its surface softer.

From the living area to the rooms for sleep and relaxation, through studies and corners dedicated to writing and organizing, there are many spaces where leather chairs and other furnishing accessories can give character to the environment, transmitting a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Leather chairs

Sally chair, structure in antiqued brass lacquered steel and seat in Bulgaro leather – Matrix table

The leather chairs can be in the kitchen in the dining room, everything lies in choosing a quality model, with a properly treated leather to prevent that a simple stain of food becomes a problem.

Linda stool with steel structure completely covered in leather and leather fiber is the perfect example to complete the furnishing of the most modern kitchens.

Linda stool in anthracite leather

The Seventy chair, elegant and welcoming, has a comfortable seat that can be covered in leather with 15 shades to choose from: neutral, like ivory or sand, to match the atmosphere of a classic bedroom; darker, like anthracite or dark brown, ideal for representation studies; or red, burgundy, grenade for super modern environments.



Seventy chair walnut solid wood frame and white leather seat

How to clean leather chairs? The leather should be dusted regularly with a soft, dry cloth. In case of stains, simply use a damp cloth with neutral soap, gently dabbing from the edges in the center of the stain, and taking care to dry immediately after treatment.

Tables and writing desks with leather upholstery


Flexus coffee table with anthracite lacquered steel structure and anthracite leather top

The top covered in colored leather with contrast stitching underlines the geometric perfection of shapes of the Flexus coffee table, on which to place one’s heart books, decorative objects or the finest liquors to create a corner of absolute elegance in the living room

Flexus coffee tables with lacquered steel frame and leather top

For lovers of writing, for those who always want to keep their agenda in order to organize their commitments, to keep documents and other memories in perfect order: a design desk, classic or modern, is everyone’s dream. Taylor, with a lacquered steel frame and leather top, has an extra edge thanks to the soft touch of the leather top with contrast stitching, to be chosen in a wide range of shades to match perfectly with the environment.

Taylor desk in black lacquered steel and red leather top – Boss stool

With the many customization possibilities offered by Bontempi Casa, it is easy to choose the most suitable leather furnishing accessories for your home, creating style connections between lines and colors. Try now the Bontempi Casa configurator and create the leather furniture perfect for you.

The January Furniture Show is a very popular commercial event in the field of interior design. It’s a furniture fair based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and it aims to promote the furnishing industry and the best interior designer. JFS hosts roughly 21,000 visitors and 550 exhibitors every year. Bontempi Casa was among them, this year too.

Bontempi Casa at the January Furniture Show. What are the products on display?

The products exhibited at the Bontempi Casa pavilion (Hall 2-C20) were many. The Millennium XXL table, placed at the center of the hall, has been crucial for the meeting between Bontempi Casa’s consultants and our visitors. Its lacquered metal structure and the arabescato SuperMarble top were the main welcoming items of the environment. The table had the space to discuss the products, go through the catalogues and have a chat about the new designs.
The Mood chair lived up to expectations too – with solid wooden legs, covered with soft virgin wool, with or without armrests. It’s the perfect mix for Winter 2019 furnishing trend.



Also the Artistico table, one of the most iconic Bontempi Casa products, has been central to the January Furniture Show. For those who are not familiar with it, the Artistico table comes in a fixed or expandable version, with a lacquered metal structure. The top of the table is available in veneer, as the one was exhibited in Birmingham, SuperMarble, Crystal and anti-scratched Crystal.

There were many lamps by Bontempi to illuminate the pavilion. Pandora was one of them. It’s a suspension lamp and it’s made in pierced lacquered metal.

The legendary Lexington bookcase standed out in the pavilion – it’s another of the main pieces of the brand collections made in Italy. Lexington is a furnishing complement unique for its category: it’s lacquered metal structures is customizable in infinite combinations to furnish several different environments. The bookcase shelves? Those that have passed by at the Birmingham pavilion have seen it and touched it themselves: the Lexington’s bookshelves are made in wood, leather, crystal and SuperMarble, because this is Bontempi Casa’s heart, it’s a multitasking brand that with its elegance and eye for details is capable of meeting every style.

For a relaxing moment, there was the Round Glamour table, made in crystal. The feeling of being immersed into the luxury and comfort has been shared by all the Bontempi pavilion’s visitors.

There were also the Cosmopolitan storage unit, the Secret desk, the Galaxy, Kuga, Clara, Aida, Tai, Margot, Nata and Penelope chairs; the Olimpia and Swing lamps, the King and Diamante mirrors, the Fan magazine rack, the Alfred coffee table, the Alga coat hanger the Chef, Matrix, Tom tables…

And also, the super news: the Cloe and Soul lamps, the Pica storage unit, the Universe table and the Puffoso pouf.

Find out and build your own Bontempi Casa’s products with the special configurator!

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Choosing modern furniture, being it essential, minimalist, chic and elegant, requires taste and the ability to combine furnishing accessories, that are often made of different materials. The metal finishes represent one of the most valuable solutions in the field of interior design because they offer maximum simplicity in the lines, a long life and excellent preservation, elegance in the details.

A very popular style of furniture in recent years is the one called industrial chic. Metal is the material that is the protagonist of this stylistic choice. Smooth, perfect to the touch, shiny to the eye, compact, solid, essential and minimal, a true evergreen of style. Metal, especially when lacquered with the most innovative painting techniques, lends itself to a contemporary and young furnishing, both in private homes and offices. It is refined, functional and elegant, that’s why the term “industrial” is revisited and completely changes the world: from the raw use of metal in factories, to our refined and minimalist living rooms.

Furnishing accessories in metal or lacquered steel wanted. The golden metal, in particular, creates plays of lights in an environment, stands out as a precious and unique detail, and especially during the Christmas holidays is an excellent trick to make the house shine without filling it with tawdry decorations. Which, however, are the modern and refined metal furnishing accessories to be exploited for a home in full industrial chic style and at the same time in a Christmas mood? These ones.

The minimalist table

First advantage of metal: little cluttered, it lasts a lot. The Sander table by Bontempi Casa, with its elliptical scratch-resistant glass top and the minimalist structure in gold-lacquered steel, combines functionality, strength, durability and elegance in a single product. The golden metal structure, in fact, in addition to illuminating with reflections of intense gold, lends itself not to take up too much space in the living room. A perfect example of industrial chic style, that mixes components typical of industrial imagery – metal, in fact – to iconic and peculiar details.

The chair with a geometric structure

The beauty of gold color is more emphasized when it comes into contact with metal surfaces. The Freak chair by Bontempi Casa enhances the golden lacquered steel of its structure thanks to the choice of geometric and linear patterns taken in the seat and back. Combined with the Sander table, they reach perfection with a minimalist black pillow.

The maxi mirror that looks like a painting

Light always, not just at Christmas! That’s why a very large mirror with a golden metal frame is the smart solution to illuminate the room with a double action. The King mirror by Bontempi Casa summarizes the concept of light in a rectangular shape and a frame in very elegant gold lacquered steel. Leaning against the wall of the living room it becomes an object of art in its own.

The clothes hanger and the coordinated magazine rack

Two basic furnishing accessories for creative personalities. In the home of an artist, a designer coat rack and a unique magazine rack cannot be missing. The Alga coat hanger and the Fan magazine rack by Bontempi Casa, both in gold lacquered steel, are a perfect match for the industrial chic living room. The round repeating geometric shape of Fan contrasts harmoniously with the linear shape of Alga, and the result is two golden light points that illuminate and simultaneously make the room precious.

The creative coffee table

Take a rhombus, “forge it” with steel and golden lacquer. Then do the same with two other rhombuses. It is the Esa coffee table by Bontempi Casa, with a very resistant solid wood frame and a gold lacquered metal top. A unique piece of furniture, functional in size – exquisitely suited for living rooms and hallways – and very elegant in appearance, thanks to the golden finish. Under the Christmas season it becomes the sophisticated niche to serve a small aperitif to guests.

The dream desk

Reliability and resistance are peculiarities of the metal, that can therefore support very heavy objects. The Secret desk by Bontempi Casa has a structure and external band in lacquered brass-colored steel, it is composed of a wooden top, a folding door for lacquered wood or SuperMarble compartment – to be chosen to taste.





A warm and welcoming atmosphere at home is all we need in the cold season. Making a cozy home is simple, and can also be a lot of fun! The warm autumn colors, for example, help to cool the atmosphere; playing with a pair of pillows, using wood, decorating the wall equipped with a fireplace, a bookshelf full of books, some scented candles, a large rug and the living room is immediately warmer and more welcoming. Here are the ideas for living room furniture for the winter from which to take inspiration to furnish your own custom-made living room

Cozy living room: the fireplace

Artistico table, lacquered steel structure, solid wood top and Tai chair, lacquered steel structure covered in Pure Virgin Wool.

An intimate and welcoming atmosphere gives the house a sense of profound comfort immediately perceptible at the entrance. The fireplace is par excellence the fundamental element to make a warm and welcoming environment. Modern living rooms with fireplace are easily furnished with antique and vintage objects and accessories. The use of brass, copper and wood are a must.

Cozy living room: wood, wood, wood!

Fusion round table, lacquered steel structure and veneered wood top. Freak Chairs and Strega Lamp.

There is no better material than wood to furnish an intimate and warm living room. The rustic, natural and raw appearance is its first quality: it infuses a deep sense of calm, tranquility and security. It is not necessary to turn a house into a mountain chalet, but just a few precautions are enough together with attention to details: first a solid table with wooden top with designer chairs, then, adding shelves and other furnishing accessories in wood, they will help to make the atmosphere warm.

Millennium XXL table, lacquered steel structure, arabesque SuperMarble top – Kuga chairs, lacquered steel frame and velvet seat – Badu Waterproof Nubuck pouf.

A cozy house is a real nest in which to plunge when it’s raining outside. One or more poufs in the living room play an important role in this situation, because, if chosen in fabrics such as wool, they become an integral part of the cozy furnishing. Warm and evocative wool, sensory, material. And lots of knitted cushions, knits, patchwork fantasy plaids. The game is to combine them and create compositions of different shapes, sizes and textures. The heat effect will immediately be there.

Cozy living room: chairs, lamps and accessories in warm colors

Sally chair, solid wood frame, leather covering.

Sometimes, following the current trends of interior design that want less and less decorations, without adding a personal touch, we could face errors of assessment that remove heat from the house. Instead, let’s play with the autumn colors! In the cold season the days get shorter, the light is dimmer and the color palette of the sky is gray. So, color is a fundamental part of the furnishing of a cozy and warm living room. The ideal is to use natural and light tones, such as beige, brown and cream. White sideboards, chests of drawers, wooden cabinets with worn aesthetics, to be also DIY, represent the right compromise between the needs of brightness and the need to avoid the sense of coldness. Cushions and chairs in warm shades such as red, terracotta, dark brown, floor lamps more colored with yellow light (not white) and bright details, will give that extra touch to the winter living room.

Cozy living room: bookcase with shelves

Libreria Lexington con ripiani in legno e struttura in acciaio laccato.

Lexington bookcase with wooden shelves and lacquered steel frame.

The bookcase is a focal point of the living room. To make the environment warmer and more welcoming, you can play with the library’s decorative elements: use the shelves (possibly in wood, hides or leather) to add decorative objects such as vases of dried flowers, evergreen plants, candle holders, small statues in brass and – of course – vintage books.

Cozy living room: the mirrors

Ciotolo mirror placed vertically.

What warms up as a ray of light? Only its own reflections. Decorating the living room with modern mirrors (insert link article modern mirrors) is therefore a winning move in terms of heat. Elements of vanity and beauty, mirrors have the great power to give greater brightness and perspective to even the smallest environments. Carved wooden frames, with inlays, in classic, shabby or French Empire style. The right arrangement can totally change the face of the living room.

Cosmopolitan sideboard, solid wood top, lacquered wood doors.

Finally, complete the furnishing with a large carpet in the center of the room, some scented candles here and there and … Fill the home air with the aroma of freshly baked bread, biscuits and sweets to set the table for winter festivals. Is there perhaps a warmer and more welcoming home than that?

Thanks to technology, the materials used in the furniture industry are evolving, as well as our taste in design. Among the new generation materials, the most widespread is undoubtedly the Materico melamine. Innovative in its appearance so full-bodied and material, anti-scratch and resistant to heat and impact. The Materico melamine is a versatile and not too expensive material, that can be used as a cover of tables for living rooms and kitchens, it belongs to the family of the so-called “melamine panels” and it is composed of chipboard sheets covered with a paper impregnated with resin – in fact – melamine. That is, a sort of very thin synthetic resin. The texture of a top in Materico melamine comes in different ways, depending on the effect that you want to give.

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is an extremely versatile material, able to combine functionality and aesthetic quality. The version with a decorative melamine effect, especially in wood and concrete finishes, gives body and reproduces perfectly the characteristics of the raw material, making it authentic and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Why is the Materico melamine material a guarantee of aesthetics and quality at the same time? The resistance to heat and impact is very high, and the material and full-bodied aspect of the surface makes it versatile and transversal for different rooms in the house.

Tom table with lacquered steel structure and cement Materico melamine top

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine tops are equipped with an ABS edging with an aesthetic and protective function, for greater resistance against impact, wear and abrasion. A table with melamine coating is perfect for both the living room and the kitchen, because it is extremely resistant and functional but also elegant in appearance.

Bontempi Casa has just launched the new Materico melamine coating for the Tom table. But also the Chef, Cruz and Cruz XXL, Pascal, Magico, Flash, Etico Plus, Echo In, Dublino and Diesis tables are available with a melamine coating surface. The melamine top is easily combined with lacquered steel structures. The concrete effect is very trendy at the moment and modern and minimal chic to the eye.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

To clean a melamine top it is essential to use a very soft microfiber cloth (of high quality), moistened with warm water, carefully wrung out and carefully dried. However, it is also necessary to dry out any small drops of water and steam that may form, in particular by insisting on the edge of the top. This will prevent water infiltrations that can, over time, damage the product.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

The Materico melamine is a contemporary, immediate, fresh and always current choice. Proof is in the pudding.

The bar corner in the house is not only a practical and cool area for sharing and relaxation, but also synonymous of personality and taste for design furniture. Having a liquor cabinet at home means being able to prepare an aperitif without having to go in search of a crowded cocktail bar. The in-house bar furniture are trendy furnishing accessories, giving a young and fresh look to every living room and are usually very practical to use. There are various types, there are low furniture with drawers or tall furniture with interchangeable compartments, but also food trolleys and many additional furnishing accessories such as stools or comfortable poufs. Today more than ever, with a hectic and fast daily life, there is a growing need for a personal space, dedicated to self-care, relaxation and leisure. Creating a home bar corner is very simple, just follow your taste and be guided by practical needs. Here are some tips.

Vintage bar corner – the  bar trolley

Chic bar trolley in transparent crystal and brass – transparent crystal and gold

With a vaguely retro and sophisticated taste, the food trolley is a perfect bar accessory for those who love collecting vintage objects with an antique look. The trolley bar on wheels, after all, is a great classic of home furnishings, it is versatile and also functional, but it carries with it its own style. You can move it as you wish and without too much effort thanks to the small wheels. The Bontempi Casa Chic Trolley, with its glass shelves and lacquered metal structure, will immediately throw you into the roaring Twenties. To be equipped with a mixer, a traditional ice bucket and old school glasses.

Neat bar corner – the high sideboard

Madison sideboard in Noir Desir SuperMarble, deep black structure, feet and handles in antique brass

For the real fans of the bar corner at home. The high sideboard with internal compartments is the classic and liquor cabinet efficient for any environment. Comfortable, spacious, neat and – if chosen with care and attention – very hype. The Bontempi Casa Madison sideboard is the passepartout solution for an elegant and practical bar corner. Available in lacquered wood, in SuperMarble or crystal, it has two doors, internal shelves in transparent crystal and the inside mirrored back. Decorative feet and handles to choose, to equip the living room to perfection and in harmony with the other furniture.

Try the Bontempi Casa Configurator, and create your ideal Madison sideboard HERE!

Young bar corner – the soft pouf

Tone ottoman in ecological mud, light gray and lilac leather

Relax and chill out! Once back home after a day full of difficult meetings, or a business trip abroad, there is nothing better than an aperitif directly in the house. The pouf is the preferred seat by the young public, comfortable because covered and soft, but also practical, because easy to move depending on the needs (and the amount of invited friends). Some models, like the Bontempi Casa Tone pouf, are also containers and can therefore become magazine racks or objects holders in a few seconds. Tone, that has a solid wood structure, is padded and covered with – by your choice: ecological leather, Mambo fabric, Lulu fabric, pure virgin wool, velvet or waterproof Nabuk fabric.

Classic bar corner – the low table

Flexus coffee table, gold structure and matt blue anti-scratch velvet glass top – deep black frame and black leather top

Low tables and coffee tables are a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, for those who want to furnish a corner bar at home but do not have large spaces available. A comfortable low table, in fact, fits well in every living room, just choose it in a material and color shades that are in tune with the rest of the furniture. The Bontempi Casa Flexus coffee table has a lacquered steel structure and a top that is available in crystal, scratch-resistant crystal or leather. Just a few bottles of aged liqueur, a good red wine and simple and linear glasses are enough: et voilà, the bar corner at home is ready.

Professional bar corner – the high stool

Nata stools in deep black structure, body in oil color Lulù fabric with matching piping – anthracite structure and shell in anthracite ecological leather with contrasting piping

For the bar addicts, those who just do not want to give up feeling in the coolest Café in the city, but without moving from home. Tall bar furniture with high stools are the best. If the space available is large enough, the perfect bar corner can foresee a real high cabinet with a bar top, and a pair of high stools. The Bontempi Casa Nata stool is a choice of style and taste. With its lacquered steel structure, the touch of elegance and refinement in the living room is guaranteed. Then, you can choose the more in tune upholstery with the decor of your home: ecological leather, technical fabric, Mambo fabric or Lulu fabric, Premium leather, velvet, waterproof Nabuck, or wool, in a wide range of colors. In short, to each his ideal stool. And the feeling will immediately be that of being in a real cocktail bar complete with a bartender in a tuxedo.

From October 13th to 17th, Bontempi Casa will be present at the High Point Market design fair 2018, in North Carolina, United States.
The address to be marked on your agenda is: 164 South Main Street, Suite 700, High Point, NC 27260. First floor, InterHall area – IHFC – IH505.

At the designjunciton 2018, last September, we launched a series of dedicated hashtags: #bontempicasagoestolondon and #bontempicasagoestomoscow, for the Salone del Mobile.Milano Moscow. Follow them all on Instagram and experience the journey of Made in Italy design that, this time, goes to the United States of America: #bontempicasagoestousa.

Looking forward to meeting you!

At its eighth edition, designjunction has now built its reputation in the London trade fair scene. London, designjunction 2018. We at Bontempi Casa took part in this wonderful initiative dedicated entirely to design and interior decoration. With its nearly 30,000 visitors, designjunction connects the furniture industry to some 200 International brands, that meet every year in a lively, sparkling London, always full of good vibes. This September 2018, the fair venues were three: Oxo Tower Whorf, River side Walkway and Doon Street, at the South Bank district in Waterloo, directly with the heart facing the Thames. A multicultural destination that, for many years, has been the scene of International artists exhibiting installations in the British capital.
We at Bontempi Casa were here, in the innovative location of Doon Street, with our F21 booth on the first floor. Those who came to visit us know it well: the atmosphere was buzzing and inspirational, colorful and musical, bright and lively. Among about 200 pop-up-stands of artists, designers and International brands, divided into categories – lighting, accessories, fashion, jewelry, eyewear, home decor, lifestyle and outdoor – the first floor was totally dedicated to the world of furniture. And then a relaxation corner, drinks and music. An energetic and brilliant, multicultural and dynamic environment, as only London can offer.

We welcomed intrigued visitors and interested buyers during the three days of the fair open to the contract public and not only (September 20-23). At @thedesignjunction 2018 – where the official hashtag was #designevery – we presented a selection of new and revisited products that represent the Bontempi Casa style in all its nuances in a wide range of different products: chairs, armchairs, tables, sideboards , lamps and bookcases.

Experience with us the trip to designjunction 2018. London calling!

All the Bontempi Casa products at designjunction 2018

The Millennium XXL Table by Bontempi Casa was a comfortable support for brainstorming, ad hoc meetings and informal talks with customers and visitors. Millennium, revisited in its XXL version, has two lacquered metal bases and is available with new incredible finishes that maximize the beauty of its archirivolto design. Millennium XXL also available in a 4-meter version – for those who, as it often happens in London, love extra large conviviality. Maximum extension and comfort make this elegant and majestic table suitable for all refined environments.

Visitors were mesmerized by the linearity and the perfect geometry of Lexington, the bookcase by Bontempi Casa, designed to be 100% customized according to one’s preferences. Functional, with its mobile compartments and customized, with the possibility to choose the material and color of the dividers. Supermarble, Superceramic, Crystal or Leather? Solid but light, perfect for all living rooms. Symmetrical or asymmetrical, in any case perfectly balanced. The extra touch? Some evergreen plant among the shelves full of books and sculptures. A true object for collectors.


Millennium XXL Table, Kelly Chairs, Lexington Bookcase

Mood. A name for a feeling. The Mood Chair by Bontempi Casa was one of the designjunction’s guest stars. Made with versatile silhouettes, in seven different versions. Rigid or padded, total black or yellow? The choice is up to you. Always perfect for the workplace, but also for a living room in search of a distinctive and iconic trait.

But the real star – it is appropriate to say – at designjunction was Galaxy, the latest news at Bontempi. Made of polypropylene and fiberglass, Galaxy is the combination of functionality, aesthetics and strength. The graphic of the decoration on its back is that lively detail that gives dynamism to the sitting. Designed for indoor and outdoor, Galaxy is available in eight different colors. One for all, all for one – this is how it’s said, isn’t it?

Freak, Mood and Margot Chairs


Beauty is feminine, and there is no woman who does not have at least one secret. This is how Secret was born, the Bontempi Casa writing desk that becomes a comfortable and practical desk and, at the same time, a treasure trove of precious objects. Secret has a wooden top and a leather frame available in many shades that match each personality. The practical storage compartment in Supermarble allows to neatly store jewelry, diaries and small or … big secrets.

Puffoso, the pouf designed by Bernhardt&Vella for Bontempi Casa is an elegant accessory with a steel structure that can be customized with different lacquers. Gold? Natural silver? Anthracite? The pouf in question has its own character and becomes the secret weapon of a multitasking house. Comfortable, practical, versatile.

Secret Desk and e Puffoso Pouf


Cosmopolitan is a word that we have always loved. Traveling, discovering, being enchanted by the multicultural influences of countries other than our own. With this assumption, Cosmopolitan is born, the Bontempi Casa sideboard that combines functionality with bespoke aesthetics. High, low, in Supermarble or Superceramic. 100% customizable and 100% perfect for every iconic and refined living room.

For those who wanted to stop for a moment and check their Instagram account, between a stand and the other, luckily there was Long Island, our extra comfortable armchair signed Bontempi Casa. The ideal way to rediscover the pleasure of returning home after a long day at work. But just equally perfect for the office relaxation room. A real tribute to wellbeing, to the health of the back and the pleasure of rest. Infinite combinations of colors and fabrics in 3 different types of structure, Long Island is 100% customizable.

Long Island Armchair and Artistico Coffee Table