While a swimming pool is undoubtedly a plus for any home, the real added value is the environment surrounding the pool. That is, the poolside space, which lends itself to truly exclusive moments of sharing, to be enjoyed with your family, friends or special guests. With this in mind, the choice of furniture is vital: chairs, tables, accessories, all elements that contribute to the creation of a wonderful poolside décor.

How to choose chairs for the garden with a swimming pool

When choosing poolside furniture, chairs play a ruling role: they must be comfortable but also give character and style to an open, cool, summery environment. First of all, the choice of chairs must start with their material: wood, metal, resin, plastic, the possibilities are many. Then the available space has to be taken into account and this impacts on the quantity of pieces to be purchased. Comfort is of course paramount for a chair, as is maintenance: considering that outdoor furniture is always exposed to weather phenomena, it is worth opting for durable solutions. A perfect example of the balance between aesthetics and practicality are the chairs and stools from the Moodcollection.

Sedia Mood firmata Bontempi Casa
Mood, outdoor chair to furnish the outdoor space, by Bontempi Casa

How to choose tables for the garden with a swimming pool

The table is one of the most important design items in any home. And so is the poolside décor, as it will have to accommodate moments of sharing with family or friends. It is therefore a good idea to opt for a versatile model that is not too bulky: use it as a countertop for a cool drink, a coffee or a drink. But also able to host a lunch or dinner, not too long, nor formal.

It is important to choose a model in line with the style of the remaining furniture in order to create a even layout visual-wise. For those who have enough space, it is interesting to consider setting up a gazebo: in that case, the table – protected from the sun – increases in centrality and importance, and lends itself to even longer lunches and dinners. Among the many models of poolside tables, one that stands out for its elegance and versatility is undoubtedly the Moontable.

Moon, tavolo outdoor firmato Bontempi Casa
Moon by Bontempi Casa is the table of the outdoor world

Poolside decoration: how to create a relaxing atmosphere

When furnishing a space with a swimming pool, whether in-ground or above-ground, it is important to set up a comfortable environment: chairs, tables, parasols, furnishing accessories, must convey harmony and relaxation. In this sense, it is desirable not to occupy too much space: the poolside furniture must allow everyone to move around freely, without creating obstacles in accessing the pool.

Pool furniture: if it is not functional it’s not beautiful

When choosing poolside furniture, one must bear in mind that this is an area that is easily exposed to water splashes. This, together with weather factors and sunlight, can lead to wear and tear of the furniture over time. Therefore, it is better to favour chairs, tables, and furnishings created for the outdoors: with specific materials and workmanship, able to withstand the climatic elements. If you want to go for wood, you can opt for teak or rattan. Alternatively, one can opt for metal or steel furniture, which have the advantage of requiring little maintenance. Wicker solutions have a timeless charm, but are often more fragile in terms of weather resistance.


Moon, il tavolo alto per arredare il tuo giardino
High Moon by Bontempi Casa is the perfect outdoor table

Garden with a pool: ideas to make it cosy

Poolside furniture should be thought of in relation to the moments of conviviality and sharing that it will host. Whether for family occasions or events with guests, it is right to emphasise style. An elegant design, which above all expresses cosiness, a desire to be together. Poolside tables, chairs, furnishing accessories: everything has to be organised to make people feel comfortable.

Furnishing a small garden does not mean abdicating beauty: it is possible to turn a piece of lawn into a corner of paradise, where you can experience unforgettable moments. Is it hard work to furnish a large garden? Absolutely not: you can recreate an intimate and magical atmosphere even in large spaces. Here are all the style tips from the Bontempi Casa team to furnish your garden, large or small. Because it’s the style that counts!

Furnishing the garden is a fun challenge because you can play with furniture of different sizes and original decorations. The first rule is using green spaces at their best, therefore space becomes the environment dedicated to relaxation. Finally, you can add some small decorations, such as sculptures, vases and more.

Garden chairs

The ideal chair for the garden is made of metal for outdoors, it has a comfortable and enveloping structure, but at the same time it’s robust and solid; it comes with a soft stuffed pillow, made of a waterproof fabric that is also resistant to deterioration. Just like Ines outdoor chair, made by Bontempi Casa for 2019 season. Its transversality in terms of colours makes it a passepartout piece perfect for every garden; it’s a comfortable seat that allows freedom of movement, it’s both elegant and discreet.

Bontempi Casa

Garden tables

Looking for a garden dining table? The answer is Sander, the Bontempi Casa table with an anti-scratch glass or crystal top, and the lacquered metal frame for outdoor. A cozy table with 6 and 8 seats. Outdoor meals with friends, after all, require a large and durable table, but why give up on elegance and style?

Bontempi Casa

Garden tables

In outdoor spaces, you can’t miss a coffee table that you can use as a table for drinks and snacks, books and magazines or a beautiful flower vase with a few candles. Vincent is the Bontempi Casa coffee table designed specifically for outdoors: it comes with a lacquered metal structure for outdoor use, and a round top available in laminated or alucompact. It’s a versatile and space-saving piece of furniture, its elegant design is suitable for small gardens as well.

Bontempi Casa

Garden pouf

In the garden, you cannot also miss a practical and multitasking pouf. Pattern by Bontempi Casa is the pouf-magazine rack made of lacquered metal for outdoors: its contemporary design with small round holes makes it a young and fresh piece of furniture. It’s available in different colours, and with a move, it goes from a seat (customizable also with pillows) to a cool magazine rack. Well, it perfectly matches the Tao coffee table, within all its different heights. In short, you won’t miss anything in your garden!