Thanks to technology, the materials used in the furniture industry are evolving, as well as our taste in design. Among the new generation materials, the most widespread is undoubtedly the Materico melamine. Innovative in its appearance so full-bodied and material, anti-scratch and resistant to heat and impact. The Materico melamine is a versatile and not too expensive material, that can be used as a cover of tables for living rooms and kitchens, it belongs to the family of the so-called “melamine panels” and it is composed of chipboard sheets covered with a paper impregnated with resin – in fact – melamine. That is, a sort of very thin synthetic resin. The texture of a top in Materico melamine comes in different ways, depending on the effect that you want to give.

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is an extremely versatile material, able to combine functionality and aesthetic quality. The version with a decorative melamine effect, especially in wood and concrete finishes, gives body and reproduces perfectly the characteristics of the raw material, making it authentic and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Why is the Materico melamine material a guarantee of aesthetics and quality at the same time? The resistance to heat and impact is very high, and the material and full-bodied aspect of the surface makes it versatile and transversal for different rooms in the house.

Tom table with lacquered steel structure and cement Materico melamine top

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine tops are equipped with an ABS edging with an aesthetic and protective function, for greater resistance against impact, wear and abrasion. A table with melamine coating is perfect for both the living room and the kitchen, because it is extremely resistant and functional but also elegant in appearance.

Bontempi Casa has just launched the new Materico melamine coating for the Tom table. But also the Chef, Cruz and Cruz XXL, Pascal, Magico, Flash, Etico Plus, Echo In, Dublino and Diesis tables are available with a melamine coating surface. The melamine top is easily combined with lacquered steel structures. The concrete effect is very trendy at the moment and modern and minimal chic to the eye.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

To clean a melamine top it is essential to use a very soft microfiber cloth (of high quality), moistened with warm water, carefully wrung out and carefully dried. However, it is also necessary to dry out any small drops of water and steam that may form, in particular by insisting on the edge of the top. This will prevent water infiltrations that can, over time, damage the product.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

The Materico melamine is a contemporary, immediate, fresh and always current choice. Proof is in the pudding.

The bar corner in the house is not only a practical and cool area for sharing and relaxation, but also synonymous of personality and taste for design furniture. Having a liquor cabinet at home means being able to prepare an aperitif without having to go in search of a crowded cocktail bar. The in-house bar furniture are trendy furnishing accessories, giving a young and fresh look to every living room and are usually very practical to use. There are various types, there are low furniture with drawers or tall furniture with interchangeable compartments, but also food trolleys and many additional furnishing accessories such as stools or comfortable poufs. Today more than ever, with a hectic and fast daily life, there is a growing need for a personal space, dedicated to self-care, relaxation and leisure. Creating a home bar corner is very simple, just follow your taste and be guided by practical needs. Here are some tips.

Vintage bar corner – the  bar trolley

Chic bar trolley in transparent crystal and brass – transparent crystal and gold

With a vaguely retro and sophisticated taste, the food trolley is a perfect bar accessory for those who love collecting vintage objects with an antique look. The trolley bar on wheels, after all, is a great classic of home furnishings, it is versatile and also functional, but it carries with it its own style. You can move it as you wish and without too much effort thanks to the small wheels. The Bontempi Casa Chic Trolley, with its glass shelves and lacquered metal structure, will immediately throw you into the roaring Twenties. To be equipped with a mixer, a traditional ice bucket and old school glasses.

Neat bar corner – the high sideboard

Madison sideboard in Noir Desir SuperMarble, deep black structure, feet and handles in antique brass

For the real fans of the bar corner at home. The high sideboard with internal compartments is the classic and liquor cabinet efficient for any environment. Comfortable, spacious, neat and – if chosen with care and attention – very hype. The Bontempi Casa Madison sideboard is the passepartout solution for an elegant and practical bar corner. Available in lacquered wood, in SuperMarble or crystal, it has two doors, internal shelves in transparent crystal and the inside mirrored back. Decorative feet and handles to choose, to equip the living room to perfection and in harmony with the other furniture.

Try the Bontempi Casa Configurator, and create your ideal Madison sideboard HERE!

Young bar corner – the soft pouf

Tone ottoman in ecological mud, light gray and lilac leather

Relax and chill out! Once back home after a day full of difficult meetings, or a business trip abroad, there is nothing better than an aperitif directly in the house. The pouf is the preferred seat by the young public, comfortable because covered and soft, but also practical, because easy to move depending on the needs (and the amount of invited friends). Some models, like the Bontempi Casa Tone pouf, are also containers and can therefore become magazine racks or objects holders in a few seconds. Tone, that has a solid wood structure, is padded and covered with – by your choice: ecological leather, Mambo fabric, Lulu fabric, pure virgin wool, velvet or waterproof Nabuk fabric.

Classic bar corner – the low table

Flexus coffee table, gold structure and matt blue anti-scratch velvet glass top – deep black frame and black leather top

Low tables and coffee tables are a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, for those who want to furnish a corner bar at home but do not have large spaces available. A comfortable low table, in fact, fits well in every living room, just choose it in a material and color shades that are in tune with the rest of the furniture. The Bontempi Casa Flexus coffee table has a lacquered steel structure and a top that is available in crystal, scratch-resistant crystal or leather. Just a few bottles of aged liqueur, a good red wine and simple and linear glasses are enough: et voilà, the bar corner at home is ready.

Professional bar corner – the high stool

Nata stools in deep black structure, body in oil color Lulù fabric with matching piping – anthracite structure and shell in anthracite ecological leather with contrasting piping

For the bar addicts, those who just do not want to give up feeling in the coolest Café in the city, but without moving from home. Tall bar furniture with high stools are the best. If the space available is large enough, the perfect bar corner can foresee a real high cabinet with a bar top, and a pair of high stools. The Bontempi Casa Nata stool is a choice of style and taste. With its lacquered steel structure, the touch of elegance and refinement in the living room is guaranteed. Then, you can choose the more in tune upholstery with the decor of your home: ecological leather, technical fabric, Mambo fabric or Lulu fabric, Premium leather, velvet, waterproof Nabuck, or wool, in a wide range of colors. In short, to each his ideal stool. And the feeling will immediately be that of being in a real cocktail bar complete with a bartender in a tuxedo.