The living area is one of the most important places of any house, because it means relax and sharing, a true peaceful corner to be furnished with care.

This is why choosing a sofa capable of enhancing your living room is an important step to which the utmost attention must be paid: if it is true, in fact, that this has become th undisputed main player of the living area, it is also true that choosing between different sofa models is not an easy task.

A model of sofa for each single requirement

Before making any choice, there are a few key factors to bear in mind that can guide us in our preferences, for example:

  •       The size of the living room
  •       The number of people living in the house
  •       The intended use of the sofa
  •       Comfort, practicality and durability
  •       the style of the entire living area

Personal tastes and needs must be matched by more practical characteristics related to the space in which the sofa will be placed: this is why customisation becomes a key element in making the right choice. And Bontempi Casa knows it: the new collection is based on five modular, highly customisable models to satisfy all the desires of modern living.

Modular models: sofas by Bontempi Casa

Today, ‘tailor made’ has almost completely lost its charm of exclusivity in the face of infinite modular and customisable solutions capable of combining comfort and elegance. This is because the ability to adapt a sofa to any type of living room is not only a huge advantage, but an increasingly frequent requirement. The new line of Bontempi Casa sofas focuses on modularity without sacrificing aesthetics, for a result capable of satisfying the most diverse projects.

Corner and peninsula sofas

When the living area is very large or an open space has to be furnished, the sofa becomes the core of relaxation and the centre of the home.

The Sunset sofa, for example, is a model with a peninsula, suitable for the most varied furnishing styles and with a dual position: it can be placed next to the longest wall of the living room, even better if below the windows to enjoy the natural light, or in the centre of the room as the real protagonist, if the dimensions of the open space allow it: a much appreciated and very stylish partition solution.

The Zenit Wall variants with one-piece seat and Zenit Plus, on the other hand, are part of a modular system which, thanks to the various types of backrest, enables a great variety of possible configurations.

Divani Bontempi Casa
Sunset Sofa Bontempi Casa

Linear sofas

The choice of a linear sofa requires a large space to be furnished in which to make the most of this furnishing accessory. If placed in the centre of the room or along the widest wall of the living room, these types of sofa dominate the entire living area and must be in harmony with their surroundings. A perfect example is Dakota, a goose down sofa that combines the modularity of its elements with dedicated accessories to guarantee design, comfort and functionality.

Two-seater sofas

When you have little space available , you don’t necessarily have to give up the style and comfort of a sofa; on the contrary, you just have to make the right choice between the different types. A two-seater model, for example, is the most common option for optimising space and creating a comfortable atmosphere. In this case the Bonnie sofa, with the added value of 70s elegance, is perfect for harmonising the style of the living area with sinuous and elegant shapes, but also thanks to the modular options that include more seats and a peninsula.

Divani Bontempi Casa nella zona living
Bonnie sofa Bontempi Casa

Three-seater sofas

For those who want to keep it classic, three-seater models are a safe bet. In the case of Antares, the minimalist lines of the frame and the high seats are a perfect combination for your relax, but also a careful style choice to enhance the living room. A small sofa fits easily into any corner of the house and its layout is extremely simple.

Divani Bontempi Casa nel salone
Antares Sofa Bontempi Casa

February 14, Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers. It seems that this anniversary was introduced for the first time to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer, who associated the celebration with the engagement between Richard II of England and Anna of Bohemia in one of his poems. On February 14, 1400, the High Court of Love was founded – that was an institution inspired by the principles of courtly love, that took care of love disputes between the wealthiest couples of the English society. Since then, until today, Valentine’s Day has been one of the most celebrated pagan holidays in the world.

February 14, 2020. The shop windows are adorned with red decorations, heart-shaped toys, chocolate and candies that tell the love in the form of glazes and pralines. Gaia is thinking what Valentine’s Day gift should she give to Andrea. She would like to surprise him with something special, but at the same time she would prefer not to buy junk food or plastic gadgets. Walking through the streets of the town, she stops in front of a design showroom with many pieces of furniture. She feels fascinated by a particularly elegant living room with burgundy leather armchairs and a black veined marble table… So, she gets an idea.

sgabelli Kuga
Kuga bar stool made in terracotta-coloured leather; Alfred coffee table in lacquered metal and Pandora suspension lamp made of perforated lacquered metal.

At 8p.m. sharp Andrea is at the door, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands and a box of chocolates. With candles around, the living room is simply perfectly set up … There is also a golden lamp hanging from the ceiling just above a high table with two stools combined with two glasses of white wine. The romantic aperitif is served and the couple begins to enjoy the evening.

The dining table is prepared for the real dinner: ceramic plates decorated with floral motifs match the water jug, and the chairs are covered with a burgundy fabric that creates the right atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. Gaia has prepared all their favourite dishes, those they like to order at the restaurant, and those making them smile before ordering another portion. A basket with fresh fruit is used as a table centrepiece, while some fruits are scattered between one plate and the other, as they were ornaments, too.

tavolo Supermarmo
Echo In table with unicolor top

The evening keeps going pleasantly. Andrea appreciates all courses, and then he offers to wash the dishes. The red roses perfume the living room, after being carefully placed in a glass vase. The candles have now run out, and the chocolates have been eaten – that is yet another sign that dinner has been very much appreciated by both of them.

Before going to sleep and ending the wonderful Valentine’s evening, Gaia sits on the soft pouf in front of her desk with the round mirror – it’s her favourite moment of the day, when she takes a little self-care with face and body lotions and some beauty treatment.

scrittoio Vanity
Vanity desk, with a lacquered metal structure, top and drawer in melamine

Since ancient times, animal hides are among the materials most appreciated by man for the creation of accessories and furnishings, also thanks to the development of refined processing techniques that allow to enhance the natural qualities of comfort, malleability and at the same time wear resistance. Leather, in particular, owes its name to the tanning process that makes the raw material suitable to be used as a covering for furnishing accessories; currently, the most common are vegetable tanning and chrome tanning; the latter is chosen by Bontempi Casa to treat the leather of bovine origin used for the shells of chairs with a strong personality, coffee tables and refined writing desks.

Choosing leather means giving in to the everlasting charm of a natural material that, with the passage of time, will not only be always current, but will only become even more beautiful thanks to the natural aging process that gives new shades to its colors and it makes its surface softer.

From the living area to the rooms for sleep and relaxation, through studies and corners dedicated to writing and organizing, there are many spaces where leather chairs and other furnishing accessories can give character to the environment, transmitting a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Leather chairs

Sally chair, structure in antiqued brass lacquered steel and seat in Bulgaro leather – Matrix table

The leather chairs can be in the kitchen in the dining room, everything lies in choosing a quality model, with a properly treated leather to prevent that a simple stain of food becomes a problem.

Linda stool with steel structure completely covered in leather and leather fiber is the perfect example to complete the furnishing of the most modern kitchens.

Linda stool in anthracite leather

The Seventy chair, elegant and welcoming, has a comfortable seat that can be covered in leather with 15 shades to choose from: neutral, like ivory or sand, to match the atmosphere of a classic bedroom; darker, like anthracite or dark brown, ideal for representation studies; or red, burgundy, grenade for super modern environments.



Seventy chair walnut solid wood frame and white leather seat

How to clean leather chairs? The leather should be dusted regularly with a soft, dry cloth. In case of stains, simply use a damp cloth with neutral soap, gently dabbing from the edges in the center of the stain, and taking care to dry immediately after treatment.

Tables and writing desks with leather upholstery


Flexus coffee table with anthracite lacquered steel structure and anthracite leather top

The top covered in colored leather with contrast stitching underlines the geometric perfection of shapes of the Flexus coffee table, on which to place one’s heart books, decorative objects or the finest liquors to create a corner of absolute elegance in the living room

Flexus coffee tables with lacquered steel frame and leather top

For lovers of writing, for those who always want to keep their agenda in order to organize their commitments, to keep documents and other memories in perfect order: a design desk, classic or modern, is everyone’s dream. Taylor, with a lacquered steel frame and leather top, has an extra edge thanks to the soft touch of the leather top with contrast stitching, to be chosen in a wide range of shades to match perfectly with the environment.

Taylor desk in black lacquered steel and red leather top – Boss stool

With the many customization possibilities offered by Bontempi Casa, it is easy to choose the most suitable leather furnishing accessories for your home, creating style connections between lines and colors. Try now the Bontempi Casa configurator and create the leather furniture perfect for you.

Wool is the natural fiber of animal origin par excellence. Warm and enveloping, soft and affable, wool is also one of the favorite materials in the world of furniture.

To furnish and heat the house, the wool upholstery of the chairs is perfect during the winter. Its appearance – indeed – woolly, the feeling of warmth and softness to the touch, and also the slight characteristic scent make it a unique and irreplaceable material.

Wool is not all the same. The wool fibers can be long, medium or short, and their thickness can be Thin, ordinary or coarse. There are many varieties of wool: they depend on the type of animal (sheep, camelids, etc.), on the side of the body of the animal being shorn, and on the processing.

Why choosing woolen chairs

Wool has an excellent thermal insulating capacity, that acts both in cold and warm conditions. It protects from noises, it is absorbent and therefore contrasts well with humidity, and has a great resistance to wear (think, for example, to the virgin wool sweater handed down from parents or grandparents – still in perfect condition). Fireproof, antistatic, elastic, resistant to mold and bacteria. Wool is therefore an ideal material not only for winter clothing, but also for furniture. In addition, colored wool is an extremely lively material that pleases and stimulates children, too.

The virgin wool according to Bontempi Casa


Bontempi Casa reinterprets the simplest and most precious materials in its own way. Virgin Wool is one of the iconic materials of Bontempi signature products: its comfortable and ergonomic seats, covered and padded with virgin wool, vary according to the many models and colors. Thanks to the vastness of the collections they are able to satisfy all consumers.

How to choose the right wool chair for your living room

There are many types of wool, so the choice can be vast and personal. First of all, the need must be kept in mind. If you are looking for lounge chairs, better to prefer a simple and clean design, and more neutral colors. For a study or an entrance, on the other hand, more structured armchairs and bright colors are to be preferred.

To consider then the combination with the other furnishing accessories – what is the table made of? The other pieces of furniture? And the floor? Wood calls wood, but only if it is of the same type. An alternative is the chairs with the metal frame, for modern-style homes. Bontempi Casa offers a selection of chairs, stools and armchairs available in 100% virgin wool, in neutral, cold and warm colors, for perfect synchronization to the environment. Here are some.

Tai chair by Bontempi Casa

An elegant chair with a lacquered or chromed steel structure, upholstered and covered with virgin wool. The olive-green version is perfectly in line with the autumn-winter 2019 color trends.

Sveva Chair by Bontempi Casa

Almost an armchair. The Sveva chair has a structure and covered and padded solid wood armrests that make it a very comfortable and sophisticated seat for a chic living room. The colors of the inserts covered in virgin wool like dust, sky and sand are real passepartout of furniture.

Mila Chair by Bontempi Casa

Mila has a solid steel structure that contrasts harmoniously with its wool lining. The rectangular backrest its discreet and minimalist silhouette make it ideal for any environment. To be preferred in natural and soft wool colors.

Kelly Chair Bontempi Casa

Kelly chair in blue navy 100% virgin wool. A robust, solid and composed seat model. It maintains a very neat and elegant appearance, without excess. Its structure in fine wood is balanced with harmony with the soft wool of the covering. The navy blue color is a unisex, timeless and versatile variant: it can be easily inserted into a rustic but also modern living room, it lends itself to small delightful mountain houses, but also – why not – to private studios.


A warm and welcoming atmosphere at home is all we need in the cold season. Making a cozy home is simple, and can also be a lot of fun! The warm autumn colors, for example, help to cool the atmosphere; playing with a pair of pillows, using wood, decorating the wall equipped with a fireplace, a bookshelf full of books, some scented candles, a large rug and the living room is immediately warmer and more welcoming. Here are the ideas for living room furniture for the winter from which to take inspiration to furnish your own custom-made living room

Cozy living room: the fireplace

Artistico table, lacquered steel structure, solid wood top and Tai chair, lacquered steel structure covered in Pure Virgin Wool.

An intimate and welcoming atmosphere gives the house a sense of profound comfort immediately perceptible at the entrance. The fireplace is par excellence the fundamental element to make a warm and welcoming environment. Modern living rooms with fireplace are easily furnished with antique and vintage objects and accessories. The use of brass, copper and wood are a must.

Cozy living room: wood, wood, wood!

Fusion round table, lacquered steel structure and veneered wood top. Freak Chairs and Strega Lamp.

There is no better material than wood to furnish an intimate and warm living room. The rustic, natural and raw appearance is its first quality: it infuses a deep sense of calm, tranquility and security. It is not necessary to turn a house into a mountain chalet, but just a few precautions are enough together with attention to details: first a solid table with wooden top with designer chairs, then, adding shelves and other furnishing accessories in wood, they will help to make the atmosphere warm.

Millennium XXL table, lacquered steel structure, arabesque SuperMarble top – Kuga chairs, lacquered steel frame and velvet seat – Badu Waterproof Nubuck pouf.

A cozy house is a real nest in which to plunge when it’s raining outside. One or more poufs in the living room play an important role in this situation, because, if chosen in fabrics such as wool, they become an integral part of the cozy furnishing. Warm and evocative wool, sensory, material. And lots of knitted cushions, knits, patchwork fantasy plaids. The game is to combine them and create compositions of different shapes, sizes and textures. The heat effect will immediately be there.

Cozy living room: chairs, lamps and accessories in warm colors

Sally chair, solid wood frame, leather covering.

Sometimes, following the current trends of interior design that want less and less decorations, without adding a personal touch, we could face errors of assessment that remove heat from the house. Instead, let’s play with the autumn colors! In the cold season the days get shorter, the light is dimmer and the color palette of the sky is gray. So, color is a fundamental part of the furnishing of a cozy and warm living room. The ideal is to use natural and light tones, such as beige, brown and cream. White sideboards, chests of drawers, wooden cabinets with worn aesthetics, to be also DIY, represent the right compromise between the needs of brightness and the need to avoid the sense of coldness. Cushions and chairs in warm shades such as red, terracotta, dark brown, floor lamps more colored with yellow light (not white) and bright details, will give that extra touch to the winter living room.

Cozy living room: bookcase with shelves

Libreria Lexington con ripiani in legno e struttura in acciaio laccato.

Lexington bookcase with wooden shelves and lacquered steel frame.

The bookcase is a focal point of the living room. To make the environment warmer and more welcoming, you can play with the library’s decorative elements: use the shelves (possibly in wood, hides or leather) to add decorative objects such as vases of dried flowers, evergreen plants, candle holders, small statues in brass and – of course – vintage books.

Cozy living room: the mirrors

Ciotolo mirror placed vertically.

What warms up as a ray of light? Only its own reflections. Decorating the living room with modern mirrors (insert link article modern mirrors) is therefore a winning move in terms of heat. Elements of vanity and beauty, mirrors have the great power to give greater brightness and perspective to even the smallest environments. Carved wooden frames, with inlays, in classic, shabby or French Empire style. The right arrangement can totally change the face of the living room.

Cosmopolitan sideboard, solid wood top, lacquered wood doors.

Finally, complete the furnishing with a large carpet in the center of the room, some scented candles here and there and … Fill the home air with the aroma of freshly baked bread, biscuits and sweets to set the table for winter festivals. Is there perhaps a warmer and more welcoming home than that?

Thanks to technology, the materials used in the furniture industry are evolving, as well as our taste in design. Among the new generation materials, the most widespread is undoubtedly the Materico melamine. Innovative in its appearance so full-bodied and material, anti-scratch and resistant to heat and impact. The Materico melamine is a versatile and not too expensive material, that can be used as a cover of tables for living rooms and kitchens, it belongs to the family of the so-called “melamine panels” and it is composed of chipboard sheets covered with a paper impregnated with resin – in fact – melamine. That is, a sort of very thin synthetic resin. The texture of a top in Materico melamine comes in different ways, depending on the effect that you want to give.

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine is an extremely versatile material, able to combine functionality and aesthetic quality. The version with a decorative melamine effect, especially in wood and concrete finishes, gives body and reproduces perfectly the characteristics of the raw material, making it authentic and pleasant to the touch and sight.

Why is the Materico melamine material a guarantee of aesthetics and quality at the same time? The resistance to heat and impact is very high, and the material and full-bodied aspect of the surface makes it versatile and transversal for different rooms in the house.

Tom table with lacquered steel structure and cement Materico melamine top

The Bontempi Casa Materico melamine tops are equipped with an ABS edging with an aesthetic and protective function, for greater resistance against impact, wear and abrasion. A table with melamine coating is perfect for both the living room and the kitchen, because it is extremely resistant and functional but also elegant in appearance.

Bontempi Casa has just launched the new Materico melamine coating for the Tom table. But also the Chef, Cruz and Cruz XXL, Pascal, Magico, Flash, Etico Plus, Echo In, Dublino and Diesis tables are available with a melamine coating surface. The melamine top is easily combined with lacquered steel structures. The concrete effect is very trendy at the moment and modern and minimal chic to the eye.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

To clean a melamine top it is essential to use a very soft microfiber cloth (of high quality), moistened with warm water, carefully wrung out and carefully dried. However, it is also necessary to dry out any small drops of water and steam that may form, in particular by insisting on the edge of the top. This will prevent water infiltrations that can, over time, damage the product.

Tom table with sand lacquered steel structure and Canyon oak Materico melamine top

The Materico melamine is a contemporary, immediate, fresh and always current choice. Proof is in the pudding.