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If you love simplicity and minimalism, bright and welcoming environments, the Scandinavian style of furniture could be for you. In fact, Scandinavian furniture arises from the need to make the most of the (little) natural light, and is influenced by the strong bond with the surrounding nature. Difficult to adapt it to Italian homes? Not at all: here’s how to furnish a Scandinavian-style veranda.

Colors and materials for a Scandinavian-style veranda

The Scandinavian style in furnishings is dictated by the practical need to make rooms brighter, not being able to rely much on natural light. For this reason, the dominant colour is white, associated with a palette of light, cold and desaturated tones used to create large continuous surfaces. On the contrary, the Italian-style furniture prefers more vivid colours to be combined freely. If on the one hand we will have a fresh and relaxing glance, on the other we will find a more varied and dynamic environment.

A common feature of both styles is the use of wood. Nordic Scandinavian furniture, in accordance with the colour palette that distinguishes it, favors lighter woods such as fir, oak and birch, starting with the floors for which parquet is an almost obligatory choice. The use of wood as the protagonist of the furniture also responds to the functional need to use local materials to strengthen the link with the surrounding environment. This can be a point of contact with the Italian style, in which, however, there is greater variety in the choice of even darker or warm-toned woods.

Among the materials that characterize Scandinavian furniture, then, we cannot fail to mention the fabrics: soft, warm and enveloping for plaids, cushions and rugs that immediately make the environment more welcoming. In the case of the veranda, for the summer the choice can fall on natural fabrics in accordance to the Nordic style.

The protagonists of Scandinavian furniture on the veranda

To create the warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of the Scandinavian style, the key pieces of furniture are undoubtedly the seats: large, enveloping and comfortable, upholstered in soft-touch fabrics and designed with a view to versatility to accommodate even unexpected guests. A sofa and armchairs to create the conversation area, but also poufs and chaiselongues for relaxation therefore play an important role. For outdoor spaces such as the veranda, a swing can be a delightful solution to furnish and at the same time let yourself be lulled by the hygge spirit.

Artistico coffee tables
Artistico coffee table with lacquered steel structure in the versions with rectangular top in walnut veneered wood and with round scratch-resistant glass top.

The need to enhance natural light then determines the importance of the windows in the Scandinavian style of furniture. Large and free of clutter, they become focal points that dictate the arrangement of the other elements of furniture. The light that comes from the outside is naturally the protagonist of an environment such as the veranda, open or closed, which is therefore a candidate to be furnished in Scandinavian style.

Other elements to bring the Scandinavian style furniture touch

Scandinavian furniture is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, but this does not mean that it is devoid of decorative elements. The right alternation of full and empty, few (but good) pieces of design are the trump cards for following the Scandinavian style of furniture without risking to make the rooms too sterile or impersonal. A snug armchair, a nice coffee table, cushions and wicker baskets are great starting points. And then, plants cannot be missing: flowers, bulbs, dried twigs and aromatic herbs underline the relationship with nature and create a decor that is simply perfect for this style.

Dedicated to those who love the typical atmosphere of Southern France, the scent of lavender and country houses: furnishing the living room in a Provencal style could be the right idea for you. Provencal-style furniture is back in vogue, and can be declined in a classic or more modern key for any type of home. It is not necessary to have a large farmhouse surrounded by greenery to choose it as an inspiration for your living room!

Colors and materials for furnishing in a Provencal style

It is lavender, a symbol of the Provencal countryside, that inspires the color palette in this style of furniture. In fact, it is characterized by the delicate colors of the spring flowers typical of the area, from lilac to pale blue and sage green, to which are added brushstrokes of sand and gray. While the Italian-style furniture often plays with contrasting combinations and warm, bold colors that give dynamism to the environment, in a Provencal-style living room the effect at a glance is quite fresh and relaxing.

Among the materials, on the other hand, wood is the protagonist in both styles, but Provençal prefers lighter essences, preferably with a natural and slightly worn look, with knots and small visible imperfections. Antique wood is an essential element to furnish a Provencal-style living room, which often features exposed beams, benches, sideboards and other wooden furniture. And the floor? For the living room you can range from antique wooden parquet, perhaps laid creating contrasting motifs, to terracotta and stone – solutions particularly suitable for use also for the outdoor flooring and on the terrace.

The protagonists of a Provencal-style living room

While for Italian furniture the dining table is often the central element in the living area, when decorating in a Provencal style it is good to keep in mind that the protagonist of the living room will be the sofa. Large and enveloping, with large armrests and round profiles, it is generally upholstered in soft and natural fabrics, in colors that respect the delicate palette typical of the Provencal style, or with elegant floral patterns. The positioning of the sofa is also very important, which must be behind a large window from which to receive natural light to create a perfect relaxation corner where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest after long walks in nature. Other seats and poufs complete the furnishings of the Provencal living room, always in the name of maximum comfort to make the environment even more welcoming.

In many Provencal-style living rooms, there is also a fireplace, a characteristic element of country houses which in this case warms the environment and creates a romantic atmosphere that blends perfectly with the style of furniture.

Provencal style for the living room
Neutral shades and solid wood next to the fireplace for a living room that recalls the Provencal style, albeit with rigorous and essential lines.

Other elements to bring the Provencal style to the living room

Vintage wrought iron objects, thick-pile rugs, flower pots and aromatic plants: there are many small details that cannot be missing to furnish a Provence-style living room. The general inspiration is always nature, so green light for vases and glass jars with wild flowers, even dried, to be placed on cupboards and tables, but also on jugs and watering cans used as flower holders. Wrought iron candelabra and painted ceramics are other possible inspirations, but the possibilities for decorating a Provencal-style living room are so many.