floor lamps


When it comes to lighting design , the first spontaneous thought goes to an arched floor lamp. As the name suggests, arc lamps are distinguished by their long curved arm, also called a stem, often supported by a marble or metal base. An arched floor lamp embellishes the room, even when it is switched off: its timeless style goes well with a modern-inspired décor but also with a more classical ambience.

How to choose an arc floor lamp

The first, basic question to ask is: what kind of lighting does the room in which the lamp is to be placed require , or better still what kind of use is to be made of that roomArc floor lamps are in fact extremely versatile. Due to their size, design and features, they lend themselves to use in many different domestic and professional settings: next to a dining table or desk, next to a sofa or armchair, in a hallway, in a corner dedicated to relaxation and reading, in the bedroom and even in a large bathroom. Of course, each of these environments has specific lighting requirements. This leads to the choice of a particular model, to the detriment of another: with one or more stems, with one or more light points.

Lampada da terra ad arco Circle firmata Bontempi Casa
Circle, Arc-shaped floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

Arc floor lamp: aesthetics and functionality in perfect balance

An important factor in choosing an arc floor lamp is the possibility of customising it: for example, the lamp arm can be lengthened or shortened. And the lampshade can be tilted to direct the light beam in different directions. Floor arc lamps are a versatile option for illuminating rooms. This great flexibility makes them suitable for many lighting projects: in particular, they are perfect for illuminating a horizontal plane, be it a table or a seat.

Which model to choose from the many available.

The arched floor lamp is an iconic piece in the world of home interior design. This is precisely why it has often been reinterpreted by different generations of designers. The most classic model was created in the 1960s and basically consists of three elements: a marble base, a curved stem and a half-sphere-shaped lampshade. Arc lamps with three lights are also very popular: they have three stems and on each one is fixed a point of light, which can be switched on individually. Over the years, experimentation has led to more extreme design models. Among these, the arched floor lamp Circle stands out for its elegance, originality and character .

 Circle, Lampada da terra ad arco
Circle by Bontempi Casa is the new arched floor lamp

Arc floor lamp: height, half beauty

When you choose an arc floor lamp, you do so to create a sophisticated ambience and enjoy a variety of atmospheres. A decisive factor to consider when choosing, is the height of the lamp: the height defines how the light will be distributed in the room. The ideal height of an arched floor lamp from the ground varies between 170 and 210 cm. Much depends on the usage scenario: for example, if you want the light beam to illuminate a dining table, you will naturally have to opt for the taller model.

Why buy an arc floor lamp?

An arched floor lamp creates atmosphere. Immediately, it gives warmth and harmony to the room in which it is located.

An arc floor lamp is great for reading, working and studying, having your desk well lit without the clutter of a desk lamp.

An arched floor lamp is a highly decorative design point of light. Available in many models, colours and materials.