extendible tables


An extendable console table is a long and narrow table with a rectangular top, generally placed beside a wall and dedicated to hosting ornaments, with the chance of being transformed into a dining table as well. Its use in furnishings goes back to 1600, when it was very common to find console tables with mirrors above them in large reception rooms. Today, a modern console table is especially used in tiny rooms and passageways, such as the anteroom or corridor, where it can turn into an organizer. If placed in a living area, it is useful to write, sort correspondence, and consult documents. Among its qualities there is functionality: it can be a large table adaptable for small rooms, so you can invite the whole family to dinner.

Being elegant, modern and functional, Bontempi Casa console tables lend themselves to different locations in many different styles, from a classic one to a more creative one. Thanks to this, you will be able to add a seat at the table when needed and have an extra worktop to rely on.

tavolo consolle Artistico
Artistico console table with lacquered metal structure, wooden top and extensions.

The extendable wooden console version of the Artistico table, one of the most iconic and appreciated Bontempi Casa models, recalls the decorative function of the first consoles thanks to a cross-legged structure, a detail that certainly does not go unnoticed.

tavolo consolle Etico
Etico console table with lacquered metal structure, top and extensions in melamine.

For those who want to count on a large dining table when needed, Etico extendable console table is the ideal solution. When it’s closed, it comes with a minimal and compact design that allows to easily place it in any kind of environment. When it’s open, it can reach up to 12 or 14 seats (depending on the version that has been chosen). The lacquered metal structure and the melamine top make it suitable for outdoor spaces, too, for example a veranda and used for organizing family lunches.

Tavolo consolle Bontempi
Mago console table with lacquered metal structure, Galaxy chair.

An extendable console is also good for furnishing an office, where it can be very useful for satisfying needs depending on the projects. Available in three variants to accommodate up to eight seats, Mago is an extendable console table particularly suitable for offices and corporate spaces, where you want to maintain a modern and essential style of furniture. Its metal structure with square shapes makes it a true design classic piece dedicated to professional environments, and it lends itself easily to be combined with different types of chairs. Its top is available in different materials, from melamine to crystal, and in different shades: Mago can be the ideal partner for any business.

tavoli allungabili

How do you furnish a small space? It is the most frequent question of those who live in a studio or in a house with a limited square footage. The first tip of the experts is to use the best extendible tables, to be placed in the kitchen or in the dining room, preferably parallel to the main wall. Optimizing the space thanks to an extendible table or extendible console is possible, taking into account the internal corners of the house.

If you have a small living room, you can recover useful space by removing the door and, in its place, create a large arch that delimits the rooms. Choose the pale and soft colors to give light, bring out the chosen furniture, take advantage of natural lighting and give greater depth to the room. As for furniture, the best solution is without a doubt a round extendible table. The circular shape, in fact, allows to safeguard several centimeters of space, as it has no edges that could interfere with the movement inside the environment.

Why is an extendible table the basic piece of furniture for a small home? Because it is contained in its standard sizes and therefore does not interfere with the daily movements between the rooms, but if necessary it can transform the living room or the kitchen into a comfortable, spacious, suitable for guests, functional, practical and at the same time elegant and good taste room.

In fact, a small space is paradoxically easier to furnish with a personalized style, since in a small environment the details jump faster to the eye. We offer the best Bontempi extendible tables, to be chosen artfully to furnish your home in the style you prefer.

The best Bontempi extendible tables

Bontempi Pascal extendible table

This rectangular table with integrated extensions has a solid steel structure, the top is available in veneered wood, lacquered wood, melamine, scratchproof Unicolor, crystal and Superceramic. This table is perfect for small spaces, in fact when closed it measures 140 cm but can expand its size when necessary to accommodate the guests around the table, in fact in its maximum extension it reaches 299 cm.

Bontempi Artistico extendible table


Fixed or extendible rectangular table with lacquered steel structure, the top and the extensions available in polished, scratch-resistant opaque glass, veneered wood, SuperCeramic, SuperMarble and SuperConcrete. An important table but at the same time adaptable to small spaces perfect for those who have little space but do not want to give up living their home elegantly. Artistico is the right answer to the demand for balance, elegance and functionality.

Bontempi Genio extendible table

Rectangular table with extensions and structure in lacquered steel. Top in lacquered wood, veneer, polished glass, opaque scratch-resistant glass, SuperCeramic, SuperMarble or SuperConcrete. This table in its closed condition, has optimal dimensions of 140 cm, but can increase its capacity thanks to its mechanisms that lead it to stretch up to 240 cm. This table is elegantly set in a living room with parquet, and in the presence of at least one window. To be positioned parallel to the load-bearing wall to save space.

Bontempi Barone extendible table

Round or elliptical shaped table in fixed or extendible version, with lacquered metal structure. Top in lacquered wood, veneer, polished glass, matt anti-scratch glass or SuperMarble. The extendible round table is the piece of furniture that revolutionizes a minute space, thanks to its soft shape and without sharp edges. The winning weapon is to choose it in the lightest possible shade because, even in the furniture world, the light colors widen, ventilate and relax. To be placed in the center of the main room to create a harmonious alignment in the environment.