Extendable desks and consoles are more than just tables, often equipped with drawers and storage compartments. Beyond functionality, in fact, with their presence in the living room they immediately refer to an atmosphere of elegance of yesteryear, when people used to write thank-you cards for an invitation to dinner or a gift received. Today these habits are replaced by faster and more immediate communications, but we have not stopped wanting to put impromptu ideas and thoughts on paper, sort out the agenda and correspondence. That’s why writing tables and consoles are (still) here to stay and add a chic touch to the living room.

Vanity writing desk
Vanity writing desk with card holder with structure and decorative details in lacquered steel, top in SuperMarble and drawer in lacquered wood. Puffoso pouf with lacquered steel structure, padded and upholstered in velvet.

Among the writing tables in the Bontempi Casa catalog, the Vanity model stands out for its design that recalls the style of the 1920s, but reinterpreted in a more modern and minimalist way. The top, available in SuperMarble or melamine, is equipped with a practical and elegant card holder structure and a drawer to keep everything in order. All the functional and decorative elements can be built by choosing the finishes in different colors to make the desk an even more personal space.

Taylor desk
Taylor desk in lacquered steel with top covered in leather. Boss stool with lacquered steel structure and seat cushion. Fan magazine rack in lacquered steel.

A decidedly original proposal is the Taylor desk, characterized by a top covered in leather available in different colors to choose from, according to your own style of furniture. While the classic brick, mud or dark brown lend themselves to a more formal elegance, the bright red or indigo make it suitable for more modern styles. The design of its lacquered steel structure perfectly matches the versatile Boss stool, that can be completed with a comfortable padded cushion.

Artistico console table
Artistico console table with structure in lacquered steel, top and extensions in wood.

Do you prefer wooden desks? The Artistico table by Bontempi Casa is also here for this. One of the most iconic and loved models in the catalog, with its characteristic cross-legged structure, in the extendable console version it lends itself perfectly to being used as a writing table. The sturdy top is available in lacquered or veneered wood and can create a continuity or contrast effect with the finish of the lacquered steel legs.

Extendable console table Mago
Extendable console table Mago with structure in lacquered steel and top in polished glass. Eva stackable chair with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene shell.

Among the modern extendable console tables, however, Mago has a steel structure with square shapes that makes it a true design classic and easily lends itself to being combined with different types of chairs, from colored ones to those with more important shapes. An essential model like Eva, for example, emphasizes its minimal chic style and creates a writing area with a discreet and modern elegance.

With their refined, modern and functional designs, Bontempi Casa writing desks and consoles are suitable for different locations and style interpretations: you just have to find the right model to give that extra touch to your living room.

Italy is usually at the bottom of the European ranking as a home-working favourable country. However, Italians are the best when it comes to making the most out of an unfavourable situation. After the measures put in place to counter the spread of Coronavirus, many Italians have been transformed into smart workers. This work method can be advantageous for both companies and workers and there are those who believe that it will continue to be applied after the emergency will be over. Now we must stay home but meanwhile we can learn how to be efficient and happy working remotely and this may help us also in the future.

While working from home, we create a new daily routine. Time and space change, as well as the way of relating with colleagues. It is advisable to set up a timetable and try to keep your work schedule as much similar as it used to be. Now we save some time not having to travel to the office, so we can use that time to take care of ourselves, doing online yoga or fitness classes, or simply spending quality time with family. We should also remember to take a break during the working day, have a proper lunch, and try to have a balance between work and personal life.

Another important aspect of the remote work method is not wearing pyjamas all day! Let’s wear something comfortable that makes us feel good but also professional. It may seem like a minor detail, but indeed it is one of the easiest ways to incentive concentration and productivity. Also, you could fall asleep after lunch if you are still wearing your pyjamas…

Smart working
Zac desk with lacquered metal structure, wooden top and drawers. Mila chair with metal structure, padded and covered seat and back. Strega floor lamp with lacquered metal structure and fabric lampshade.

It is crucial to set up a well-organized workplace. If you have a desk or a console table you are already well underway, but a dining table will also be fine. Clear the table of any items that you don’t need (and that could be a distraction) and find space for everything you need to carry on your activities. For example, laptop, notebook, pens, documents etc. If you like, you could also print a nice picture of yourself with your family and friends and keep it on the desk. It may be a good symbol of the good times that will soon get back.

Nata chair and Zac desk
Nata chair, upholstered and covered with contrasting border and exposed metal legs. Zac desk with lacquered metal structure, wooden top and drawers.

Speaking of chairs now, as you will spend many hours of your days sitting at a desk in your house, it is crucial choosing a comfortable chair. The best are chairs that have a solid back but a padded seat so you can feel comfy while you work. You can also use your bedroom’s chair if you created the workplace in the sleeping area; otherwise a soft armchair in the living room is also fine.

Osaka shelves in curved crystal
Osaka shelves in curved crystal.

Video calls will be a consistent part of your day to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. So, don’t forget to look after your image – if you put on nice clothes and some makeup you will feel better yourself and you will look more professional. Also, keep an eye on what’s behind you, as people can see it. Make sure the bookcase is well-organized, put on the wall pictures and posters you like. These will be your best business card right now.

Let’s all keep in mind that these difficult times will pass, but now we can learn something from the situation. Working remotely is useful and it may be in the future as well.