Interior Mebel is the most important furnishing, lighting and décor fair in Ukraine. It takes place at the Kiev Exhibition Center (IEC). It’s the professional meeting point for all the design companies that aim to expand into new European markets. February 2019 has animated the Ukraine capital as every year with bespoke events, conferences, workshops, talks with designers, architects, dealers and wealthy buyers, stating, once again, the importance of a strategic partnership between culture and business.

Bontempi Casa went to the 8°edition of Interior Mebel in Kiev with a selection of furnishing and lighting products. Tables, chairs, mirrors, lamps, armchairs made with different materials and colors have been displayed at the Bontempi Casa’s pavilion. Particular attention was paid to the products with a white-veined grey SuperMarble which are the best 2019 news for the Ancona-based brand.

Interior Mebel Kiev 2019, Bontempi Casa: extendable Millennium table with a metal structure and a white-veined grey SuperMarble top. Kuga chair made with ivory Premium Leather and a solid walnut wood structure.


Interior Mebel Kiev 2019, Bontempi Casa: Fusion table with a veneered walnut wood top and a deep black lacquered metal basement. Clara chairs with a glossy black lacquered metal structure and a anthracite velvet upholstered shell.


Interior Mebel Kiev 2019, Bontempi Casa: Matric table with antique brass structure and charcoal oak top. Alfa chair with a solid charcoal oak wood structure and a anthracite Premium Leather cushion. Pandora lamp made in antiqued brass lacquered metal – Tondo mirror.


The January Furniture Show is a very popular commercial event in the field of interior design. It’s a furniture fair based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and it aims to promote the furnishing industry and the best interior designer. JFS hosts roughly 21,000 visitors and 550 exhibitors every year. Bontempi Casa was among them, this year too.

Bontempi Casa at the January Furniture Show. What are the products on display?

The products exhibited at the Bontempi Casa pavilion (Hall 2-C20) were many. The Millennium XXL table, placed at the center of the hall, has been crucial for the meeting between Bontempi Casa’s consultants and our visitors. Its lacquered metal structure and the arabescato SuperMarble top were the main welcoming items of the environment. The table had the space to discuss the products, go through the catalogues and have a chat about the new designs.
The Mood chair lived up to expectations too – with solid wooden legs, covered with soft virgin wool, with or without armrests. It’s the perfect mix for Winter 2019 furnishing trend.



Also the Artistico table, one of the most iconic Bontempi Casa products, has been central to the January Furniture Show. For those who are not familiar with it, the Artistico table comes in a fixed or expandable version, with a lacquered metal structure. The top of the table is available in veneer, as the one was exhibited in Birmingham, SuperMarble, Crystal and anti-scratched Crystal.

There were many lamps by Bontempi to illuminate the pavilion. Pandora was one of them. It’s a suspension lamp and it’s made in pierced lacquered metal.

The legendary Lexington bookcase standed out in the pavilion – it’s another of the main pieces of the brand collections made in Italy. Lexington is a furnishing complement unique for its category: it’s lacquered metal structures is customizable in infinite combinations to furnish several different environments. The bookcase shelves? Those that have passed by at the Birmingham pavilion have seen it and touched it themselves: the Lexington’s bookshelves are made in wood, leather, crystal and SuperMarble, because this is Bontempi Casa’s heart, it’s a multitasking brand that with its elegance and eye for details is capable of meeting every style.

For a relaxing moment, there was the Round Glamour table, made in crystal. The feeling of being immersed into the luxury and comfort has been shared by all the Bontempi pavilion’s visitors.

There were also the Cosmopolitan storage unit, the Secret desk, the Galaxy, Kuga, Clara, Aida, Tai, Margot, Nata and Penelope chairs; the Olimpia and Swing lamps, the King and Diamante mirrors, the Fan magazine rack, the Alfred coffee table, the Alga coat hanger the Chef, Matrix, Tom tables…

And also, the super news: the Cloe and Soul lamps, the Pica storage unit, the Universe table and the Puffoso pouf.

Find out and build your own Bontempi Casa’s products with the special configurator!

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“Merry Christmas” quotes the rough wooden sign outside the blue door. Christmas is already here, but to Jenny it seems like yesterday when she decided to come and live in New York. Since she was a child she had grown up with the extraordinary tales of her Italian-American uncle, and had always dreamt of living in the Big Apple. But after graduating in interior design in Milan, Jenny had done internships and worked for years with a poor pay and few satisfactions. In the end she had taken courage and, thanks to some advice from Uncle Frank, had packed her belongings, bought the first one-way ticket of her life and left. To NYC.

April 2018

“Last call for Alitalia’s flight SE29 to New York at 8.45 pm”. Jenny is running along the corridors of the Milan Linate airport, dragging a suitcase and a pair of bags. As always, she’s late. “Mom, Dad, I will miss you so much! But I’ll come back, I promise! ” The shining eyes of two sad but proud parents make Jenny move, but she is a determined girl and will accomplish her dream, she is sure of it. It will be tough but she will do it, thanks to their support.

Here we go.

The flight seems quiet, the hostesses are already serving hot coffee. Jenny looks out of the window: I’m above Paris, and she seems to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower beneath those clouds made of spun sugar. “Everything will be fine, everything will be fine” – she is repeating to herself. The truth is that in addition to dreams and determination, in the heart of Jennifer there is also fear. Fear of being on the other side of the world alone, afraid of not making it, of failing, of missing too much family and friends. “Everything will be fine”.

May 2018

It’s been a month since Jenny arrived in Manhattan. And yes, it is exactly as she imagined it: skyscrapers that are too high and too imposing to describe the feeling that you feel walking underneath, endless rows of yellow taxis that crowd the horizon, the nature of Central Park that seems coming from a fairytale. “How wonderful”, Jenny thinks in the morning when she leaves her apartment on the 17th floor. “Can I have a black coffee please?” – she asks at the Coffe Bar near home. Now the young Italian appreciates the philosophy of coffee made in the USA, even if she thinks about an espresso sometimes and misses it.



Jenny wanders around unknown streets but that inspire her curiosity. She’s looking for something specific, she knows what she wants. “It must be a space that is not too big, intimate, in which there can be few tables that give the idea of home”. Jenny has set herself the goal of finding a suitable place to open her restaurant by the end of the year.

June 2018

New York summer is warmer than expected. The sun shines high in the sky, and today it is a very special day for little Jenny. She will sign her first contract, she has finally found what will soon become her restaurant. She is on cloud nine. When she puts her pen on the official document and writes her name on it, she feels that she is about to cry: “it cannot be true, it’s happening!” Among emotion, fear and happiness, the almost 31 year old Jenny suddenly remembers to have an appointment with Kate and Alex – by now they are her (American) family.


September 2018

Summer passed quickly, too quickly. Jenny, in order, has: had the room renovated, bought the furniture – all strictly made in Italy – met a boy, and forgotten after a month, she celebrated her 31st birthday, broke the bike, cooked Italian dishes for Kate and Alex practically every weekend and learned a slew of English words in American slang that she did not think she was able to pronounce.

She had fun, she cried on Skype with mom and dad, she sent mail to her friends in Milan, she wrote a list of things to do for the restaurant, but she still did not choose the name. She is convinced that the right name will come at the right time.

October 2018

Autumn in New York is one of her favorite movies. But seen in reality, NY with the colors of autumn is even more beautiful.

Little is missing. All the furniture in the restaurant has been assembled, it’s time to see it almost ready. Jenny turns the key in the lock, the door is made of solid wood and has a window to hang the “Close / Open” sign. There is a muffled silence in the empty room, but Jenny seems to hear people’s laughter already, the noise of silver cutlery on ceramic plates. With one hand she touches the gray-veined white marble surface of the round table: it is perfect, smooth and simply perfect. She’s definitely in love with those tables.


























Millennium Round table, lacquered steel structure and top in white Gray Marbled SuperMarble; Margot chairs, in solid wood monocoque and white padded upholstered.

The 6 tables in the hall are elegant, like the chairs covered in snow-white fabric. The lamp is a gift from her mother Elisa: it is suspended and has a lampshade in black fabric. Discreet, refined, just like her mother. Jenny cannot wait it to light the entrance!


























Strega lamp, suspension with lampshade in black gold interior fabric.

The red desk is the piece of furniture that she prefers: the intense garnet-colored leather sparkles under the Christmas lights that illuminate the room from outside. Every red reflection reminds her of the Christmases spent at home with family and old friends. “How much I miss them”, she reflects a bit melancholic. “This will become the niche for welcoming guests!”, she finds herself thinking cheerful to drive nostalgia away. “And above I’ll put the handmade vase that Kate brought me from the trip to Europe! I want this place to be intimate and reassuring for people, and a little home for me and for others, too. I want it to tell little stories! “.

Secret Desk

December 2018

“Merry Christmas” quotes the rough wooden sign outside the door. It’s already Christmas, but to Jenny it looks like yesterday when she decided to come and live in New York. But now everything is really ready: there is the “Open / Closed” sign hanging. The tables are set, the glasses have been dusted, the staff for now are her, an Italian chef, two helpers and a waitress – a girl with an irresistible Irish accent.

Although she almost cannot believe it, Jenny has succeeded: she fulfilled her dream, opened her own restaurant. Mom and Dad came from Italy to celebrate Christmas with her and inaugurate the restaurant. “Merry Christmas Daddy!” says Jenny hugging her father, a tall, grizzled man wearing a red sweater. “I missed your Christmas sweaters” – smiles Jenny, very happy.


It’s Christmas Eve and Jenny is with her family, her friends Kate and Alex, Uncle Frank and her dachshund, they celebrate with a toast. “To Jenny, and to her deservedly fulfilled New York dream!” The evening passes by lively, it’s snowing outside, and that moment looks like a movie. The next day the restaurant will open to the public and Jenny is excited. She approaches the window, sits by the lit Christmas tree with a glass of wine and thinks back to when she could not find the name for her restaurant. She smiles to herself: “It was so obvious from the beginning … Its name could only be this”.


The bar corner in the house is not only a practical and cool area for sharing and relaxation, but also synonymous of personality and taste for design furniture. Having a liquor cabinet at home means being able to prepare an aperitif without having to go in search of a crowded cocktail bar. The in-house bar furniture are trendy furnishing accessories, giving a young and fresh look to every living room and are usually very practical to use. There are various types, there are low furniture with drawers or tall furniture with interchangeable compartments, but also food trolleys and many additional furnishing accessories such as stools or comfortable poufs. Today more than ever, with a hectic and fast daily life, there is a growing need for a personal space, dedicated to self-care, relaxation and leisure. Creating a home bar corner is very simple, just follow your taste and be guided by practical needs. Here are some tips.

Vintage bar corner – the  bar trolley

Chic bar trolley in transparent crystal and brass – transparent crystal and gold

With a vaguely retro and sophisticated taste, the food trolley is a perfect bar accessory for those who love collecting vintage objects with an antique look. The trolley bar on wheels, after all, is a great classic of home furnishings, it is versatile and also functional, but it carries with it its own style. You can move it as you wish and without too much effort thanks to the small wheels. The Bontempi Casa Chic Trolley, with its glass shelves and lacquered metal structure, will immediately throw you into the roaring Twenties. To be equipped with a mixer, a traditional ice bucket and old school glasses.

Neat bar corner – the high sideboard

Madison sideboard in Noir Desir SuperMarble, deep black structure, feet and handles in antique brass

For the real fans of the bar corner at home. The high sideboard with internal compartments is the classic and liquor cabinet efficient for any environment. Comfortable, spacious, neat and – if chosen with care and attention – very hype. The Bontempi Casa Madison sideboard is the passepartout solution for an elegant and practical bar corner. Available in lacquered wood, in SuperMarble or crystal, it has two doors, internal shelves in transparent crystal and the inside mirrored back. Decorative feet and handles to choose, to equip the living room to perfection and in harmony with the other furniture.

Try the Bontempi Casa Configurator, and create your ideal Madison sideboard HERE!

Young bar corner – the soft pouf

Tone ottoman in ecological mud, light gray and lilac leather

Relax and chill out! Once back home after a day full of difficult meetings, or a business trip abroad, there is nothing better than an aperitif directly in the house. The pouf is the preferred seat by the young public, comfortable because covered and soft, but also practical, because easy to move depending on the needs (and the amount of invited friends). Some models, like the Bontempi Casa Tone pouf, are also containers and can therefore become magazine racks or objects holders in a few seconds. Tone, that has a solid wood structure, is padded and covered with – by your choice: ecological leather, Mambo fabric, Lulu fabric, pure virgin wool, velvet or waterproof Nabuk fabric.

Classic bar corner – the low table

Flexus coffee table, gold structure and matt blue anti-scratch velvet glass top – deep black frame and black leather top

Low tables and coffee tables are a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion, for those who want to furnish a corner bar at home but do not have large spaces available. A comfortable low table, in fact, fits well in every living room, just choose it in a material and color shades that are in tune with the rest of the furniture. The Bontempi Casa Flexus coffee table has a lacquered steel structure and a top that is available in crystal, scratch-resistant crystal or leather. Just a few bottles of aged liqueur, a good red wine and simple and linear glasses are enough: et voilà, the bar corner at home is ready.

Professional bar corner – the high stool

Nata stools in deep black structure, body in oil color Lulù fabric with matching piping – anthracite structure and shell in anthracite ecological leather with contrasting piping

For the bar addicts, those who just do not want to give up feeling in the coolest Café in the city, but without moving from home. Tall bar furniture with high stools are the best. If the space available is large enough, the perfect bar corner can foresee a real high cabinet with a bar top, and a pair of high stools. The Bontempi Casa Nata stool is a choice of style and taste. With its lacquered steel structure, the touch of elegance and refinement in the living room is guaranteed. Then, you can choose the more in tune upholstery with the decor of your home: ecological leather, technical fabric, Mambo fabric or Lulu fabric, Premium leather, velvet, waterproof Nabuck, or wool, in a wide range of colors. In short, to each his ideal stool. And the feeling will immediately be that of being in a real cocktail bar complete with a bartender in a tuxedo.

Originally from Asia Minor, it was later introduced to Europe by the Persian kings. Plinio the Elder testifies in his manual “Naturalia Historia” that walnuts were imported by the Greeks as early as the 7th century BC. As a royal gift, the Greeks dubbed it “Karya Basilica”, or regal walnut and considered it a prophetic tree. It is walnut wood, a precious, refined and very ancient material that conquers its place of honor in the history of furniture and art.

In Greek mythology, the walnut tree was linked to the god Dionysus. It is said, in fact, that Dionysus, a guest of the king Dion of Laconia, fell in love with one of his three daughters. Caria reciprocated his love, but the two jealous sisters began to gossip about the Dionysus who, furious, first drove them crazy and then killed them both. Caria died of pain and Dionysus, still in love, transformed her into a lush walnut tree, so that it could produce fruitful fruit. The Laconi later built a temple in her honor, and at the entrance they placed

statues carved in walnut wood depicting the three sisters, who were later called Caryatids. Art, legends and mythology intertwine with one another and tell the incredible story of this precious wood, still used today in the furnishing of the most elegant homes.

But what makes it a great support for tables, chairs, bookcases and much more? Walnut wood is not only a piece of art in itself, but also the most appreciated material by connoisseurs of design and home decor.

Bontempi provides different declinations and applications of walnut, ancient solid walnut, solid walnut, edge-glued walnut and veneered walnut.

Millennium XXL table with solid walnut wood plan

The peeled ancient solid walnut wood of the Bontempi Casa collections is a selected wood, coming from areas certified of controlled reforestation, managed according to strict environmental and social standards. A valuable feature of this wood is its unique origin: it is minutely obtained from the trunk or branches of trees in the lush American woods.

This is why Bontempi’s ancient walnut design products carry the signs of each plant’s life path. Live nodes, natural splits and variations of color palettes, testify to their authenticity and uniqueness. All the tops are externally treated with acrylic-based paint that gives protection to moisture infiltrations, maintaining the natural color of the wood.

Artistico table with solid walnut wood top

The solid walnut wood of the Bontempi Casa collection is selected from the best available on the European and American markets.For a more natural effect, the outer side edge retains the original shape of the tree trunk, giving the top uniqueness and craftsmanship.

Thanks to the particular water treatment, the solid wood tops have a protection against moisture infiltrations, while maintaining the natural color of the wood.

Detail of barked solid walnut wood edge


      Alfa chair with solid walnut wood structure


Edge-glued walnut wood

The edge-glued wood top combines the aesthetic performance of solid wood with those of veneered tops. The outer edge of the top is in fact made of real solid wood with an irregular shape, that is shaped with a radius that simulates the radius of the trunk.
The upper part of the top is instead made of fine wood that gives it the appearance of a real solid wood top.


Artistico table with edge-glued walnut wood top –Margot chair with legs in solid walnut
Debarked side in edge-glued walnut


Veneered walnut wood

The undisputed value of this material is its lightness, combined with flexibility and non-deformability, features that make it especially perfect to be used in humid environments, such as that of a kitchen.
Composed of panels of agglomerate covered with sheets of wood of noble essence, aesthetically a veneered top in noble essence has a visual impact similar to a solid one.


Podium table with veneeredd walnut wood top – Sveva chair with solid walnut legs



Secret desk with veneered walnut top



    Artistico coffee table with veneered walnut top