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A few years have passed, but Gaia remembers it as if it were yesterday, the first date with Andrea: an evening for the two of them, a dinner out to get to know each other better and then, who knows … As soon as they crossed the entrance of the restaurant, they felt perfectly at ease. The table reserved for them by the maître, quiet and with a magnificent view on the sea, had helped to make the atmosphere even more special. On those enveloping chairs, time had flown by and the affinities between them had spontaneously emerged – a bit like the relaxed and authentic elegance of the place. Since that evening they have never left, and they have never even left their special place. Last Valentine’s Day they had to celebrate it at home, trying to replicate the refined mise en place of the restaurant, but now they can’t wait to go back to spend a romantic evening between the clink of glasses and the sunset over the sea. Is everything as they remember it, or perhaps even more beautiful?

Mood chairs and Club coffee tables
Mood chairs with round section legs in lacquered steel and polypropylene monocoque. Club coffee tables with base in lacquered steel.

On Friday evening after work, you will find yourself in front of a good glass of wine. Gianluca and his friends were used to opening the weekend like this. A pleasant habit born a little by chance, when that new wine shop with kitchen opened near the office. Week after week, they had been conquered by that modern environment where they could feel right at home. Among lockdown and smart working periods, however, their cheerful habit was giving way to something else. But just a couple of phone calls, a few messages to define the last details, and here they are together again, ready to spend the evening in joy. They sit around the new round tables, browse the wine list, and the weekend can finally begin.

idee arredamento ristorante
Sedia Mood con e senza braccioli, struttura in acciaio laccato e scocca in polipropilene imbottita e rivestita frontalmente in velluto. Tavolini Alis con base in acciaio laccato e piano in stratificato.

Daniele and Caterina had the same idea: Sunday will be mum’s birthday, and there is no doubt about how to celebrate it. He warned his loved ones, while his sister thought about booking “their” table at the restaurant which – since they were children – has seen them celebrate anniversaries, small and big goals, but also moments of ordinary family happiness. And on the other hand, they have also seen the place change and renew itself over the years: a different colour on the walls, designer seats, new dishes on the menu, while always remaining faithful to its identity. During the closing periods they continued to enjoy their favorite dishes thanks to the organization of the take-away service, but they can’t wait to be all together around that table again.

Well-finished contract furniture plays an important role in any type of business, including offices and professional studios. In particular, seats that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to use can make the difference for those who live in those environments day after day. From the individual workstation to the meeting room, how to choose the most suitable contract chairs? In addition to the style of furniture that you want to follow, the aspect to start with is that of functionality and the type of use that will be made of it. How much time do you spend seated? Do you move or get up often, perhaps to retrieve files or documents in the archives? What space is available? After answering these questions, it will be easier to choose between upholstered contract chairs or not, with a wooden or metal frame, with wheels and armrests or not, and so on.

Upholstered contract chairs

The padding is a fundamental aspect for contract office chairs: it serves to make the seat comfortable even after several hours and to offer the right support to the body of those who sit.

The Seventy chair combines practicality with a harmonious design with essential and rounded lines. The seat is made up of an enveloping padded monocoque for greater comfort, available with leather or ecological leather upholstery and in a wide range of colors, including different neutral shades such as sand, hazelnut and light gray or anthracite, ideal for professional environments. The slender central structure in chromed steel, then, makes it easy to move around the table to adapt to the different needs on the agenda.

Hisa chair in waterproof nabuk
Hisa chair with lacquered steel structure, padded monocoque and covered in waterproof nubuck. Tower coffee table with lacquered steel structure and natural marble top.

More particular and almost futuristic are the lines of the Hisa chair, whose sturdy structure in lacquered steel is combined with a padded seat that can be upholstered in soft and pleasant to the touch materials such as, in this case, waterproof nubuck. Nubuk for the office? Yes, in the water and stain resistant version proposed by Bontempi Casa: in the event of ink stains, simply dab gently with a cloth moistened with alcohol, turning it so that only the clean part comes into contact with the stain, and the chair will be as good as new.

Contract wooden chairs

An alternative to the classic office chairs with metal structure is represented by wooden contract chairs, especially suitable for offices and professional studios located in historic buildings for which you want to maintain a classic style of furniture more in line with the context.

Kuga contract wooden chair
Kuga chairs with oak wood structure and padded monocoque upholstered in ecological leather. Ramos extendable table with steel structure and glass top.

Kuga is a particularly versatile model among the seats in the Bontempi Casa catalog. In fact, it is available in different variants, including one with a solid and generous structure in walnut or oak. Also in this case, then, the seat is padded to be more comfortable, while the quilt-effect workmanship makes it sophisticated and suitable even for the most formal environments. It goes perfectly with large desks, perhaps to furnish a meeting room.

When furnishing offices and professional studios, choosing quality, beautiful and functional contract chairs is an investment that pays off over time, helping to make the work environment more pleasant and comfortable for everyone.

How to furnish a restaurant? Now there are no more doubts, good food and good design are a winning combination. The décor of a restaurant plays a really important role in defining the customer experience, and should be in harmony with all the other elements – from the menu to the mise en place – to tell a story that conquers the heart as well as the palate. Personality, therefore, but also comfort and functionality to ensure a pleasant experience, are the elements to keep in mind to set up a successful restaurant.

Certainly these are complicated times for catering, between closures and new rules to follow. Professionals and cooking enthusiasts, everyone has to deal with the limitations imposed by the pandemic. Despite the great difficulties, thinking about the future with optimism is the key to being ready when they would finally reopen as before. For some, the forced closure could be the time to stop and take a closer look at their business, the goals achieved but also the points that could be improved or renewed, starting with the decor of the restaurant. Here are some tips, with an eye to the most interesting trends.

how to furnish a restaurant
Mood chair with armrests, lacquered steel frame and polypropylene shell upholstered and frontally covered in Pure Virgin Wool. Vincent coffee tables with lacquered steel base and laminate top.

The open kitchen, to begin with, is a trend that’s more alive than ever. Some define it as a real philosophy, that sees customers eager to be involved and participate in the preparation of the dishes they are about to taste. In this particular situation, it also emphasizes how the pleasure of going to a restaurant does not end with the taste of the dishes but includes a broader experience, in which the surrounding environment is more important than ever.

After years of minimalism, then, the desire for color has returned to make itself felt among the trends for restaurant furnishings. Choosing particular shades and playing with original combinations may therefore prove to be a winning card to give a greater connotation to the restaurant’s identity, as long as a harmonious color palette is defined. This way, we will have a pleasant and captivating environment, that will also entice customers to take pictures to share with friends on their social channels: an aspect that should not be underestimated for the furnishing of a modern restaurant. A simple but certainly not obvious way to renovate the premises with a touch of color is represented by chairs: the Bontempi Casa catalog offers different proposals of chairs dedicated to contract furniture that can be declined in a wide range of colors, from classic to the more modern ones. With the padded and upholstered models, you can also play with the textures of the materials, from elegant premium leather to soft wool through nubuck, velvet and many others. The online configurator can certainly help you unleash your imagination and discover all the available options.

Restaurant furniture
Mood chair with or without armrests, lacquered steel frame and polypropylene shell, upholstered and covered in velvet on the front. Alis coffee tables with lacquered steel base and stratified top.

Finally, always current and never out of fashion are the attention to details and the typical ability of Italian contract design to combine aesthetics and functionality in a harmonious whole. The sitting must have well-finished shapes and be comfortable, to go from appetizers to dessert without noticing the passing of time. The tables will have to adapt to the management of the space, ensuring the correct distance between the different groups of customers but also the possibility of being united, soon, in large tables. Enhancing the natural light that comes from the windows during the day, and creating soft and pleasant lighting for the evening, can only be an added value – as well as the eye of an expert consultant you can rely on if you want to do a restyling.

When it comes to contract design it is particularly important to be clear about the type of environment you want to create. Before choosing the individual pieces of furniture, therefore, it is good to develop a design idea with a fairly defined identity in terms of style and functional aspects. Let’s take the example of a bar: starting from the internal distribution of the areas – the entrance, the bar counter, the area dedicated to the tables and any external space – we then proceed with the choice of furnishings and the definition of the details of the furnishing. Each element of the contract furniture represents and identifies the style of the commercial activity, that must attract attention and entice customers to enter. The latest trends in interior contract design recommend spacious, minimal chic, refined and original environments for bars. But what are the elements that cannot be missing?

Contract design, tables and chairs with character

When choosing the tables and chairs for the contract furnishing of a bar it is very important to take into consideration the space available to position them in a harmonious and rational way, but not only: they represent one of the elements that most characterize the customers experience, and for this reason they have a particularly important role in defining the style of the environment. The trump card is that of uniqueness, so we turn to interior contract design to find tailor-made solutions in terms of shapes, colors and finishes.

Contract design, chairs and tables
Mood chairs with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene monocoque. Club coffee tables with base in lacquered steel and top in stratified.

In this context, there is no furnishing style that dominates the others, even the idea of a classic-style bar is reinvented by inserting vintage-inspired furnishings in more modern contexts. The classic solid wood counter, for example, can be combined with lacquered steel tables and colorful, lively and original chairs, such as Mood with a polypropylene structure available in different shades ranging from white to anthracite through mustard yellow and caramel. Even the refined upholstered armchairs can be reinvented with trendy colors and new combinations. As proof of its versatility, the Mood model is also available with armrests and upholstered shell with different options to choose from fabric and color for the upholstery: the result is an armchair with a modern elegance, capable of truly adapting to any style.

Mood chairs
Mood chairs with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene shell covered in pure virgin wool. Vincent coffee table with lacquered steel base and stratified top.

Contract design, furnishing with light

When designing a bar, light also plays a fundamental role. Once the old image of dark and smoky places has been archived, in fact, modern bars are light and bright environments with a lively atmosphere. Yes to large windows where it is possible to make the most of natural light, mirrors to multiply it and furthermore enlarge the space, and pendant lamps to illuminate the whole environment.

Contract design
Pandora pendant lamp with black lacquered rose window and body in worked and lacquered steel. Vincent coffee table with lacquered steel base and stratified top. Suri chairs with armrests, lacquered steel structure, back and seat in elastic fabric.

Among the interior contract design proposals in the Bontempi Casa catalog there is no lack of lamps with original shapes with which to emphasize the style of a bar or restaurant. Pandora, for example, has a lacquered steel structure available in two sizes and in different color variations with which it is possible to create unique and personalized combinations with tables and chairs. Its delicately perforated external surface then diffuses a soft and harmonious light perfect for relaxing and refined environments.

Design tables and chairs, captivating colors and the right light are fundamental elements for the contract furnishing of a bar, and the Bontempi Casa configurator can certainly help you discover all the possibilities to personalize and make your environment unique.

Good contract furniture is the best business card of every bar, restaurant and hotel that wants to leave a good memory to its customers. The tables, chairs and other accessories are essential to create the right atmosphere and attract potential customers through the windows or photos published online. For this reason, modern furniture companies such as Bontempi Casa have a contract division for the supply of furniture for public spaces. Each type of structure has very specific needs to be met with customized projects and products with attention to every detail.

To find the right contract furniture for your venue, you need to focus on the type of business you intend to run – a classic breakfast bar or one that focuses on lunch break, a refined or informal restaurant, a hotel with a cosmopolitan or more traditional atmosphere – and therefore the customers you want to attract. The choice of the furniture style, then, can arise from an inspiration, a mood, a film … and it will have to be transformed into a coherent and effective project. Much depends on personal taste and the image you want to give of your business, without losing sight of the comfort and the idea of ​​making customers feel at ease.

contract bar furniture
Mood chairs and stools with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene monocoque. Contract tables in lacquered steel.

Speaking of contract bar furniture, tables and chairs where customers sit for a coffee, lunch break or a drink with friends are the focal point in addition to the counter. The choice will be dictated not only by the style of the room, but also by its structure. It is important to consider the space available to place tables and chairs in a harmonious and rational way, taking care to allow freedom of movement even when the room is full. In a fairly large environment, differentiated areas can be created, linked by a common thread: a main area with contract tables and chairs that are easy to move, perhaps due to the arrival of a large group, a more secluded area with high tables and stools, a few seats near the counter and a relaxation area with armchairs.

Contract restaurant furniture
Ines chairs with lacquered steel structure for outdoor and padded cushion covered in outdoor fabric. Alter tables with base in lacquered steel for outdoor use and top in laminate and alucompact.

To furnish a restaurant, instead, it is better to focus on homogeneity by using a single type of seat and arranging contract tables of different sizes for couples, families and larger groups. When choosing, it is good to pay particular attention to the comfort of the chairs so that customers can enjoy your dishes regardless of the passage of time.

Finding a well-defined style and declining it in a homogeneous way in all areas of the structure is even more important in the case of contract hotel furniture. From the hall to the corridors that lead to the rooms, passing through the cafeteria, the restaurant and the other common areas, each room should transmit the same mood in a harmonious way. Because we know that every style of furniture evokes a world of different meanings, and that during the stay a hotel represents a second home for its guests.

contract hotel furniture
Pica sideboard with wooden structure. Long Island armchair with lacquered steel structure and shell upholstered in kvadrat coda fabric. Tower coffee table with lacquered steel structure and natural marble top.

Furthermore, every manager knows that good quality, modern and functional contract furniture is an investment that pays off over time. Design complements, elegant and capable of capturing attention, characterize the environment and make it stand out from the others. In addition, by choosing furniture made with durable and easy-to-maintain materials, that are not afraid of knocks or contact with food and detergents, you will not find yourself forced to replace too frequently contract tables and chairs. This will also facilitate the work of the staff, to the benefit of customer service – the most precious asset of any business.