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18Furniture can be renewed every season, just like clothing. The Spring-Summer 2020 furniture trends are nothing but the mirror of the deep desire for colour and lightness that we are feeling right now. After a long and very strange winter, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the lockdown has been lifted. The sun, the blooming trees and the spring air remind us that we are approaching summer. And even our houses, inside and outside, can “wear” the perfect shades and materials for this season.

There are many home furnishing styles: there are those who prefer minimal accessories, those who look at old fashioned shapes, and those playing with decorations. But every style can have a link with contemporary furniture trends. Let’s discover all the living room furniture trends, but also the news for the courtyard and the garden, of this Spring-Summer 2020.

Summer living room decor trends

The living room is the environment of the house we live the most: for some it can be the dining room, for others it is a separate space. However, it is generally the place where we pay the most attention to furniture. This year, it will be even more important to make space, because living in airy and bright environments, now more than ever, is becoming essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Sander table
Sander table, lacquered metal structure and glass top; Suri fabric chair, Cosmopolitan sideboard.

The 2020 furniture trends suggest using a few large accessories and limiting decorative objects. After an economic and social crisis like the one we are going through right now, after all, priorities are back in order. Essential pieces, therefore, but precious. The sideboards are back, a passe-partout piece of furniture that can be used as a wardrobe, sideboard or chest of drawers. Round tables (that have a wider optical effect than rectangular ones); chairs with essential shapes, only a few frills, but lots of colour.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: yellow and orange

Vitaminic, energetic and sunny yellow cannot be missing in your home and in the garden this summer! Tables and small pieces of furniture lend themselves well to this trendy tone. Orange is its faithful companion: for some seasons now, it has come back in all its nuances. Bontempi Casa has made terracotta, the autumn version of orange, the best colour of last autumn-winter season. With summer it returns to cover the leather of coffee tables and armchairs, to represent a warm and lively environment. These homely tones can be combined with white and khaki.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: pink and neutral shades

Pink, the feminine shade “par excellence” but now expanded to a wider audience, dresses the interiors and exteriors of those who have a vaguely retro home. Pink gives brightness and radiance to the environment, and ever as in summer 2020 it is a trendy shade that makes your home brighter. Interior designers call it Cloud Pink – that recalls the shade of the most evocative sunsets. Perfect for curtains, wallpaper, lamps and rugs.

And finally, there are neutral colours, like beige, taupe, ochre, cream white – those that never go out of fashion. Perfect not only for curtains, rugs and sofa covers, but also for tables or suspension lamps, cushions for outdoor stools and covered chairs. Their light touch serves to dampen the energy given by the more powerful colours: the combination of both is essential for a harmonious as well as trendy home.

Summer 2020 furniture trends: materials

One key word: lightness, like the one we need so much in everyday life, especially now. After a winter spent in isolation, there is nothing better than dressing the house with delicate, airy, light fabrics. Let’s say yes to quality cushions on the seats also on the terrace, chairs covered with fabric, tables made of transparent crystal. Lightness expresses throughout materials.

Sitting in good company around the dining table is one of the greatest pleasures we can give ourselves in everyday life, but if the chairs are not beautiful, practical and comfortable… What kind of pleasure is it? Whether the dining table is placed in the kitchen or in the living room, the choice of dining table chairs is a detail that plays an important role in defining the environment and giving character to the furniture. Today, in fact, the kitchen is more often an open space that communicates with the rest of the house, and the chairs can represent a common thread in the preparation of the different rooms. Having overcome the old diktats regarding the combination of chairs and dining tables, then, the modern furnishing provides for many more free and creative combinations than in the past.

How to match chairs to the dining table

Today, it is common to buy chairs separately from the table, even choosing different styles, between classic and contemporary. Different chairs can also be placed altogether, because they are linked by a common element that can be style, material or colour. In the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are many options to create the combination that best reflects your taste.

Sedie e tavolo da pranzo
Cruz extendable table with metal structure and veneered wooden top. Chairs with trellis structure in lacquered metal, back in polypropylene and wooden seat.

An ideal example of furnishing accessories that help to create a common thread between the kitchen and the living area is the Polo seating family. The different variants of the metal structure correspond to the chromatic variations of the polypropylene backrest, while the wooden seat can be covered by a wide range of fabrics. Polo chairs with trellis structure have been positioned around the Cruz dining table, while the stool version is the most modern solution to complete a kitchen with a central island.

Sedie per cucina Bontempi Casa
Low stool with lacquered metal structure, polypropylene backrest and wooden seat.

Chairs for modern kitchens are comfortable as well as practical and functional, light enough to be moved without any difficulty in case you want to add a place at the table, or to reach the highest shelves. The material is also very important, it must be impact resistant and easily washable. Seventy chair is the perfect synthesis of these characteristics: it has an essential-shaped metal structure and it is covered with ecological leather or leather. The black variant of Seventy chair perfectly matches the structure of Genio table and a piece of furniture with strong personality.

Table and chairs for a modern kitchen
Seventy chairs with metal structure, padded monocoque and covered in Ecological Leather or Leather. Genio extendable table with aluminium structure and SuperMarble top.

A modern and very popular choice is also to use the stools as kitchen chairs combined with the snack top that is part of the central island. Among the many colour variations of Linda stool, covered in leather, there is certainly the ideal shade for the furnishing of your kitchen!

Stools for a modern kitchen Bontempi Casa
Linda stools with metal structure completely padded and covered in leather.

The colored chairs are furnishing accessories with which it is easy to add a fresh and vital note to any room in the house, including the outside.

Sit around a table to enjoy the conviviality, or at a desk to rearrange the ideas, sit in the garden or on the terrace to enjoy the sun and the fresh spring air coming … Everything becomes more beautiful with the right seat, and the colored chairs – whether in wood, metal or plastic, as long as they are designed like the Bontempi Casa chairs – they can just be the style element that makes the moment special.

Colored design chairs

Galaxy chair with arms in powder blue, Galaxy chair without arms in caramel, mustard yellow and white

Design chairs

One of the most colorful and versatile is undoubtedly the Galaxy model: with its captivating decorative motif, it can be declined in 8 colors ranging from white to black through mustard yellow and light blue sugar paper. Designed as an outdoor chair, it is perfect by the pool or near a garden table, but it also lends itself very well to complete the decor of a young and modern living room with an ironic touch. Made of solid polypropylene and recyclable glass fiber, it is available with or without armrests and guarantees a comfortable and relaxing seat. http://journal.bontempi.it/enjoying-the-summer-at-full-with-the-perfect-outdoor-chair/?lang=en

Linda stools in red leather with black contrast stitching

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not to provide some hint of warm and vibrant colors? In a minimalist neutral-toned setting, the Linda stool upholstered in bright red leather, with matching stitching, or in contrast, finds its ideal location, becoming the discreet protagonist of the environment. With some matching decorative elements, such as a vase of aromatic herbs or a design appliance, the effect of the colored chairs will be even greater.

 Colored wooden chairs

Margot chair, solid wood frame in natural oak and padded shell upholstered in emerald green velvet – Podium table – Lexington bookcase

The warmth of solid wood and the colors of the rainbow are the hallmarks of the Margot colored wooden chairs, available in five different woods and in a wide range of fabrics and colors to choose the perfect covering to fit harmoniously in any environment, from the living to the sleeping area. Sumptuous velvet or soft wool, fabrics with refined textures, Premium leather or Nubuck: each texture transmits a different emotion.

Colored upholstered chairs

Sally chair with armrests, structure in antiqued brass lacquered steel and shell in Bulgarian red leather – Matrix table

To furnish a refined and elegant living room, the ideal choice can be the Sally chair. With the decisive touch of its leather upholstery, to be chosen in different colors, these upholstered colored chairs match perfectly with a designer table to create a refined and characterful environment. Available with or without armrests, they have a lacquered steel structure, durable and reliable over time.

Nata chair, frame in glossy black lacquered steel and padded shell and upholstered in Yellow velvet – Zac desk

Even the area dedicated to the modern or classic writing table becomes more welcoming thanks to the touch of color that a padded chair can give it. Nata is a chair with a clean and essential line, with a light lacquered steel structure, padded shell and upholstery to choose from different materials, from fabrics to leather, in solid colors or with multicolor textures, with a border that can be chosen in the same color or contrasting. http://journal.bontempi.it/modern-and-classic-writing-desks-but-strictly-of-design-the-furnishing-accessories-for-those-who-love-to-write-and-organize/?lang=en)

The infinite versatility of the colored chairs makes them furnishing accessories able to adapt to any environment and to any decorative style. And you, have you already found the perfect colored chairs for your home? With the Bontempi Casa configurator you can create the combination of structure and coating tailored to your needs.