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More and more people feel the desire to create a relaxation corner at home, a real “place in the place” where they can lighten their thoughts and immerse themselves completely in relaxation by dedicating themselves to their favorite entertainment. Our home is our refuge and the safe place to recharge our batteries leaving behind the frenzy of the outside world, but it is also true that things to do at home never end. This is why it can be useful to dedicate an area only to relaxation. What is needed it is a comfortable armchair and side tables to have everything at hand, but also good lighting and a few tricks: here are our tips for furnishing the relaxation area and enjoying the tranquility.

Choose a relaxation corner with a view

relaxation corner at home
Long Island armchair with swivel structure in lacquered aluminum, padded shell covered in ecological leather. Flexus coffee table with lacquered steel structure and leather top. Cloe floor lamp composed of base and rod in lacquered steel and adjustable arm in lacquered aluminum, with fabric lampshade.

The first thing to do to create a relaxation corner at home is to choose the right place, that is the ideal area to find peace and tranquility: far from the one dedicated to smart working or housework, that could distract from the goal of relaxing, and perhaps near a window overlooking the garden or a panorama that can relax the view. Even the wall where our favorite painting or some beautiful souvenir photos have been hung can be an excellent choice for the area dedicated to relaxation.

Comfort is the key to the relaxation area

The keyword for furnishing the relaxation corner can only be comfort, to be found in a soft and welcoming armchair on which you can sit comfortably for as long as you want. Enveloping shapes, ergonomic backrest and quality padding are the main features to choose the armchair, together with a design that satisfies the eye – because after all, the relaxation area is also the one where we can take refuge to enjoy the comfortable beauty that surrounds us in peace.

The relaxation corner with everything close at hand

sofa with relax
Artistic coffee table with lacquered steel structure in the versions with rectangular top in walnut veneered wood and with round scratch-resistant glass top.

Still on the subject of comfort, one aspect to consider is the possibility of having everything we need to relax within reach, so as not to have to get up and interrupt the desired relaxation. Tables and coffee tables are the ideal solution to make the relaxation corner at home more welcoming, and should be chosen according to our needs in order to accommodate books and magazines or place a cup of tea or a glass of wine, but also scented candles or a fragrance diffuser, because there is nothing more evocative than perfumes to set the mood.

Creating the relaxation area with the right light

Pop table lamp
Pop table lamp in white shaded glass with lacquered steel base.

Last but not least, light is an aspect that should not be underestimated when decorating the relaxation corner at home. It is therefore good to observe how natural light changes over the course of the day to evaluate whether it is appropriate to add a curtain in case it is too strong at certain times, and to choose the right lamp with which to illuminate the relaxation area after sunset. From the table or from the floor, the important thing is that it diffuses a warm light suitable for the activities to which the relaxation corner is dedicated: a little stronger for reading or browsing photo albums, more subdued to have a quiet coffee.

This year the question “what do I give for Christmas?” it sounds a bit different than in the past. If before that of Christmas gifts could turn into an obstacle race, among books that do not have the imagined success and clothes in wrong sizes, now it is easier to think that with Christmas gifts for the home you will be on the safe side. Ideas and thoughts to make the home environment even more beautiful and welcoming will certainly make their way if chosen carefully for your family and closest friends. We have already started to give you some ideas with design mirrors, and now we continue with tables and magazine racks, the furnishing accessories that are always next to us in moments of relaxation spent immersed in reading or perhaps in front of a good movie.

The coffee table that gives color and joy

FLEXUS coffee table
Flexus coffee table with lacquered steel structure and leather top.

The living area is perhaps the one in which we spend the most time at home, and furnishing it by choosing your favorite colors certainly gives positive sensations. To do it gracefully, there are versatile accessories such as Flexus, the design coffee table with top available in leather or crystal in many color variations, among which it will not be difficult to find the one most in tune with the tastes of the person you want to give it to. The precious materials and its elegant lines, then, will make it look great.

The coffee table for reading lovers

Planet coffee table
Planet coffee table with structure and decorative details in lacquered steel, adjustable glass top.

It is not necessary to get up from your favorite armchair to experience a thousand adventures: to explore new worlds, a well-organized pile of books is enough, to be placed on the coffee table to always have it at hand. Planet is a design coffee table available in three different models, including this version with a second adjustable shelf that offers extra space to place small snacks, pens and pencils for notes, glasses…

The magazine rack with an original and fun design

FAN magazine rack
Fan magazine rack in lacquered steel. Long Island armchair with swivel structure and padded shell covered in Premium Leather.

Its shape is reminiscent of an open fan, and evokes the same carefree lightness with which in summer we breathe in the air to chase away the heat wave: among the Christmas gifts for the home, Fan is the ideal design magazine rack for those with modern and eclectic tastes. Among its shelves there is space for a world of different readings, which can be organized by thematic sectors as well as by period.

The multitasking magazine table

PATTERN magazine rack
Pattern magazine rack in patterned lacquered metal frame.

Table top, magazine rack, seat: ingenious in its simplicity, Pattern is all this thanks to its inverted pyramid structure in worked steel, with a perforated pattern on all sides that makes its aesthetic modern and light. Available in two sizes and in different colors that can be combined to create unique and personal combinations, it is a gift idea that easily adapts to any type of environment – even outdoor – and to different styles of furniture.

The food trolley, or the art of receiving

CHIC food trolley on wheels
Chic food trolley on wheels with lacquered steel structure, Supermarble top.

The opportunities to organize the great family lunches that we love so much will return! In the meantime, what can be a better omen than giving an accessory dedicated to the art of receiving for Christmas? Chic is the design trolley designed to help us serve, or to accommodate bottles and glasses for dessert or after dinner. Alternatively, it can also become an elegant bar cabinet.

In the next issues of the Journal we will recommend other Christmas gifts for the home: keep following us to discover them.

December is almost upon us, and what is certain is that we will go towards an unusual Christmas, different from the past ones, but nothing can prevent us from feeling the magic of the Holidays in our hearts. The first decorated trees, colored lights and lit fireplaces can already be seen on social media, a sign that the desire to enter the Christmas atmosphere is already beginning to be felt. There will be no Christmas markets, the race for gifts will perhaps be less hectic than usual, but there are many things we can do in the intimacy of our homes to let ourselves be infected by the joy of the end of year celebrations. In addition to renewing the environment with Christmas-themed furniture, it’s time to get into the kitchen to brush up on some Christmas recipes. And certainly it will be enough to smell the sweet scent that will pervade the house from the oven to warm the atmosphere. Here are our tips and inspirations.

The gingerbread men

There is a perfume that contains all the memories and joy of the holidays, and it is that of ginger. Ginger biscuits, spiced herbal teas to sip wrapped in a blanket, candied ginger… How could Christmas be without the gingerbread men? When they start wandering around the house, served on a backsplash with tea or hung on the tree for decoration, it means that the time to celebrate is coming.

Dublino table Bontempi Casa
Dublino extendable table with steel structure and SuperCeramic top.

For the dough you need sugar, a pinch of salt, butter, an egg, flour, yeast and, of course, ginger and cinnamon, to be mixed until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous. The dough should be left to rest for 45 minutes before rolling it out on a lightly floured surface to obtain the men using cookie molds. The SuperCeramic tables are perfect for this purpose, because this exclusive Bontempi Casa material is durable, resistant, hygienic and non-toxic.

To make them more greedy, you can pass one side of each cookie in sugar so that it adheres and creates a delicious crust on the surface. As they bake in the oven for 15/20 minutes, the house will fill with the scent of your spiced cookies and Christmas will seem closer.

The plumcake for breakfast

A soft and delicious dessert to be enjoyed with a cup of latte, because breakfast is a special moment and during the holidays it is even more so. A very easy recipe to prepare, perfect for putting your hands in the dough without stress even if you are a beginner, or to involve even the little ones of the house and make them feel budding pastry chefs.

NATA stool
Nata stool with lacquered steel frame, fully padded shell covered in Mambo fabric with contrasting border.

A modern kitchen with a peninsula or central island and a simple recipe that does not require too much space on the worktop: here is the perfect mix! To prepare the plumcake, simply mix flour, sugar, yeast, milk (or a vegetable drink to make it suitable for everyone) and seed oil in a bowl. The planetary mixer or a food processor can be useful for having a well-blended dough, which can be enriched by adding chocolate chips and a teaspoon of cinnamon for a slightly spicy aroma, perfect for this period. Then, 45 minutes in the oven at 180 ° and that’s it. The hardest thing? Resist the temptation to sit on the kitchen stools and cut a slice just out of the oven…

The chocolate truffles

Thinking of the delicacies that we allow ourselves during the holidays, you certainly cannot miss it: Its Majesty the Chocolate. Among refined boxes of pralines with sparkling packaging, sweets covered with chocolate and many other goodies, why not try your hand at preparing home-made chocolates to accompany coffee?

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered steel top. Optional aluminum tray.

They are prepared as follows: break the chocolate (half dark and half milk) in a bowl with cream and butter, melt everything in a bain-marie and add some coffee, then let it cool and place in the refrigerator for about one hour and a half stirring occasionally. Shape the truffles with the help of a spoon, pass them in a deep plate of bitter cocoa, cover with plastic wrap and place them in the refrigerator until ready to serve – remembering to keep them at room temperature for 15/30 minutes beforehand to enjoy them at their best.

The Tiffany coffee table is a coffee table that seems to have been designed specifically for a coffee served to perfection in the living room. Its top is spacious enough to accommodate cups, sugar bowl and a tray of truffles or friandises, plus it comes with a matching tray (optional) to bring everything you need from the kitchen. A real touch of class to perfect the art of receiving, even if only for a few close friends.

A modern house always comes with a low table. It is usually placed in the centre of the living room, from where it highlights the surrounding pieces of furniture, thanks to its structure or colour. It’s indeed a protagonist of the living area, because it does not just perform practical functions, but clearly expresses the taste and attitude of those who choose it. There are no proper “style rules” valid for every house, except for looking carefully at proportions and functionality, so that the coffee table can be an ally of your daily life as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. There are no rules even when it comes to answering the question What to put on a coffee table? Books and magazines, cups of tea or coffee, wine bottles, flowerpots or other ornaments.

The low coffee table for reading

Without moving from your armchair, you can immerse yourself in reading a good book, and then take a nap placing the book on the low table, keep it close at hand and not lose the thread when you go back to reading.

Planet coffee table
Planet coffee table with structure and decorative details made in lacquered metal, adjustable glass top.

The living room is usually the main reading area of the house, you just need a comfortable armchair is and a small table next to it. With its two adjustable round shelves, Planet coffee table is the ideal low table for you to place the novel you love, but also a cup of tea or a snack – perfect companions for a reading. The three different models of Planet, available in a wide variety of finishes, can be combined as you wish to create versatile and functional solutions for any environment.

The low coffee table for cups of coffee

You know, coffee is not served at the table. At home, etiquette recommends serving it when guests get up from the dining table to move into the living room, sitting on the sofa and using a low table as a support.

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered metal top. Optional aluminium tray.

For the true coffee ritual lovers, there is Tiffany coffee table, equipped with a tray (that is optional) so you can bring everything you need everywhere you want. It can be the place for the coffee maker, cups and mocha spoons, sugar bowl and, for those who like it, milk or cream. The solid wood structure and the modern design are symbols of good manners and typical Italian craftsmanship, that never go out of style. Also, if a low table is called a coffee table, there must be a reason!

The modern coffee table with plants

For those who love nature and can boast a discreet green thumb, however, the coffee table cannot do without a flowery vase on it.

Millennium coffee table
Millennium coffee table with lacquered metal structure and scratch-resistant glass top.

The living area is perhaps the one where we spend more time, so being surrounded by plants or flowers can only be good for our mood. If you love glass or ceramic vases full of flowers as ornament, the ideal choice for you is to go for a coffee table with a top made of materials such as scratch-resistant crystal or lacquered metal. An example? Millennium coffee table, that has a modern design with crossed legs. It will indeed be a touch of beauty in your living room.

My plane got delayed. I am at the airport, looking for a captivating book that will keep me company during the journey. In the meantime, I call the hotel to advise of my arrival in the late afternoon. I can’t wait to rest, drink a glass of wine at the top floor Cafe – it’s so elegant.

I will move to the hotel’s coworking area tomorrow morning: last week I worked very well there, it is a large room illuminated by natural light and has interesting design lamps. There are many tables and the blue chairs are very comfortable.

Finally, we take off.

I enter the hall, my suitcases are taken to my room, while I go directly to the top floor. The bar is just as I remembered it: golden profiles, precious crystal glasses, comfortable upholstered seats that are covered in soft white velvet. I sip my glass of wine in peace. After all, it’s not bad at all to travel for work. But later I must prepare those documents for the presentation…


table and chairs
Vincent contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure, and Mood chairs, with lacquered metal structure, covered and upholstered with velvet

It’s 9 pm, dinner at the hotel has fully satisfied me. Time to get busy now…

Fortunately, there is room service, so here it is my hot black coffee. I sip it slowly and enjoy the view of the hotel over the city: moving lights, a lake, many buildings. It always relaxes me to work like this. I put the cup on the coffee table next to the sofa – I stroke its wooden surface. The brass-coloured lacquered metal structure is truly contemporary in taste.

coffe table Bontempi Casa
Alfred coffee table, lacquered metal structure, veneered wooden top

It’s morning. I always liked waking up to the light that comes in naturally, and the scent of clean, new, white and precious linen. Today’s presentation is ready, just a couple of details need to be defined, but I will do it after breakfast.

The hotel room used for breakfast is my favourite, indeed. There is a large window from where you can see the lake and the trees ahead. I take a seat right next to the window. In the room there are other business people, families and couples. Here is an orange juice and a soft croissant – that’s exactly what it takes to start the day just fine.

contract table and chairs
Club contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure and an Alucompact top; Mood chair with lacquered metal structure and polypropylene seat.

The meeting went well. I take a farewell drink at the bar on the top floor, I greet the staff whom I now know well. I read a few pages of the book I bought at the airport, comfortably seated on this cloud made of white velvet. Okay, off we go now. Till next week, my dear hotel.

After all, it’s not that bad to spend these days at home. We can definitely find some positive aspects in the invitation to remain home for stopping the health emergency related to Coronavirus. Bars and shops closed, offices turned their activities into smart working, streets became empty and silent. The daily frenzy is quickly forgotten, so it’s time to rediscover the pleasure of spending days at home and brushing up on those activities that you never find time for. Let’s keep a positive attitude!

Clara stools
Clara stools with metal structure, fully padded and upholstered shell, quilted backrest.

To start a day on the right foot, why not to choose a good healthy and slow breakfast? What for many is a pleasure on Sundays only can become a daily joy over this period. A good freshly squeezed orange juice, toasted and buttered bread or a slice of cake baked by yourself and your children… Isn’t your mouth already watering?

In the kitchen we can devote ourselves to all those recipes that satisfy the taste but require time and patience, or experiment by letting ourselves be inspired by blogs and magazines. Let’s whet our appetite with pictures, let’s put ourselves in the kitchen and don’t neglect the mise en place, so we’ll give a special flavour to every meal enjoyed at home. We can also keep the rituals of our social life by translating them into the domestic reality: we prepare a delicious aperitif and chat with friends over a video call, we prepare Sunday lunches and we share photos of our recipes in the family chat.

Artistico coffee table
Artistico coffee table with lacquered metal structure and wooden or crystal top.

Now that we can put aside the daily frenzy, it’s time to let our imagination run wild and maybe do some thinking. We can feed our thoughts with good readings: we can pick up all those books that have been waiting for us on the bedside table for months (if we really want to read them) or have fun with something lighter. To find inspiration, we could also take advantage of free time to tide up our bookcases: there are those grouping books by genre and those doing it in strict alphabetical order by title or author, but also those who arrange them by colour … What suits you best?

Lexington bookcase
Lexington bookcase with lacquered Metal frame.

Mens sana in corpore sano, the Latins used to say, and we should not forget it. Without going to the gym, we can keep working out in our living room. On Youtube there are many video tutorials with simple exercises to do at home even without specific tools, perhaps using a chair or the sofa (try and type “train on the sofa”, you will see). This can become a good habit to mark the days without getting bored.

Enea sideboard and Strega floor lamp
Enea sideboard made of lacquered wood and lacquered glass. Strega floor lamp with lacquered metal structure and fabric lampshade.

Another nice activity is tiding up the closets and preparing them for a seasonal change. We follow the advice of famous Marie Kondo or other experts, and we try to arrange clothes and accessories in the drawers of our sideboards in a different way: we could discover new ways to optimize space and refresh our wardrobe. Do you also see the first buds on the tree branches outside your windows? Spring is coming, let’s get ready!

There are design coffee tables made to support elegant collectibles, vases with flowers and other items picked to give personality to a living room. There are also coffee tables for sitting rooms that are perfect for routine objects without a proper place: magazines and newspapers, chocolates to be tasted at the right moment, TV’s remote control…
Also, their names evoke the coffee ritual – that shouldn’t be served at the kitchen table, but by moving to the living room with our guests. There is a perfect coffee table for every home, not only in the city, but on the beach and in the mountains, as well.

Coffee tables for the seaside house

Summer is coming to an end and our holidays with it, but we still have a heart full of good memories we had at the beach house, and we’re already getting a lot of swirling ideas in our head to make our special place on the beach even more beautiful next year. Why not beginning with a new coffee table?

Tao coffee table, lacquered metal structure.

As a sunbeam, Tao coffee table is a simple and versatile piece of furniture, suitable for several uses and that immediately gives joy to the environment. It’s great for having a refreshing drink or enjoying that book that we finally have time to read (and that goes from the beach to the living room) but also it’s for writing postcards to our friends and taking note of the deep thoughts the sea have us inspired with. Tao is available in two different sizes and many colours, and it fits several style combinations to meet everyone’s inspiration.

Coffee tables for the house in the city

Over the whole year in the city, the coffee table shows its versatility, and it’s used in different ways depending on the moment of the day and the time of the year. Magazine to flick through in your free time, an ice cream in front of the TV during summertime, or a cup of hot chocolate in winter: everything finds its own place thanks to the coffee table.

The ideal solution to meet our modern needs? A set of stackable coffee tables that can double the support surfaces and, when not needed, takes up a limited amount of space. Tokio coffee table is available in many sizes in order to create the perfect combination that is best for you and your environment. It has a minimal structure suitable for everyday objects and coffee table books – these are big, fancy and decorative books that can be considered part of the furniture, made to be flicked through and admired while sitting comfortably in the living room.


Tokio coffee table, structure made of lacquered metal with a crystal top.

Tiffany coffee table, structure in solid wood with a lacquered metal top. Optional aluminum tray.

Tiffany coffee table, instead, seems created for true coffee addicts. In fact, it comes with an optional aluminum tray to take cups, coffee maker and sugar bowl to the living room. Sit around this design coffee table, your guests can sip their coffee and enjoy the art of welcoming of their hosts.

Coffee tables for your mountain cottage

Thinking of a mountain lodge immediately makes us look forward to winter, to long treks, to breathing the crisp air at high altitude and family chats next to a crackling fireplace. And then, how long until Christmas?

Flexus coffee table, structure made in lacquered metal. Top is available in crystal, anti-scratch crystal and leather

The coffee table for your mountain house is a design piece that can be used to collect our finest liquors, the ones we hold on for special occasions such as a toast on New Year’s Eve. With its elegant lines and fine materials that characterize the top, the Flexus table is perfect for this environment.

The minimal-chic option that allows you to bring the practicality of a set of coffee tables to your mountain lodge is called Igloo. It is a glass coffee table available in two different sizes.  You can choose whether to place them next to each other or to stack them one on top of the other and use the second support surface only when needed.

Bridge-shaped coffee table made of curved crystal