An outdoor setting can become truly exclusive if one chooses quality furnishings that make it as attractive and liveable as and more than an indoor space. The privilege of outdoor living passes through the choice of ottomans and armchairs designed specifically for the outdoors: furniture made with fabrics and materials suitable for the weather. Functional, durable, flexible and design-oriented elements that combine aesthetics and practicality, with the aim of providing relaxation and comfort for guests and owners.

Outdoor ottomans and armchairs: tips and inspiration

First rule: indulge yourself, let yourself be stimulated by the great variety of existing models. Colour, modularity and comfort characterise all the outdoor collections, which include armchairs, ottomans and benches. Armchairs, in particular, are the indispensable element of an open-air living room that is both comfortable and elegant, so as to favour convivial occasions. To choose the best outdoor armchairs, it is essential to identify the correct proportions and symmetries that will enhance them within the available space. Ottomans, on the other hand, represent a quirk that communicates style and passion for design: the desire to complete the outdoors, filling any empty spaces with the originality and whimsy of a pouf. There are all kinds: colourful, small or oversized, with bold shapes, clean lines, geometric play and bold volumes.

Garden ottomans: advantages and disadvantages

The garden ottoman is a sophisticated and chic piece of outdoor furniture. In addition to being a comfortable seat, it can be used as storage and, if necessary, as a side table. Round or squarenowadays, all ottoman models are made of technical materials to last and withstand the elements. Obviously some materials, wood for example, are more fragile. While the models in metal or plastic perform better in the long run. The use of synthetic fibre is also interesting: woven plastics that recall rattan furniture but are more resistant to wear and tear over time.

Shapes and materials: classic and original ottomans

Garden ottomans are available in many types and sizes, starting with the iconic bean bag ottoman, with its classic, sinuous shape: it is the best known and most traditional model, the one that immediately springs to mind. It is a stable and voluminous beanbag, usually filled with EPS beads and lined with soft fabric to achieve a soft and elastic effect, which adapts perfectly to the shape of the person leaning on it. This type of beanbag ottoman is usually rather large and – to be suitable for outdoors – it must be covered with a waterproof fabric: certain models can also be offered at the seaside, even on the shoreline, as is often the case in luxury resorts. In this case, the fabrics must be water-repellent, UV-resistant and impervious to algae and fungi.
Among the most original ottomans, the rectangular ones are very much in vogue: they are also perfect for use as coffee tables. While round garden ottomans are ideal for creating lounge areas with individual seating, perhaps on a lawn.

How to choose outdoor chairs

Studied down to its tiniest detail, every garden, veranda, patio or pool can be transformed into an oasis of relaxation, where you can spend pleasant moments enjoying the outdoors. To achieve this, it is essential to have beautiful and comfortable chairs. They should also be sunlight resistant, easy to wash and weatherproof. Today’s trend in interior design is to maintain a certain continuity of style between the interior of a home and its exterior. For this reason, it is important to maintain a consistency of colour between interior and exterior and, if possible, continuity in terms of materials. Lately, plastic and wood have gradually been replaced by new solutions. Nowadays, iron and aluminium chairs are often chosen, made with specific techniques and covered with varnishes that guarantee greater resistance. In the case of large chairs that accommodate cushions, it is best to favour those made of textilene: a virtually indestructible synthetic fabric that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear and weather conditions. Alternatively, one can opt for batyline, a fabric that can counteract the effects of sunlight and moisture: water splashes are to be reckoned with (especially in poolside lounges). Among the outdoor chairs, Rocket by Bontempi deserves a mention for its design and practicality.

Rocket: sedia Bontempi Casa
Rocket: the chair designed by Bontempi casa

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