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It is not easy to find ideas for the living room that are valid, smart, functional, balanced and pleasant, in line with the decorative style of the whole house. The furnishing solutions available on the market are many, they are diversified for shape, color and size and, to obtain a homogeneous result, it is fundamental to choose the right combinations. For example, how to choose the living room table? How does it blend in with the furniture, the bookcase and the shelves in the room? Yes, because the living room table is nothing but the center and focal point of the whole environment. In order not to make a mistake but a well-thought and tasteful choice, we offer you advice on living room furnishings to be treasured during purchases.

Modern living room ideas: why it is important to have a tastefully furnished environment

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The living room is the most lived environment of the house, it is the room where guests are welcomed, where tea is served, a movie is watched and one relaxes on his own or in company. Each piece of furniture is chosen to integrate a part of the lifestyle that feels closer, nothing should be left to chance.

The living room table is therefore a cardinal piece of furniture for those who are furnishing their homes. But how to idee per soggiorno modernofind a way among the thousand ideas of modern living room? Bontempi’s proposals are varied, designed for every style and preference: the rectangular Millennium table is a real bridge on the future, an art object that lives in the room; it has a distinctive, solid trait that combines the contemporary nature of natural silver with the oak wood materiality. Ideal for a living room with a dark floor and exposed brick walls in shades of white / gray.

The Artistico table, on the other hand, has legs that look like a mixture of swords, that are the noble support for a masterpiece of elegance. Thanks to the precious modern and minimal glass top, this living room table assumes an identity that is suitable for any type of environment.

The Majesty table, on the other hand, is a mix of artfully designed asymmetries to surprise. The millimeter precision of laser-cut steel never bores, from any point of view. Combined with a rectangular or oval top, in wood or crystal, it becomes a real design object, with its own identity. The perfect choice for those who are furnishing a minimal living room in shapes and colors, and want to add a personal touch to the environment.

Living room furnishing advice: watch out for measurements

In the choice of furniture for the living room, and in particular the dining table, the first feature to keep in mind is idee per soggiornothe spaciousness of the environment. Global room measurements are crucial for furnishing, as every meter of space and every corner will become an integral part of the final result.
Being aware of the real size of a home environment allows you to take into account the colors in the choice of furniture: clear to enlarge, dark to focus attention; and the same goes for the soft and round shapes to lighten an angular space, and clearer and more geometric to give it personality.

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