My name is Amelia Manuela Persechino, aka Manuela Sunshine. I work in a showroom, I deal with sales and distribution for a fashion brand. I am divided between the office in Milan and my home, in the suburbs, in Corsico. But in my heart there is also London, where I lived for many years.

If you ask me “How is your home?”, I would answer “a construction site!” – I recently moved from a two-rooms apartment to a three-rooms apartment, with my partner Daniele. The house is slowly taking shape: the thing I like most is the terrace, where even my two beloved dogs – Jonathan and Tigrissa, both adopted from a dog shelter – can relax.

But my favourite room in the house is the living room: for me it must always be bright, spacious and have, in fact, a nice terrace from which to look out.

I love the living room of this new house to death because in my free time I lie down on the sofa, under a huge two-meter Kenzia that brightens up the space with its bright green shade, in front of the 50 inches TV screen on which I watch – in fact, I devour – travel documentaries and Netfilx. When I travel for work or pleasure, the sofa, the terrace and the bathtub are the things I miss most. After Jonathan and Tigrissa, of course.















In the entrance I have a large modern antique mirror, essential, with a wooden frame, and a small console where I leave the keys of the house and the leashes of my dogs. In the kitchen I have some Caltagirone pots, in which I put fresh flowers and also fruit, sometimes. In my bedroom, my favorite object is the Berber carpet: it reminds me of the idea of ​​openness to the world to which I fully adhere. Living room = light points, always. This is my house in a nutshell.

But not only. I am creating a workshop to give concrete space to my personal project called “Damelia”, for which I realize vintage inspired handmade dishes: I have already furnished a room of 25 square meters with a large desk, a MAC and some tools, like glue, plates, prints, everything you need to create dishes. Work in progress…


My work is my passion. But in my free time I listen to a lot of music, especially when I’m immersed in the bathtub, and then I browse through Skyskanner’s offers on a daily basis, because a trip is always a good choice.

My most important memories? They are related to my family: they are a bell and, even if I live in the North of Italy, I bring with me every piece of my Southern woman’s past. My home represents my aesthetic taste, I collect beautiful objects that I pick-up during my trips, and once I find a place for each one within the walls of the house, they convey a strong sense of well-being. It is not important to own them, but to be able to enjoy them.


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