Furnishing the living area always requires the utmost attention, even to the smallest detail. In addition to furnishing protagonists such as sofas, armchairs, tables and coffee tables, we must also pay attention to decorative elements that can give a decisive edge to our style of living: cushions, lamps, coffee tables and carpets.
Let us broaden our perspective and try to visualise the entirety of the living room, paying attention to all the furnishings, finishes and details that make it up. From this snapshot, we should perceive a space that is emotional, cosy and speaks of us: this is why it is not just a question of matching an armchair to a sofa, but goes far beyond that.
Let’s look at some useful tips to do our best.

Matching cushions to the sofa: the winning formulas

Cushions are a valuable accessory for all living areas because they can help brighten up any room and make it more dynamic. Combinations are endless, but let us start by choosing the direction:

  • Combine soft or pastel colours with brighter shades, as in the case of a Zenit Plus, a modular system in two versions, in grey with square and rectangular cushions tending towards orange or red
Divano Zenit Plus firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Zenit Plus Sofa
  • Tone on tone, but introducing the plots. This is the case with the Bonnie sofa, soft and sinuous, in the cream-coloured version and decorative cushions in geometric shapes and similar shades.
  • Choose the sharp contrast of shape, fabrics and colours, such as the two-seater sofa Antares  in green, combined with its own red ottoman, which echoes some square and rectangular cushions. Its compact design and stitching make it a modern yet undeniably elegant model: perfect for providing the broadest moments of relaxation.
Divano Antares firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Antares Sofa

Matching sofas and ottomans: how to choose the right one

If your intention is to create a sequence of references, every single element must be studied to perfection. An elegant and effective example may include the choice of a linear, neutral-coloured sofa such as the Dakota in grey,  tone-on-tone rectangular cushions and blue squares, which recall the colour of the Uchi ottomans and Badu placed around the sofa. Another idea that can add a special touch to any room is Pouffoso a simple and straightforward yet very elegant complement, perfect as a seat or simple decorative element in any room of the house.

Pouf Uchi firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Uchi ottoman

Bontempi Casa furnishing accessories are designed to create cosy atmospheres, with stylistic and conceptual references, contributing to the balance of all environments.

Divano Dakota firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Dakota Sofa

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