As in the greatest works of art, it is the details in furniture that make the difference. While style, colour and shape define a room, it is certainly the lighting that creates the atmosphere. Lamps, for example, have the power to give a unique touch of personality, but also to convey emotions and make the space more or less lively, cheerful or intimate. It is all a matter of choices that have to be carefully weighed against the desired result. Let’s see how.

Driving the choice of a lamp: what is the function of light?

Before thinking about the aesthetics and style of the lighting, it is necessary to define the function of the lamp and its context within the household. This is why it is useful to know that five different types of lighting can exist and co-exist in each single environment:

  • Natural lighting, which defines the amount of light present in a space during daylight hours
  • Ambient lighting, i.e. the ‘general’ and uniform light within a room
  • Task lighting, designed for specific functions such as reading or studying
  • Focal lighting to bring out particular details of the environment

Decorative lighting with a purely aesthetic function

All kinds of lamps to choose from

Once the function of the lamps is decided, it is time to move on to the choice of model. Obviously, in every context a consideration must be made as to the stylistic coherence of the environment, but it is easier to orient oneself once the main categories are defined: table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps, let’s see them one by one.

Table lamps

Usually these lamps are medium or small and contribute to both ambient and specific lighting. Depending on their position, table lamps can support different activities such as reading or simply create atmosphere and points of light.

In this sense, the Blow Lamp table lamp model of the Bontempi Casa line, proves to be perfect to elegantly enrich the living area, as well as the bedroom, thanks to the spectacular impact created by its crystal bubble. There is also a pendant version that possibly can create stylistic references in more spacious rooms, such as an open space. Other interesting models are Pop and Stone in blown glass, perfect for placing on a coffee table in the middle of the room or on a sideboard to create a soft atmosphere. 

Modello Blow: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua casa
Choose the Blow lamp by Bontempi casa

Floor lamps

Usually, lamps included in this category are extremely versatile models that can be placed in the corners of the living room or behind sofas to provide general lighting and give an extra touch to the living area.
In this case, the choice must reconcile aesthetics and functionality: the strong point of Circle, for example, is the scenic power. Thanks to its metal arc, it is able to frame the surrounding space, while at the same time illuminating large areas and creating suggestive atmospheres. Another model from the Bontempi Casa Line is Cloethe floor lamp with a lacquered steel base and pole and an adjustable arm that can be swivelled as required.

Modello Circle: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua casa
Choose the Circle lamp by Bontempi casa

Pendant Lamps

The pendant lamp category is the one that lends itself best to combining functionality with the most aesthetic requirements: there are many models and the wide range of options really allows you to furnish any room by only using light.
If, for example, the aim is to illuminate the dining table, then a model like Pandora is a perfect choice to give personality and light to the living area. If, on the other hand, you want to illuminate a large space and create plays of light, the Spark model is ideal for all rooms: from the living room to the bedroom.

Modello Pandora: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona giorno
Choose the Pandora lamp by Bontempi casa


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