Furnishing a house is an exciting experience that certainly requires a lot of energy, but it also returns a great degree of satisfaction. While it is true that the “Do It Yourself” trend is becoming increasingly popular in interior design, it is also well known that customisation of furniture is one of the key factors in current interior design. For this reason, thinking about home furniture in a fully independent way could be a great place to start, if you have the right tools.

Tips for furnishing your home virtually

Consider the space to be furnished

The first crucial question is: how big is the area to be furnished? It is precisely from the size of the space that we can begin to think about the required furniture, the style and the actual design in a practical way. There are, of course, standard modules that can help us in our choice, but basically there is no limit to customisation other than the walls of the house.

Make a list of furniture

Think back and write down a list of your must-haves: start with the kitchen, which is definitely the core of the house, and move through each room considering each piece of furniture and its functionality.

Define the style of the furniture

One of the most important things is the stylistic coherence of the rooms, which may have different inspirations, but must always maintain a constant theme. Even architects or designers always start from the end and therefore from an overall style and then study every single detail.

Configuratore mobili Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase

How to find inspiration: the Bontempi furniture configurator

Once you have defined the spaces, completed the list and chosen the style, it is time to put your ideas down on paper.

Of course, it is not so easy to imagine every single piece of furniture perfectly, but that is precisely why there are tools that can give us a realistic or at least a likely overall view.

The Bontempi Casa furniture configurator, for example, is perfect for customising furniture of all kinds: chairs, tables, sofas, bookcases or lamps.

With your furniture list in hand, customisation is very easy: for each piece of furniture, you can choose the colour, material, size, finish and much more.

This also applies to all those situations where the house does not have to be designed from scratch, but rather just needs a makeover or even a single piece of furniture to fit into an already defined environment. It is very common for people to struggle to visualise every single detail of their home, even though they have a clear idea of what they want.

Here the configurator offers the valuable possibility of creating a customised piece of furniture following your own style in detail: once you have chosen and configured all the products you need, you can download the project and discuss it with a dealer.

Furnishing your home virtually is not only a smart way to optimise time, but also to avoid making wrong choices.

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