Unalterable and long-lasting, scratch-resistant and resistant to external agents, eco-compatible and recyclable: ceramic is a natural material that has many useful qualities for the realization of furnishing accessories. SuperCeramic is an innovative material proposed by Bontempi Casa to raise the characteristics of traditional ceramics, making it the ideal material for making table and coffe table tops. It is declined in a color palette that starts from white and explores the shades of gray to anthracite. Its delicate texture satisfies the eye and can also be appreciated at the touch.

The characteristics of durability and inalterability of the SuperCeramic make the tables with top in this material suitable for every type of environment, from domestic spaces to those of offices and companies. The Genio table, with a SuperCeramic top resting on an aluminum structure, has geometric and rational lines perfect for a meeting room or a professional studio.

SuperCeramic is an absolutely hygienic and non-toxic material, therefore also suitable for kitchen tables. Water-repellent, oil-repellent and resistant to acids, the Dublino and Genio tables top is an ideal support surface on which to cook, or drink a cup of coffee (without fearing of any stains).

Dublino extendable table with steel structure and Super-ceramic top

Genio extendable table with Aluminum frame and SuperCeramic top.

Another feature of the SuperCeramic that appears evident when looking at the Genio and Dublino tables is the possibility of combining maximum strength and minimum thickness: the result is solid and compact tables, while maintaining a light and essential appearance, without the slightest impression of heaviness.

Dublino extendable table with steel structure and Super-ceramic top


Tokyo coffee table with lacquered steel structure and SuperCeramic top.

Another example of a furnishing accessory in SuperCeramic is the Tokyo coffee table. Minimalist and essential, it is available in six different sizes that can be overlapped and combined to meet every space requirement based on the occasion.

SuperCeramic is a modern, smart and eco-friendly choice because it is recyclable. Completing the furnishing of your home or office with tables and coffe tables with the surface in this exclusive Bontempi Casa material means making choices that will last over time, surrounding you with a simple and never banal elegance.

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