What was the artistic drive behind the creation of the Mirage table designed for Bontempi Casa?

I’ve always had a deep interest in contemporary art between the 60s and the 70s. It was the Materialism of those years that inspired me for the Mirage table. In particular, I studied Richard Serra’s work, an American artist of that period that used to work a lot with iron. So, I worked on the typical structures of iron bridges, mixing different styles such as the Bauhaus School’s.

Tell us more about shapes and lines of this table…

Its structure is solid and angular, and you can catch this by looking at it and touching it. In an era in which many designers work on soft circle shapes, I preferred the concept of solidity, composure, and minimalism. These are the same principles that guided me in the creation of Sveva chair as well, which is another piece of furnishing of the Bontempi Casa collection.

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