What was the artistic drive behind the creation of the Polo chair designed for Bontempi Casa?

Polo is inspired by the 50s fluid design. It’s a very consistent seat, it’s very cosy and soft.

What environments is it perfect for?

In the last few years, interest for interior design in the professional environment has grown a lot. That’s why the combination of materials and colours chosen for Polo chair is wide: the various mix of propylene, wood, stuffed fabrics and burlap, makes this chair a cool and young piece of furniture, perfect for either informal environments, homes, professional offices and the most luxurious studios.

Is Polo chair in line with the 2019 trends? If so, how?

The 2019 trends launch a very clear message: versatility. We created Polo chair starting from this concept, so the finishes are many and different, all customisable – from the model with wood seat, plastic back and simple metal structure, to the most luxurious one which has a soft stuffed seat and a wood structure. The colour palette is wide as well, it goes from warm and bright tints such as red, to more natural and neutral glows as wood tones, greys and turtle dove hue. The effect is an extreme versatility.

How shall we match Polo chair with other pieces of furniture?

Polo has a fluid and embracing shape, especially in the stuffed model. That’s why it perfectly matches with a wide living room, close to s comfortable sofa. Thanks to its rounded design, Polo chair makes versatile many spaces.

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