Good contract furniture is the best business card of every bar, restaurant and hotel that wants to leave a good memory to its customers. The tables, chairs and other accessories are essential to create the right atmosphere and attract potential customers through the windows or photos published online. For this reason, modern furniture companies such as Bontempi Casa have a contract division for the supply of furniture for public spaces. Each type of structure has very specific needs to be met with customized projects and products with attention to every detail.

To find the right contract furniture for your venue, you need to focus on the type of business you intend to run – a classic breakfast bar or one that focuses on lunch break, a refined or informal restaurant, a hotel with a cosmopolitan or more traditional atmosphere – and therefore the customers you want to attract. The choice of the furniture style, then, can arise from an inspiration, a mood, a film … and it will have to be transformed into a coherent and effective project. Much depends on personal taste and the image you want to give of your business, without losing sight of the comfort and the idea of ​​making customers feel at ease.

contract bar furniture
Mood chairs and stools with lacquered steel structure and polypropylene monocoque. Contract tables in lacquered steel.

Speaking of contract bar furniture, tables and chairs where customers sit for a coffee, lunch break or a drink with friends are the focal point in addition to the counter. The choice will be dictated not only by the style of the room, but also by its structure. It is important to consider the space available to place tables and chairs in a harmonious and rational way, taking care to allow freedom of movement even when the room is full. In a fairly large environment, differentiated areas can be created, linked by a common thread: a main area with contract tables and chairs that are easy to move, perhaps due to the arrival of a large group, a more secluded area with high tables and stools, a few seats near the counter and a relaxation area with armchairs.

Contract restaurant furniture
Ines chairs with lacquered steel structure for outdoor and padded cushion covered in outdoor fabric. Alter tables with base in lacquered steel for outdoor use and top in laminate and alucompact.

To furnish a restaurant, instead, it is better to focus on homogeneity by using a single type of seat and arranging contract tables of different sizes for couples, families and larger groups. When choosing, it is good to pay particular attention to the comfort of the chairs so that customers can enjoy your dishes regardless of the passage of time.

Finding a well-defined style and declining it in a homogeneous way in all areas of the structure is even more important in the case of contract hotel furniture. From the hall to the corridors that lead to the rooms, passing through the cafeteria, the restaurant and the other common areas, each room should transmit the same mood in a harmonious way. Because we know that every style of furniture evokes a world of different meanings, and that during the stay a hotel represents a second home for its guests.

contract hotel furniture
Pica sideboard with wooden structure. Long Island armchair with lacquered steel structure and shell upholstered in kvadrat coda fabric. Tower coffee table with lacquered steel structure and natural marble top.

Furthermore, every manager knows that good quality, modern and functional contract furniture is an investment that pays off over time. Design complements, elegant and capable of capturing attention, characterize the environment and make it stand out from the others. In addition, by choosing furniture made with durable and easy-to-maintain materials, that are not afraid of knocks or contact with food and detergents, you will not find yourself forced to replace too frequently contract tables and chairs. This will also facilitate the work of the staff, to the benefit of customer service – the most precious asset of any business.

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