They are Indispensable but also decidedly aesthetically impactful. It is this aspect that characterises the chairs in any high-end furnishing context. And out of the countless types of chairs that exist, the most comfortable are undoubtedly the upholstered ones. But how to find the right compromise between style and practicality? And is it better to choose classic upholstered chairs or  contemporary design models? When it comes to choosing upholstered chairs, the starting point is to think about where they will be placed and which is their function. The destination can be the most desperate: from the most classical, around the dining table, to the study, to the entrance hall and the bedroom. Another criterion not to be overlooked when choosing upholstered chairs is the combination with other furnishings, which becomes decisive if one decides to offer different types of seating in the same room.

Classic upholstered chairs: inspirations and ideas

Choosing upholstered chairs with a classic style is always a winning move: these are elegant furnishing complements, capable of embellishing the interior of homes and offices. Often, among classic upholstered chairs, one tends to prefer those covered in leather. It is no coincidence that these iconic solutions have always been included in the offering of the most sophisticated luxury brands and are often exhibited in modern art museums. The great variety of styles and formats allows access to a vast offer, which translates into infinite possibilities of use: classic upholstered chairs in fact also find a place in modern design environments, to create a contrast that is always fascinating.

Upholstered designer chairs: the latest trends

Designer upholstered chairs retain the advantage of being comfortable and cosy, while catching the eye with modern and innovative shapes, volumes, colours and materials. They are always made according to scrupulous ergonomic principles, but they do indulge in a few quirks: for example, the choice of acid and fluorescent colours, highly impactful patterns or the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate construction materials. If, then, by modern design furniture means minimalist style, the choice often falls on upholstered chairs in total white or with grey materials and finishesthat reproduce theconcrete effect.

Why buy elegant upholstered chairs

Some call them elegant upholstered chairs, but perhaps it would be more accurate to call them timeless. Those classic models that have made their aesthetic rigour a strength. Choosing this type of elegant upholstered chairs means going on the safe side: having the certainty of conferring prestige and authority to the environment you intend to furnish. Among the many models combining elegance and design, the Chantalcollection  by Bontempi stands out. This is a chair with a solid wood frame anda steel rodstructure. Conical section legs, swivel, with and without castors in lacquered aluminium.

Chantal: sedia imbottita Bontempi Casa
Chantal, the upholstered chair by Bontempi Casa

How to choose upholstered lounge chairs

When choosing upholstered chairs for the living room, it is a good idea to begin with an evaluation of the finishes and atmosphere that the room already expresses: so that there is a consistency of colour and finish. A very common solution is to place chairs with and without armrests side by side. In such cases, one generally leaves the two seats at the head of the table the armchair because it has more space available. The models with arms are also very convenient for increasing the number of seats in the conversation area when there are guests and perhaps the living room is not large enough to accommodate real fixed armchairs. Among the various models of upholstered lounge chairs made by Bontempi Drop stands out: it is elegant, functional and design-oriented.

Drop, sedia imbottita Bontempi Casa
Drop, the upholstered chair by Bontempi Casa

Upholstered kitchen chairs: guide to their selection

In order for an upholstered chair to be comfortable in the kitchen, one must immediately assess its dimensions in relation to the table it will be combined with. A space of about 30 cm between the seat and the underside of the table should be considered, and in the case of an upholstered seat, the height should be measured to ensure comfort both without, and with the weight of a person: this is how much the upholstery will be lowered. In addition to the height of the chair, the width and depth of the seat should also be checked: it would be unsightly to have chairs that protrude in an untidy manner or are too close together.

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