Christmas 2019, it’s time for family lunches and dinners. But how should you furnish a home with elegance and style, without making a room too crowded with objects or kitsch? The perfect Christmas decoration starts with the larger pieces of furniture: tables and chairs. Then you can move on to smaller items that will make a difference. But let’s go step by step.

In order to create a trés chic and orderly mise-en-place, it is essential to have a table with a large top and, at the same time, not blocking the passage. The Podium table, a classic of the Bontempi Casa family, is renewed for the occasion: the sturdy central cement base acquires charm with the Brass-coloured lacquer, and the fixed top, in a refined “Noir-Desir” SuperMarble, is large enough for accommodating up to 12 people. The solid structure comes without bulky legs and makes the Podium table ideal for a crowded living room: no guest will find itself stumbling and toppling their glass of Champagne on the carpet. Also, the precious finishing of the product makes for an element that is pleasing to the touch and to the eye, even if without a tablecloth.

As for the seats, the chairs around the table can become real Christmas decorations for your home. Just pick them in the right shades! Bontempi Casa recommends for the 2019 holidays season a variation of the red-Christmas theme: the colour of the year is Terracotta, so why not going for it?  Penelope chairs release positive energy from every strip of fabric. Covered in soft Terracotta coloured velvet, and with a very light structure in gold lacquered metal, they become part of the Christmas decor without “making too much noise”. They are simple, elegant, made with a contemporary taste and in line with the current trends, but at the same time, the warm colour reminds us of Christmas in an alternative way (but you can keep them all year-round).

An “additional” furnishing accessory that cannot be missing from your home during the holidays is the food trolley. A design object that we have taken from the salons of the 50s and that we have never let go. Chic food trolley by Bontempi Casa has a vintage soul but contemporary lines. It’s made in lacquered metal and equipped with small wheels, so it can be moved and cleaned easily. The glass shelves are refined and spacious: they can carry plates and glassware services from one room to another, but they also become original table tops for Christmas decorations such as spicy scented candles, coloured in silver or gold, red and white. Let’s always go for a few simple but polished Christmas decorations so that they will allow you to move freely between rooms and without the idea of being inundated by the surrounding objects.

What else feels like Christmas, without being kitschy? Pieces of furniture made in natural wood. Alfred coffee table by Bontempi Casa is an ideal solution to offer support to diners who are taking a break from lunch while sitting on the sofa. This discreet and space-saving coffee table warms up the atmosphere of the living room thanks to the rough surface of the wooden top. The style tip of Bontempi Casa is to place a typical wintery Christmas decoration on the wooden surface, possibly handmade, like a dry branch or leaves, with dried fruit, pinecones and dehydrated flowers. The effect is a corner of the house decorated for Christmas in a totally natural, alternative and definitely not tacky way. 

Last but not least: lights. A smart choice that warms up the atmosphere for the holidays, but that is perfect all year round, is a suspension lamp (it does not occupy the living space) like Gloria in its Brass finish. This refined colour reflects natural light very well and creates interesting reflections. Its structure allows a wide but modulated radiation: the room is warm and welcoming. Is there anything more magical?

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