In recent years, polypropylene chairs have become a popular option. The reason? First of all, they are made of a lightweight, yet durable and robust material that makes them a smart and durable choice. Secondly, the style and design of polypropylene chairs allow you to play with various colours that can bring vitality to indoor and outdoor environments.

All colours of polypropylene chairs

Colour, you know, is an extra touch for any environment where you want to convey energy and vitality. Opting for colourful furnishing accessories is, therefore, a good idea in any situation, especially if you have a wide range of offers available.
Bontempi Casa’s Contract line combines functionality and style in a collection that makes polypropylene its strong point, enhancing the different models with unique shades. Colours and design are therefore the key words to decorate all kinds of environments, let’s see how.

Furnishing spaces with coloured polypropylene chairs

Due to the great versatility of the material, polypropylene chairs are perfect for outdoor environments, both commercial and private, but also for indoor spaces such as kitchens and living areas.

Outdoor environments

When looking for solutions for outdoor environments such as restaurants, bars or terraces, polypropylene chairs are a perfect and highly functional solution . Stackable, stain-resistant and easy to maintain, these design objects are synonymous with quality and durability, available in different colours.
If the locations are poolside or with a sea view, the most popular colours are sugar paper blue or caramel, capable of enhancing the surroundings by consistency or contrast.
The Hidra model, for example, is an excellent choice for all those outdoor spaces looking for a versatile, practical and durable solution, without neglecting design.
Also Galaxy is an interesting model for outdoors: available with or without armrests, it is a perfect seat for furnishing informal environments with a wide range of colours ranging from white to black, passing through mustard yellow and sugar paper blue. The most original solution is to combine different colours to give the space a strong, striking personality.

Indoor environments

While the kitchen and living area are the rooms where colour is capable of totally transforming the space, they are also the areas where not only aesthetics can count, but also comfort and functionality.
The choice of chairs to match the dining table, for example, must be considered and studied to avoid uncomfortable situations, where the beauty of the design is not the only added value.
The colour of seats like Gipsy, whose integral structure is made of polypropylene and recyclable glass fibre, ranges from white, sand, lime yellow, turquoise, strawberry red, ultramarine blue and anthracite.
Another interesting model, with a more linear and formal design, is Eva: here customisation finds a wide range of scope thanks to the choice of lacquered steel frame and polypropylene backrest: white, sand, anthracite, light grey, powder blue, mustard yellow and caramel.

Modello Eva: la sedia Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona living
Choose the Eva chair by Bontempi casa

Why choose coloured polypropylene chairs?

When we speak of coloured polypropylene chairs, the only limit in the choice is that given by taste and imagination: thanks to the Contract Line of Bontempi Casa you are certain to opt for a product with a unique and particular design, with a guarantee of durability and functionality.

Modello Gipsy: la sedia Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona piscina
Choose the Gipsy chair by Bontempi casa

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