Marco Corti is a Milan-based designer and architect. He has a studio in Lugano and Singapore. His style is plain, elegant, essential and contemporary. Thanks to his several professional experiences abroad, with a number of major industrial design companies, Marco Corti becomes a visionary and experimental artisan. He approaches the product from a double point of view combining both functionality and the identity of the product itself.

It’s for these reasons that Bontempi Casa chose him for a collaboration to create a range of products of the #bontempideluxe collection, which has been presented at Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan.

We met him right there: he explained his attention to current events, news events and society, topics that inevitably contaminate the world of design. This is what makes him an artisan and a real and authentic artist. This is the exclusive interview of Marco Corti for Bontempi Casa at Salone del Mobile.

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