At Salone del Mobile 2018 Bontempi casa met Davide Casaccia, CEO of Studio Solido, an interior design brand born in 2005 based in Ancona, Italy, which is the same place where Bontempi Factory takes place. Bontempi’s collaboration with Davide Casaccia comes from a deep artistic synergy, that allow them to work together with the same planning point of view.

In fact, as much as Bontempi does, Davide Casaccia loves experimenting new materials which do not come from the interior design field, such as cement. So that, Mr. Casaccia and the Bontempi Team realized Magnum, an innovative table built with a cement basement. Also, Davide Casaccia realized Planet, a coffee table with an incorporated light, for the #BontempiDeluxe collection, presented at Salone del Mobile 2018.

The Bontempi Team interviewed him at Salone del Mobile. Mr. Casaccia describes the contemporary interior design styles, but also explains in details his ways to experiment different materials and how his products are made for a few uses. Although they are different from each other they can all coexist in harmony in the same home environment.

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