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When it comes to lighting design , the first spontaneous thought goes to an arched floor lamp. As the name suggests, arc lamps are distinguished by their long curved arm, also called a stem, often supported by a marble or metal base. An arched floor lamp embellishes the room, even when it is switched off: its timeless style goes well with a modern-inspired décor but also with a more classical ambience.

How to choose an arc floor lamp

The first, basic question to ask is: what kind of lighting does the room in which the lamp is to be placed require , or better still what kind of use is to be made of that roomArc floor lamps are in fact extremely versatile. Due to their size, design and features, they lend themselves to use in many different domestic and professional settings: next to a dining table or desk, next to a sofa or armchair, in a hallway, in a corner dedicated to relaxation and reading, in the bedroom and even in a large bathroom. Of course, each of these environments has specific lighting requirements. This leads to the choice of a particular model, to the detriment of another: with one or more stems, with one or more light points.

Lampada da terra ad arco Circle firmata Bontempi Casa
Circle, Arc-shaped floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

Arc floor lamp: aesthetics and functionality in perfect balance

An important factor in choosing an arc floor lamp is the possibility of customising it: for example, the lamp arm can be lengthened or shortened. And the lampshade can be tilted to direct the light beam in different directions. Floor arc lamps are a versatile option for illuminating rooms. This great flexibility makes them suitable for many lighting projects: in particular, they are perfect for illuminating a horizontal plane, be it a table or a seat.

Which model to choose from the many available.

The arched floor lamp is an iconic piece in the world of home interior design. This is precisely why it has often been reinterpreted by different generations of designers. The most classic model was created in the 1960s and basically consists of three elements: a marble base, a curved stem and a half-sphere-shaped lampshade. Arc lamps with three lights are also very popular: they have three stems and on each one is fixed a point of light, which can be switched on individually. Over the years, experimentation has led to more extreme design models. Among these, the arched floor lamp Circle stands out for its elegance, originality and character .

 Circle, Lampada da terra ad arco
Circle by Bontempi Casa is the new arched floor lamp

Arc floor lamp: height, half beauty

When you choose an arc floor lamp, you do so to create a sophisticated ambience and enjoy a variety of atmospheres. A decisive factor to consider when choosing, is the height of the lamp: the height defines how the light will be distributed in the room. The ideal height of an arched floor lamp from the ground varies between 170 and 210 cm. Much depends on the usage scenario: for example, if you want the light beam to illuminate a dining table, you will naturally have to opt for the taller model.

Why buy an arc floor lamp?

An arched floor lamp creates atmosphere. Immediately, it gives warmth and harmony to the room in which it is located.

An arc floor lamp is great for reading, working and studying, having your desk well lit without the clutter of a desk lamp.

An arched floor lamp is a highly decorative design point of light. Available in many models, colours and materials.

When furnishing a home or professional environment, the choice of table often makes all the difference. More than any other element, the table must combine aesthetics and functionality. This is why those who want a prestigious solution opt for a solid wood table.

Imperial, tavolo in legno massello Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa solid wood table

Why choose a solid wood table

It is a material of great value, with a strong aesthetic impact and at the same time robust, durable and resistant.

In general, it requires little maintenance: it simply needs to be treated with products such as nutritive and protective waxes.

It comes in a wide variety of colour shades, depending on which tree it comes from. And it fits perfectly into any environment, from the most modern to the most rustic.

What is a solid wood table

Solid wood is timber that is milled directly from trees, unlike others such as plywood, medium-density fibreboard or veneers, which are made from composite materials instead.

No fillers or adhesives are used, solid wood contains original wood fibres: this makes solid wood tables solid and aesthetically pleasing.

Solid wood tables: which furniture elements to combine?

Vintage-style romms,country-inspired furniture: obviously, a solid wood table is perfectly at home in these contexts. But it is not the only possibility of use. The solid wood table is often chosen to embellish, as a contrast, an industrial-style environment: among metal, iron, aluminium and steel, the story of a wood with its relief grain stands out. Similarly, to create an interesting and pleasing contrast, solid wood tables are often proposed together with minimal, cold, ultra-modern furnishing accessories. This versatility is evident in the Bridge table model, an emblem of absolute design that can embrace any furnishing style.

Bridge, tavolo in legno massello Bontempi Casa
Bridge table, the solid wood table by Bontempi Casa

Which wood to choose for your solid wood table

If you buy a solid wood table with the idea of using it continuously, it is best to go for hardwoods: for example, oak and birch. If you want to aim for maximum hardness, then mahogany and ebony should be chosen, while softer ones such as spruce and pine should be avoided. For possible outdoor use, it is advisable to opt for oak, olive, teak and chestnut, which have a natural tendency to withstand the elements. If, on the other hand, the basic choice stems from colour requirements, the palette of colours offered by solid wood is really wide. In general, pear, fir and larch should be considered among the light-coloured ones. Among the dark ones are chestnut, walnut and ebony, and various shades of brown and red, such as oak, cherry and elm.

All the secrets of the solid wood table: shapes, spaces and volumes

If you are going to buy a solid wood table, first of all the dimensions of the room should be assessed: ideally, you should consider 80 centimetres from the wall and at least five feet from the passage area. Of course, if space is limited, an extendable table can be considered. Another parameter to consider is height: the recommended one is 70-80 centimetres, while a space between 50 and 60 centimetres wide must be ensured for each person. These considerations determine the choice of table shape: square ones are more practical, creating visual rigour, with their sides that can be placed parallel to the walls. Circular tables, on the other hand, stand out more in the room, but shorten distances and erase seating hierarchies. The oval shape is interesting, creating a compromise between ease of placement in the room and conviviality.

The furnishing of bars, restaurants and venues of all kinds cannot do without a style that is studied and planned down to the smallest detail.
Seats play a decisive role in these projects : they are the first complement that catches the eye, they require particular comfort, they must be robust and hard-wearing if positioned outdoors, and they must remain consistent with the style of the entire room.

Contract chairs for outdoor restaurants

When it comes to an open-air veranda or restaurant, perhaps with a beautiful view of the sea, the factors to take into account are: resistance to wear and tear and the signs of time, practicality and robustness.
Hidra chairs, for example, have an integral structure in Polypropylene and Fibre Glass , making them particularly resistant and suitable for all types of outdoor furniture. Their sinuous, rounded shapes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to the room, while the variety of colours gives the green light for possible contrast or balance with the surroundings, opening the door to the imagination.

Sedia Hidra Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Hidra Outdoor Chair

Another good example, perhaps for a poolside location, is the Gispy model a jaunty, stackable seat available with or without armrests, a passe-partout for any environment, both outdoors and indoors, available in a wide range of colours from yellow to blue.

Sedia Gipsy Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Gipsy Outdoor Chair

For locations of a certain level, the perfect model designed by Bontempi Casa is instead Freak a seat that was created as an elegant and functional design object thanks to the design of lines that follow a light and precious geometry.  The extra tip? Also include its cushion that is designed to provide timeless comfort.

Sedia Freak firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Freak Chair

Contract chairs for restaurants and indoor bars

The style of a venue, whatever it is, must be able to give the right impression to the customer right away: this is where a key factor comes into play, namely style. Sometimes, many restaurants begin to furnish their spaces starting from the chairs: there are  furnishing complements capable of setting the tone for the entire surrounding context.

The Shark seat by Bontempi Casa, for example, is a model suitable for modern, sophisticated restaurants that want to distinguish themselves with elegance, thanks to its curved shape and backrest with an oval opening that gives the seat a distinctive character.

Another fine chair in the Bontempi Casa line is Suri a model capable of adapting as much to its environment as to the body which sits on it. This model encapsulates all of Bontempi Casa’s innovation and progress, adapting perfectly to residential, home office, lounge and contract environments. 

For those looking to indulge a nostalgic mood, while leaving room for timeless elegance, Clara is the perfect choice a classic style that creates a seat with a sophisticated character, with a quilted backrest and a wide choice of upholstery.

Bontempi Casa’s Contract Collection is designed to provide a wide range of attractive solutions for premises of all kinds, always offering the highest Made in Italy quality.

The season is here and what better time to make your terrace a pleasant place to retreat to and enjoy the outdoors? Furnishing an outdoor space , no matter how large or small, may seem like a simple task, but the reality is different: just placing a table and a few chairs is not enough to create the right atmosphere, there is much more.
Size, aesthetic tastes and stylistic combinations are the crucial factors for a remarkable outdoor furniture.

Furnishing a small terrace

Who says that outdoor spaces have to be large and boundless? Even a small terrace can provide incredible atmospheres if studied in detail. First of all, it is important to prioritise space-saving and functional furniture: choose folding chairs such as the Pocket model, made of polypropylene and available in different colours, together with ottomans and side tables placed in the corners of the area can be an optimal strategy to make the most of space.

Furnishing a large terrace

Although it seems simpler to think of filling the outdoor space with many furnishings, stylistic inconsistency is always lurking, because the more options available, the greater the chance of making mistakes. When furnishing a large terrace , it is preferable to start with the ‘star’ accessory in order to build the rest around it. For example, a covered pergola can be arranged around a table such as Diesis in white, enhanced by the Ines chairs perfect for creating a convivial area for lunch or dinner.

Sedia Ines Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Ines Outdoor Chair

Furnishing poolside areas

A relaxation area to fully enjoy the fine weather is one of the most popular solutions of the moment. A poolside area, whether overlooking a lawn or with paving of any kind, can be structured with a few simple decorative elements that can make all the difference.
The Mood chairs by Bontempi Casa, for example, comfortable and functional in polypropylene, are perfect when combined with furnishing accessories such as Pattern  a small table or ottoman that serves also as a lacquered steel magazine rack.

Sedia Mood Outdoor firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Ines Outdoor Chair

Furnishing the living area always requires the utmost attention, even to the smallest detail. In addition to furnishing protagonists such as sofas, armchairs, tables and coffee tables, we must also pay attention to decorative elements that can give a decisive edge to our style of living: cushions, lamps, coffee tables and carpets.
Let us broaden our perspective and try to visualise the entirety of the living room, paying attention to all the furnishings, finishes and details that make it up. From this snapshot, we should perceive a space that is emotional, cosy and speaks of us: this is why it is not just a question of matching an armchair to a sofa, but goes far beyond that.
Let’s look at some useful tips to do our best.

Matching cushions to the sofa: the winning formulas

Cushions are a valuable accessory for all living areas because they can help brighten up any room and make it more dynamic. Combinations are endless, but let us start by choosing the direction:

  • Combine soft or pastel colours with brighter shades, as in the case of a Zenit Plus, a modular system in two versions, in grey with square and rectangular cushions tending towards orange or red
Divano Zenit Plus firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Zenit Plus Sofa
  • Tone on tone, but introducing the plots. This is the case with the Bonnie sofa, soft and sinuous, in the cream-coloured version and decorative cushions in geometric shapes and similar shades.
  • Choose the sharp contrast of shape, fabrics and colours, such as the two-seater sofa Antares  in green, combined with its own red ottoman, which echoes some square and rectangular cushions. Its compact design and stitching make it a modern yet undeniably elegant model: perfect for providing the broadest moments of relaxation.
Divano Antares firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Antares Sofa

Matching sofas and ottomans: how to choose the right one

If your intention is to create a sequence of references, every single element must be studied to perfection. An elegant and effective example may include the choice of a linear, neutral-coloured sofa such as the Dakota in grey,  tone-on-tone rectangular cushions and blue squares, which recall the colour of the Uchi ottomans and Badu placed around the sofa. Another idea that can add a special touch to any room is Pouffoso a simple and straightforward yet very elegant complement, perfect as a seat or simple decorative element in any room of the house.

Pouf Uchi firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Uchi ottoman

Bontempi Casa furnishing accessories are designed to create cosy atmospheres, with stylistic and conceptual references, contributing to the balance of all environments.

Divano Dakota firmato Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Dakota Sofa

As we know perfectly well by now, the lighting in a room plays a key role in creating atmosphere, but there is much more to it than that. Table lamps, being smaller in size than chandeliers and main lamps, help to enhance the ‘mood’ of a room by giving it a special touch in terms of style. What should not be underestimated, in fact, is that designer table lamps, in addition to their primary function related to lighting, are also decorative objects that contribute to the furnishing of a room. How, then?

Here are three fundamental questions to ask yourself before choosing a table lamp.

What will your table lamp be used for?

One of the most frequent mistakes when choosing a lighting source is not to consider its intended use in the first place. If we think only of aesthetics, our choice may not be totally correct or functional.

The best places to place a table lamp are:

  • Coffee tables
  • Consoles
  • Bedside tables
  • Bedrooms
  • Lounges
  • Offices
  • Dining rooms

In the sleeping area, for example, table lamps can be used for reading and help to make the room cosier, but also functional for the activities taking place inside. A desk or office lamp, on the other hand, should be one of the most important sources of lighting to allow concentration and work.

As for other rooms where several light sources already exist, such as the living or dining area, the introduction of some table lamps is a choice to give more flexibility and character to the room. A versatile choice in this respect could be Stone model by Bontempi Casa that combines practicality and design.

Lampada da tavolo Stone firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Stone table lamp

What are the right dimensions for your table lamp?

Another of the most common mistakes made during the decision-making phase concerns size: a table lamp that is too large may be elegant and attract attention, but leaves no room, for example, to place a book or a cup of coffee, thus losing its usefulness and becoming an obstacle. Table lamps have specific measurements, as they are designed to be placed on shelves and ledges and not on the floor. Its height should be proportionate to the table or coffee table, rather than the desk or bedside table on which they will be placed.

For example, Pop lamp by Bontempi is a glass furnishing accessory that is perfect for placing on bedside tables in sleeping areas, enhancing a setting with great charm.

Which designer table lamp to choose?

The beauty of table lamps lies in their ability to change the entire perception of a room. In fact, there are some furnishing accessories that can combine art and functionality, adapting to any purpose. An example is the Blow Lamp table lamp collection by Bontempi Casa, made of glass with sinuous lines and dimensions that adapt to living contexts, from the living area to the study.

Lampada da tavolo Blow firmata Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa – Blow table lamp

The Bontempi Casa lighting line is designed to meet the most diverse aesthetic requirements, guaranteeing the utmost excellence in terms of design and technical innovation for each lamp.

Some time ago we had the opportunity to focus on the importance of good lighting and the various types of light that every room needs. Today we are talking about a category that offers many design solutions that are functional and aesthetically suitable for different types of environments: floor lamps.
All these lamps basically have a very similar layout: a sturdy base resting on the floor, a tall stem extending from the base and a light that can be direct or diffused. What changes in these models is definitely their style, each with its own unique advantages.

Circle: arched floor lamp

In contrast to normal floor lamps that, although slender, retain a certain static character, arc lamps are very elegant and manage to bring versatility and dynamism to spaces. An excellent example is the Circle model: an arc-shaped floor lamp with great scenic impact: its metal arc set in a concrete sphere makes it almost an art object, a sculpture that can frame different spaces in the home with a variety of functions. Indeed, Circle is perfect for lighting the living area if placed in the corner of a living room or behind the sofa, but it also becomes an excellent source of direct light on the dining table, as well as in a study or office or meeting room with a table in the middle.

Modello Circle: Lampada da terra ad arco Bontempi Casa
Circle floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

Cloe: floor lamp with arm

The design of floor lamps with a swivelling arm is certainly very convenient, as it allows the position of the light to be varied according to the needs of the moment without too many limitations. The dining room is one of the areas where these models are most popular, but for the living area a floor lamp of this kind is also very useful.
Cloe is a floor lamp by Bontempi Casa, adjustable, with a structure composed of a lacquered steel base and a swivelling arm available in various lacquered aluminium finishes and colours. In addition, the fabric lampshade is a plus point for further customisation.

Modello Cloe: Lampada da terra Bontempi Casa
Cloe floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

Furnishing one’s home, besides being a dream come true, is also a very serious project that requires a lot of energy.
When starting from scratch, in fact, there are many spaces to be filled and imagination must be able to help us in creating a coherent, impactful style that reflects our needs. This is why it is often much more convenient to trust a single partner for the complete furnishing of one’s home, because they are able to offer different proposals from which to indulge in style choices, while remaining consistent with one’s design.

Complete furniture for the living are

If there is an area that can be defined as the centre of any home, it is certainly the living area, which, with furnishing complements such as the sofa is able to give a strong and clear personality to the entire environment.
For example, choosing an important sofa like Bonnie is an excellent starting point for furnishing the living area with elements that create harmony and style references. The corner model with chaise longue adds value by creating a perfect balance between form and structure: the addition of a small table with a crystal top and rose gold frame such as Loop, on the other hand, further embellishes the environment.
To complete the frame of this area, one can opt for a round table such as Fusion with the same rose gold structure and a super marble top.

Modello Bonnie: il divano Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona living
Choose the Bonnie sofa by Bontempi casa

Living area: choosing complete furnishings

In any living area, the pillar is the table: a symbol of conviviality and the meeting place of any family, it has a key importance in the personality of the entire space.
At first sight, the complete furniture of a living area must convey balance, be cosy and inviting. For example, the choice of combining Millennium, a fixed table with a rose gold frame and super marble top, to the Drop chairs that take up the structure and colour of the cladding, allows you to give personality to the room by creating very strong style references in which the thread is rose gold.
Of the same material are the Charlotte wall-mounted bookcases that establish a well-defined style in the complete furnishing of this room.

Modello Millennium: il tavolo Bontempi Casa
the Bontempi Casa table to furnish your living area

Fully furnishing the office

With smart working and remote working, study and work areas must also find their proper place in a home. This is why choosing complete furniture in these situations is not only a smart option, but also a guarantee of functionality and aesthetics.
Certainly activities of this kind require comfortable and spacious worktops, such as Mirage: the fixed or extendable table from the Bontempi Casa line with a modern design and extremely refined taste. Seating is another crucial point in the complete furnishing of a work area: it must be comfortable, in keeping with the overall style and very practical. The choice of models such as Chantal is definitely a guarantee of style and functionality.
In a space like this, it also goes without saying that lighting is one of the most important priorities, which is why floor lamps capable of diffusing the right light are a must. Circle is a perfect option for giving the room the right amount of elegance and properly illuminating the most important points.

Modello Circle: Lampada da terra ad arco Bontempi Casa
Circle floor lamp by Bontempi Casa

In recent years, polypropylene chairs have become a popular option. The reason? First of all, they are made of a lightweight, yet durable and robust material that makes them a smart and durable choice. Secondly, the style and design of polypropylene chairs allow you to play with various colours that can bring vitality to indoor and outdoor environments.

All colours of polypropylene chairs

Colour, you know, is an extra touch for any environment where you want to convey energy and vitality. Opting for colourful furnishing accessories is, therefore, a good idea in any situation, especially if you have a wide range of offers available.
Bontempi Casa’s Contract line combines functionality and style in a collection that makes polypropylene its strong point, enhancing the different models with unique shades. Colours and design are therefore the key words to decorate all kinds of environments, let’s see how.

Furnishing spaces with coloured polypropylene chairs

Due to the great versatility of the material, polypropylene chairs are perfect for outdoor environments, both commercial and private, but also for indoor spaces such as kitchens and living areas.

Outdoor environments

When looking for solutions for outdoor environments such as restaurants, bars or terraces, polypropylene chairs are a perfect and highly functional solution . Stackable, stain-resistant and easy to maintain, these design objects are synonymous with quality and durability, available in different colours.
If the locations are poolside or with a sea view, the most popular colours are sugar paper blue or caramel, capable of enhancing the surroundings by consistency or contrast.
The Hidra model, for example, is an excellent choice for all those outdoor spaces looking for a versatile, practical and durable solution, without neglecting design.
Also Galaxy is an interesting model for outdoors: available with or without armrests, it is a perfect seat for furnishing informal environments with a wide range of colours ranging from white to black, passing through mustard yellow and sugar paper blue. The most original solution is to combine different colours to give the space a strong, striking personality.

Indoor environments

While the kitchen and living area are the rooms where colour is capable of totally transforming the space, they are also the areas where not only aesthetics can count, but also comfort and functionality.
The choice of chairs to match the dining table, for example, must be considered and studied to avoid uncomfortable situations, where the beauty of the design is not the only added value.
The colour of seats like Gipsy, whose integral structure is made of polypropylene and recyclable glass fibre, ranges from white, sand, lime yellow, turquoise, strawberry red, ultramarine blue and anthracite.
Another interesting model, with a more linear and formal design, is Eva: here customisation finds a wide range of scope thanks to the choice of lacquered steel frame and polypropylene backrest: white, sand, anthracite, light grey, powder blue, mustard yellow and caramel.

Modello Eva: la sedia Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona living
Choose the Eva chair by Bontempi casa

Why choose coloured polypropylene chairs?

When we speak of coloured polypropylene chairs, the only limit in the choice is that given by taste and imagination: thanks to the Contract Line of Bontempi Casa you are certain to opt for a product with a unique and particular design, with a guarantee of durability and functionality.

Modello Gipsy: la sedia Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona piscina
Choose the Gipsy chair by Bontempi casa

As in the greatest works of art, it is the details in furniture that make the difference. While style, colour and shape define a room, it is certainly the lighting that creates the atmosphere. Lamps, for example, have the power to give a unique touch of personality, but also to convey emotions and make the space more or less lively, cheerful or intimate. It is all a matter of choices that have to be carefully weighed against the desired result. Let’s see how.

Driving the choice of a lamp: what is the function of light?

Before thinking about the aesthetics and style of the lighting, it is necessary to define the function of the lamp and its context within the household. This is why it is useful to know that five different types of lighting can exist and co-exist in each single environment:

  • Natural lighting, which defines the amount of light present in a space during daylight hours
  • Ambient lighting, i.e. the ‘general’ and uniform light within a room
  • Task lighting, designed for specific functions such as reading or studying
  • Focal lighting to bring out particular details of the environment

Decorative lighting with a purely aesthetic function

All kinds of lamps to choose from

Once the function of the lamps is decided, it is time to move on to the choice of model. Obviously, in every context a consideration must be made as to the stylistic coherence of the environment, but it is easier to orient oneself once the main categories are defined: table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps, let’s see them one by one.

Table lamps

Usually these lamps are medium or small and contribute to both ambient and specific lighting. Depending on their position, table lamps can support different activities such as reading or simply create atmosphere and points of light.

In this sense, the Blow Lamp table lamp model of the Bontempi Casa line, proves to be perfect to elegantly enrich the living area, as well as the bedroom, thanks to the spectacular impact created by its crystal bubble. There is also a pendant version that possibly can create stylistic references in more spacious rooms, such as an open space. Other interesting models are Pop and Stone in blown glass, perfect for placing on a coffee table in the middle of the room or on a sideboard to create a soft atmosphere. 

Modello Blow: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua casa
Choose the Blow lamp by Bontempi casa

Floor lamps

Usually, lamps included in this category are extremely versatile models that can be placed in the corners of the living room or behind sofas to provide general lighting and give an extra touch to the living area.
In this case, the choice must reconcile aesthetics and functionality: the strong point of Circle, for example, is the scenic power. Thanks to its metal arc, it is able to frame the surrounding space, while at the same time illuminating large areas and creating suggestive atmospheres. Another model from the Bontempi Casa Line is Cloethe floor lamp with a lacquered steel base and pole and an adjustable arm that can be swivelled as required.

Modello Circle: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua casa
Choose the Circle lamp by Bontempi casa

Pendant Lamps

The pendant lamp category is the one that lends itself best to combining functionality with the most aesthetic requirements: there are many models and the wide range of options really allows you to furnish any room by only using light.
If, for example, the aim is to illuminate the dining table, then a model like Pandora is a perfect choice to give personality and light to the living area. If, on the other hand, you want to illuminate a large space and create plays of light, the Spark model is ideal for all rooms: from the living room to the bedroom.

Modello Pandora: la lampada Bontempi Casa per arredare la tua zona giorno
Choose the Pandora lamp by Bontempi casa