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Furnishing a house is an exciting experience that certainly requires a lot of energy, but it also returns a great degree of satisfaction. While it is true that the “Do It Yourself” trend is becoming increasingly popular in interior design, it is also well known that customisation of furniture is one of the key factors in current interior design. For this reason, thinking about home furniture in a fully independent way could be a great place to start, if you have the right tools.

Tips for furnishing your home virtually

Consider the space to be furnished

The first crucial question is: how big is the area to be furnished? It is precisely from the size of the space that we can begin to think about the required furniture, the style and the actual design in a practical way. There are, of course, standard modules that can help us in our choice, but basically there is no limit to customisation other than the walls of the house.

Make a list of furniture

Think back and write down a list of your must-haves: start with the kitchen, which is definitely the core of the house, and move through each room considering each piece of furniture and its functionality.

Define the style of the furniture

One of the most important things is the stylistic coherence of the rooms, which may have different inspirations, but must always maintain a constant theme. Even architects or designers always start from the end and therefore from an overall style and then study every single detail.

Configuratore mobili Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase

How to find inspiration: the Bontempi furniture configurator

Once you have defined the spaces, completed the list and chosen the style, it is time to put your ideas down on paper.

Of course, it is not so easy to imagine every single piece of furniture perfectly, but that is precisely why there are tools that can give us a realistic or at least a likely overall view.

The Bontempi Casa furniture configurator, for example, is perfect for customising furniture of all kinds: chairs, tables, sofas, bookcases or lamps.

With your furniture list in hand, customisation is very easy: for each piece of furniture, you can choose the colour, material, size, finish and much more.

This also applies to all those situations where the house does not have to be designed from scratch, but rather just needs a makeover or even a single piece of furniture to fit into an already defined environment. It is very common for people to struggle to visualise every single detail of their home, even though they have a clear idea of what they want.

Here the configurator offers the valuable possibility of creating a customised piece of furniture following your own style in detail: once you have chosen and configured all the products you need, you can download the project and discuss it with a dealer.

Furnishing your home virtually is not only a smart way to optimise time, but also to avoid making wrong choices.

Arredare casa con il configuratore Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Pica sideboard


When deciding to furnish your living area there are many choices to be made and none to be underestimated, especially when it comes to tables and chairs: the pair of pivotal elements of Italian tradition that refer to conviviality and the beauty of sharing special moments, finding their greatest expression in Made in Italy design , as in the Bontempi Casa line. Matching these elements does not impose any specific rules, but leads to great doubts to be solved: the three possible ways that we have identified for the best combination of tables and chairs are the following:

  • Colour matching
  • Material matching
  • Style matching

Let’s take a step-by-step look at some useful tips and tricks for an optimal result.

Matching colours for tables and chairs

In terms of colour, current trends seem to favour diversity and customisation of combinations, moving away from the concept of “right” in the absolute sense and aiming for the winning choice that reflects the personality, soul and colour of the person who is furnishing the home.

Solid colour table and chairs

The monochromatic matching of tables and chairs is a classic and elegant choice, safe and stylistically consistent. We may play with styles in a mix & match perspective to give dynamism and personality to the space.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: a dining room with an Imperial table with an elliptical solid wood top and Sally chairs in mud colour with contrasting ecru stitching.

Coloured table and chairs

Furnishing accessories such as tables and chairs are the ideal occasion to bring a bit of colour to the environment and give it a strong identity: whatever the style, from classic to modern, colour always finds a place in convivial areas, so the combination of different colours, above all with regard to chairs, is an original and impactful choice.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: mix&match of Chantal chairs with solid wood frame and leatherette seat in red, blue, yellow or beige and Delta table.

The material choice of tables and chairs

When furnishing large spaces, what needs to be kept in mind is the impact that the material of the furnishing accessories has on the overall view, let’s take a look at the different types.

Glass table chairs

A symbol of refinement and elegance, a glass table evokes a modern and minimalist style, the combination of which can be studied according to the finishes: modern, wood, metal or matching, looking for the colour most in harmony with the shade of the glass.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: Bridge table with glass top and Mood chairs with green leather upholstery.

Tavoli in vetro e sedie abbinate Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Bridge Glass Table

Chairs for wooden table

For lovers of “natural vibes” a combination of wooden tables and chairs is an irresistible appeal, but there is also the possibility of matching the two complements according to the material of the structure.

Advice from Bontempi Casa: Bridge  table in solid wood and black steel base with  Spark chairs that reflect its material structure.

Tavoli e sedie Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Bridge Table

Marble table chairs

A timeless material of undisputed elegance: marble always has an important impact in the home and, like all icons, everybody must pay respect to it.

The advice of Bontempi Casa is to choose chairs that give the right emphasis to the material, maybe by opting for a colour that matches the veining of the marble or that is in sharp contrast, as in the case of a Barone table with marble top combined with Chantal chairs in grape red velvet.

The style of tables and chairs

The first question to ask is: what style do we want for our environment?
This third way sums up the previous two, giving a definitive direction to the choice of combination for tables and chairs with three possibilities:

–       Stylistic consistency
–       Mix&Match
–       Sharp contrast

Any of these ways is based on the choice of materials and colours to give a strong identity to the area to be furnished: the line of Bontempi Casa chairs and tables offers all possibilities, giving ample space to creativity, guaranteed by the Made in Italy quality.

Sedie Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Margot Chair


The living area is one of the most important places of any house, because it means relax and sharing, a true peaceful corner to be furnished with care.

This is why choosing a sofa capable of enhancing your living room is an important step to which the utmost attention must be paid: if it is true, in fact, that this has become th undisputed main player of the living area, it is also true that choosing between different sofa models is not an easy task.

A model of sofa for each single requirement

Before making any choice, there are a few key factors to bear in mind that can guide us in our preferences, for example:

  •       The size of the living room
  •       The number of people living in the house
  •       The intended use of the sofa
  •       Comfort, practicality and durability
  •       the style of the entire living area

Personal tastes and needs must be matched by more practical characteristics related to the space in which the sofa will be placed: this is why customisation becomes a key element in making the right choice. And Bontempi Casa knows it: the new collection is based on five modular, highly customisable models to satisfy all the desires of modern living.

Modular models: sofas by Bontempi Casa

Today, ‘tailor made’ has almost completely lost its charm of exclusivity in the face of infinite modular and customisable solutions capable of combining comfort and elegance. This is because the ability to adapt a sofa to any type of living room is not only a huge advantage, but an increasingly frequent requirement. The new line of Bontempi Casa sofas focuses on modularity without sacrificing aesthetics, for a result capable of satisfying the most diverse projects.

Corner and peninsula sofas

When the living area is very large or an open space has to be furnished, the sofa becomes the core of relaxation and the centre of the home.

The Sunset sofa, for example, is a model with a peninsula, suitable for the most varied furnishing styles and with a dual position: it can be placed next to the longest wall of the living room, even better if below the windows to enjoy the natural light, or in the centre of the room as the real protagonist, if the dimensions of the open space allow it: a much appreciated and very stylish partition solution.

The Zenit Wall variants with one-piece seat and Zenit Plus, on the other hand, are part of a modular system which, thanks to the various types of backrest, enables a great variety of possible configurations.

Divani Bontempi Casa
Sunset Sofa Bontempi Casa

Linear sofas

The choice of a linear sofa requires a large space to be furnished in which to make the most of this furnishing accessory. If placed in the centre of the room or along the widest wall of the living room, these types of sofa dominate the entire living area and must be in harmony with their surroundings. A perfect example is Dakota, a goose down sofa that combines the modularity of its elements with dedicated accessories to guarantee design, comfort and functionality.

Two-seater sofas

When you have little space available , you don’t necessarily have to give up the style and comfort of a sofa; on the contrary, you just have to make the right choice between the different types. A two-seater model, for example, is the most common option for optimising space and creating a comfortable atmosphere. In this case the Bonnie sofa, with the added value of 70s elegance, is perfect for harmonising the style of the living area with sinuous and elegant shapes, but also thanks to the modular options that include more seats and a peninsula.

Divani Bontempi Casa nella zona living
Bonnie sofa Bontempi Casa

Three-seater sofas

For those who want to keep it classic, three-seater models are a safe bet. In the case of Antares, the minimalist lines of the frame and the high seats are a perfect combination for your relax, but also a careful style choice to enhance the living room. A small sofa fits easily into any corner of the house and its layout is extremely simple.

Divani Bontempi Casa nel salone
Antares Sofa Bontempi Casa

For any furnishing project, one of the key concepts is undoubtedly the available space: in modern environments, comfort, functionality and style must always follow a specific logic.

Whether for homes with a small living area or for large open spaces, space-saving solutions are the most popular because they are able to make homes multifunctional and practical, suitable for any customisation requirements. Keeping this in mind, transformable furniture such as tables and coffee tables allow you to manage the furnishing of your home in the best possible way, adding a not inconsiderable touch of design to the atmosphere.

In general, the main advantages are:

  • Gaining additional seats for occasions that include more people
  • Having a coffee table and a dining table in one piece of furniture
  • Choose a multifunctional table that is light and quick to move around

Bontempi Casa studied various solutions in which Made in Italy design manages to blend elegance and practicality for every type of environment, let’s see them together.

Convertible coffee tables

Extremely popular for studios or very small houses, a convertible coffee table can also save the style of the whole flat where space is limited. In these environments, a space-saving piece of furniture can meet the most diverse needs and become a table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a shelf for books, glasses and other objects to be kept within reach, but also a table for when you are working at home or a shelf for flowers or other ornaments for the home.

Bontempi Casa’s Flash table in lacquered steel, for example, is perfect for smaller spaces where needs are constantly changing: the folding opening and wheels make it practical and easy to move.

Round tables

If the house to be furnished is of medium size, but you don’t want to tie yourself down to an overly invasive furnishing accessory, the best solution is to opt for an extendable round table that can be placed in different areas of the flat: close to the sources of natural light it creates a cosy atmosphere, almost separate from the rest of the house, but in the middle of the living area it can become the focal point of the living room. A good solution could be Barone, the extensible round table by Bontempi Casa which, despite its fluid and modern shape, is ready to adapt to any style.

Even in larger homes and larger living areas where there is apparently no need to save space, a convertible table can become essential for lunches and dinners with many people and can be placed alongside the existing main table.

Tavoli rotondi Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Barone Table

Extendable tables

Even in larger homes and larger living areas where there is apparently no need to economise on space, a convertible table can become essential for lunches and dinners with many people. Practical and versatile, in fact , they represent a much-appreciated solution because they are able to match the need to move around in spacious environments with the need to set up a table in a comfortable way.
Solutions such as Delta, rectangular or barrel-shaped, but also Bridge make an elegant choice that is ready to become a valuable support on special occasions.

Convertible and extendible tables are able to combine functionality and elegance in a simple and effective way: an ideal solution for optimising space and improving the way you live your home environment.

Tavoli allungabili Bontempi Casa
Bontempi Casa Table Bridge



Whether in offices, coworking spaces, shops or private homes, the term open space has become synonymous with a modern space furnished with taste and design. A trend that started in the first half of the 20th century when the need to break down boundaries and divisions in the home gave life and space to more hybrid environments.

Today, when people talk about open space in private homes, they are referring to a single room with multiple functions: an open, bright living area that combines rest, recreation and time spent with friends. The advantages of such a choice are many, the most important being:

  • More efficient and optimised use of space
  • More brightness in the whole area
  • Multifunctional, dynamic and versatile spaces
  • More convivial atmosphere
  • Modern style in line with new trends

While furnishing an open space leaves plenty of room for imagination and creativity , just like a blank canvas to be coloured, it also requires a great deal of organisation to avoid the chaos effect that a large space brings. In this case, modular systems prove to be the perfect choice for setting up an environment with a strong and versatile identity. So what are the suggestions for enhancing and furnishing an open-plan living area?
We have collected them here.

The secrets of furnishing an open space

Lighting in the living area

By now we know that when it comes to interior design, lighting is one of the most important factors to consider and pay attention to. In this case, if the house has large windows, the open space will benefit from natural light throughout the day and will only need the right light sources for the darker hours. The trick is a combination of soft, atmospheric lightingthroughout the room, contrasting with brighter lighting in the kitchen, perhaps right above the dining table or on the worktop. Alternating floor, pendant and table lamps can play a decisive role in the perception of an open space.

Harmonious open space: style and colours

When the living area becomes one large space, it goes without saying that each element must work in complete harmony with the others. This is why the choice of colours and style is one of the key steps that can ensure coherence and give the room a unique atmosphere. In general, it is advisable to choose a maximum of two colours, preferring neutral shades, which can create a chromatic play and give dynamism to the space thanks to the addition of brighter colours with furniture and accessories. The most popular approach, because it is also the safest, is to choose a main colour and then play with its nuances. White, of course, is one of the most popular choices because it can give brightness and lightness to the space.

How to position furniture in the living area

The distribution of furniture in the living area is crucial to give the open space a unique and unmistakable style. Behind the choice of individual elements and their arrangement in the space lies a larger decision: that of the focal point we want to give to the space.

The sofa in the open space

If you have plenty of space, you can choose to build the room around an important sofa , now the undisputed star of the everyday living room, a linear and slender shape , as in the case of Bonnie, or a more reflective angular , such as Dakota. There are also other modular systems, such as Zenit, which allows you to play with the space and customise it to the maximum, to exploit the full potential of a design that is designed to meet the most diverse needs.

The table in the centre of the living room

As the open space combines the living area with the kitchen, the dining table can also become the protagonist of the space and determine its style and personality. The choice ranges from extendable tables or consoles capable of giving more dynamism to the space, to fixed rectangular, rounded, elliptical or square structures. The top and finishes will be the extra touch to recall all the other furnishings, from chairs to coffee tables and sofas.

Il tavolo al centro della zona living
Bontempi Casa Universe XXL Table

Bookcases and furnishing accessories

There are also a number of design details that not only add personality to the living area, but also reformulate the space and give it added value.
A metal bookcase, for example, can be used to make a wall a protagonist and rich in style, or as a separating element between the living area and the kitchen, always in an open space perspective. Charlotte is a clear example of how a light and airy structure can contribute to the right visual balance of any space.

In the same vein, shelves and tables can also contribute to the division of space in an elegant and refined way, if they are designed in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Librerie nella zona living
Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcas

Bright, fashionable, original and brilliant: rose gold comes into every home to add a touch of personality and sophistication to the atmosphere. A metallic accent that is becoming the new trend in interior design, because it is capable not only of embellishing any room, but also of giving a strong and decisive character to any furnishing accessories.
Study of materials is one of the strong points of Made in Italy excellence: each special finish, in fact, is a palette of precious shades obtained from a secret formulation, the same as the one developed by Bontempi Casa master painters. A meticulous and careful research work, but above all manual, because the result is obtained precisely by the multiple coats of paint that play with the depth of the colour and the richness of the nuances.

A brief history of rose gold

Not to be confused with copper, the latest special finish created by Bontempi Casa is precisely rose gold: a shade that required a great deal of research and patient mixing for identifying perfect combination. The result is a shade able of changing its power according to the lighting in a room, to provide new depth effects for every occasion. Today, gold is not associated with glamour and wealth, but with modernity, creativity and style that suits every home.

Rose gold opens every door in the house: our selection for you

A colour that offers endless opportunities for style, gives brightness to the environment and delicately enhances the details of each piece of furniture: rose gold is a finish that can change the perception of every room in the home, from the living area to kitchen and bathrooms. But how do we choose the right furnishings for our purpose? Let’s take a look at the various applications of this special finish for different furnishings.

Arredi e finiture in oro rosa
Bontempi Casa Pandora lamp in rose gold

Artistico and Delta: tables and finishes

Tables are often at the centre of every scene and everyday living and they can be enriched with this new shade thanks to the lacquered steel base and the rose gold finish. This is the case with Artistico, with its iconic and solemn easel, or Delta whose geometries make it elegant in any context, but perhaps even more precious thanks to the new nuance. It is precisely in these cases that light can play a key role in furnishing and defining the space in a room.

Golden chairs with Dada and Shape

Seating, especially when combined with tables and accessories with a rose gold frame , is the extra touch to give real character to the living area. As with tables, the lacquered steel structures are created from a raw material, which is bent and processed to give a different design to each complement, enhanced by special finishes that can even accentuate their details. Choosing design objects such as Dada (LINK: ) or Shape allows us to play with the geometries of the seat and the colour references.

Charlotte and Pandora: accessories that sparkle

The play of light and the dynamism of a context can also be provided by individual pieces of furniture that do not necessarily recall the finishes of the most important pieces of furniture such as tables or chairs. A rose gold bookcase like Charlotte, for example, gives a feeling of lightness to the whole room, as well as embellishing and enhancing the walls or dividing the space in an open space. Another element on which your bet is safe is lighting: a lamp like Pandora is capable of expressing the full potential of rose gold furnishings and finishes, distorting the sense of a room and catalysing attention on a few, but essential, details.

Arreda la tua casa in oro rosa
Bontempi Casa Charlotte bookcase in rose gold


The beating heart and absolute star of the living room, the sofa is a furnishing accessory that can completely change the perception of an environment, giving personality, character and uniqueness to the room. This is an important choice, therefore, that must necessarily meet and satisfy both practical requirements, such as the correct arrangement according to space, shapes and models, and purely aesthetic factors. While certain sofas are capable of capturing our attention at a glance, it is also true that love at first sight often hides pitfalls, such as the choice of colour and the features of the area we are furnishing.

Creating a perfectly balanced and colour-harmonious atmosphere is, after all, one of the priorities of interior design to which great attention must be paid.

You can choose, for example, to furnish a house from scratch and start a new home decoration project starting with the sofa, making it the centrepiece and starting point to inspire the entire living area, or you can insert a sofa into the existing furniture, thus moving towards a more effective choice from the point of view of chromatic and stylistic consistency.

In this sense, the new collection of Bontempi Casa sofas, consisting of five models with their accessories and an armchair, aims to meet even the most articulated needs, thanks to a wide variety of coverings, shades and colours that are perfect to inspire any kind of environment.

 Poltrona Bontempi linea Antares
Its compact design and stitching make it a modern yet undeniably elegant model.

Secrets to choosing a sofa colour

The colour universe of the living room is a source of inspiration for the entire style of the house and has a particular impact on the entire indoor atmosphere. This is why the choice of colour, especially when it comes to key pieces of furniture in the living area such as the sofa, must be well thought out and studied to perfection. It may sound complicated, but there are determining factors that can surprisingly point us in the right direction.

Here are three crucial questions to ask yourself in order to get off to the best possible start in the world of colour.

How big is the living area?

The size of the living room tells us a lot about the features of our future furniture. A large living room can easily accommodate sofas in bright colours, giving a unique personality to the whole space; if the living room is small, on the other hand, it is preferable to choose light colours to give depth to the environment without running the risk of reducing the size further.

Has the room enough light?

One of the most important tips for choosing the perfect colour is to consider the amount of natural light in the room. For example, if the windows are very large and allow plenty of light, a darker shade can be daring; if the light source is limited , it is better to opt for a lighter colour to reflect the existing light and give depth to the environment.

What is the overall style of the house?

If the living room is to be completely furnished, you can consider some neutral colours and then build the furniture around them in complete freedom or, on the contrary, choose bright and lively shades to make the sofa the centrepiece of the living room.

When, on the other hand, the sofa is included in an already furnished context, the colour of the floor, of the walls and of the other complements can be taken into consideration, for example, a living room with parquet and wooden furniture is a perfect match for a classic sofa in beige, cream or white .

Light or dark sofas: an eternal challenge

The psychology of colour has a major impact on the overall atmosphere of the living room as well as the whole house. Having answered our three preparatory questions, the last thing left to ask is: “How do I want to feel in this space?”

Choosing a shade that reflects the right mood is a crucial step in living in the best possible environment and creating a balance where you can live in complete harmony.

Natural and neutral colours

Neutral colours such as white, grey, cream and the different shades of beige are always up-to-date and fit harmoniously into any household, identifying a precise style that gives a feeling of calm and relaxation.

For a large space, a good example is Dakota,  a sofa with a light and refined shape, perfect for spacious and harmonious living rooms, which represents a forward-looking and always fashionable choice. If, on the other hand, the ambience is more intimate and restrained, the Kodi armchair is a valid option to give personality to the room.

Divano Bontempi della Linea Dakota
A real furnishing system that combines the modularity of its elements with its custom accessories to meet any design, comfort and functionality requirement.

Warm and vibrant colours

To create a cosy atmosphere, the most suitable shades fall on the spectrum from red to ochre, not excluding sandy nuancesSunset for example, is ideal for creating large islands of relaxation with a strong personality, not forgetting the classy touch of colourful accessories. Antares ,on the other hand, lends itself more to intimate contexts that need dynamism.

Creativity, design and most of all style: High Point Market is the international landmark for the latest trends in home decor, as well as the largest trade fair in the world for home furnishings.

In fact, from 2 to 6 April, more than 2,000 exhibitors will present their products in North Carolina, welcoming a wide number of professionals and enthusiasts.

Bontempi casa arriva all'High Point Market
Bontempi casa arrives at the High Point Market.

The beating heart of Bontempi Casa is innovation, the added value that manages to inspire new and unique collections through the wise use of technology and the careful choice of materials. The High Point Market will be the perfect chance to show how Made In Italy products are capable of blending creativity, imagination and empathy to satisfy the customers dreams and needs.

The full catalog is rich in new ways of furnishing any kind of environment: from cooking to living and sleeping areas. Each space can be designed by carefully choosing among different models, sizes, compositional solutions and materials, for an extremely personalized result.

Bontempi casa arriva all'High Point Market
Bontempi casa arrives at the High Point Market.

Bontempi Casa has always had a history of tenacity and passion with a huge aim: to dress every home by choosing the best of Italian style and make it the unique and special place where living unforgettable emotions, every day.

The sofa gets a makeover. It broadens horizons, moves lines, adapts shapes, multiplies models and explores materials. It thus becomes the new and versatile key player of living and home decor. It is no longer just waiting for us at home in the evening to watch our favourite TV programme, but it goes together with and frames each single moment of our day. We sit on the sofa in looking for a bit of relax entertainment and conviviality. We chat as a couple, play our kids , welcome our guests all on our sofa and we send e-mails from our tablet, talk on the phone, follow chats and TV series, all while sitting on our sofa. And we’re on the sofa when we eat a meal on the fly or sip a glass of wine. The sofa is omnipresent and multi-tasking, it takes on a key role in the living room and in everyday life. It becomes the central and irreplaceable furnishing element of a successful living room, thanks to its ability to combine aesthetics and comfort and to offer an almost infinite range of inspirations, functions and solutions.

The new collection of made-in-Italy sofas by Bontempi Casa And it is always from this point of view that it becomes important in the design and enhancement of home furnishings to start from its protagonist: the sofa. Where and how to place the sofa is really the first question to ask. In the following paragraphs you will find the answer, together with tips and style trends for arranging the sofa in the best possible way and achieving a successful décor.

How to arrange the sofa: 5 interior design tips

Choosing the right sofa does not only mean finding the model, size and materials that match our tastes our living room at best. It also and above all means arranging the sofa in the most appropriate way. And this challenge is not easy. There are many factors that influence the proper placement of the sofa in the living room. Lights, walls, windows, not forgetting the size and structure of the living room, these are just some of the elements to take into account.

Here are five interior design tips on how best to arrange the sofa in its room.

How to arrange the sofa: against the wall or in the middle of the living room?

Placing the sofa along the ‘free’ wall, i.e., the wall without furniture and bookcases, is undoubtedly the winning solution. This is a natural and harmonious choice. It’s a no risks solution and matches every living room. Inserting the sofa in the centre of the room. is a braver and more personal alternative. However, it is only suitable for large spaces without critical features, such as load-bearing columns and irregular walls. In this case, the sofa will become the absolute star of the living room and, with an appealing design, it will enhance it. Do not place the sofa in the middle of a small and irregular living room: the final effect would be suffocating and the size would appear smaller than it actually is.

How to find the right distance between sofa and TV?

For the best viewing experience, the suggestion is to place the sofa in front of the TV. The optimal distance depends on the size of the TV set. The larger the TV set, the greater the distance. If it measures, for example, 32 inches, the distance to the sofa should be at least one metre. If it measures 50 inches, it will be close to two metres. Regardingtheideal height as for the ideal height at which to position the TV, you can find it by sitting on the sofa: the centre of the TV should be at the same level as your eyes.

How should the sofa be arranged in relation to the windows?

The suggestion is always to place the sofa next to the windows, never behind or in front of them, unless you really can’t do without it. The reason? The position of the sofa is directly related to the position of the TV set, which should not be in direct sunlight to avoid visual disturbances and reflections on the screen.

How to combine two sofas in a living room?

Spacious and airy halls, lounges and living rooms lend themselves to inserting two sofas. The double sofa creates a secluded living area where elegance meets intimacy. The best choice is to have the  two sofas facing each other, both perpendicular to the wall where the TV is located . Alternatively, you can create an L-shapedcorner with two sofas, possibly with storage space, coffee tables and side tables straddling the “L”. In any case, attention must be paid to the distances between the two pieces of furniture: they must always allow an easy passage.

How to combine a dining table and a sofa?

In open spaces and living rooms with kitchen islands or kitchenettes, it is advisable to place the dining table to the side or behind the sofa, preferably at a distance of at least one metre, and never between the sofa and the TV to avoid creating a visual obstacle, preventing those sitting on the sofa from fully enjoying the TV show.

Linear sofa VS corner sofa: how to arrange them

In the wide range of available sofas there are two trendy lines: linear sofas and corner sofas, which Bontempi Casa translates respectively into the Dakota and Bonnie.

Linear sofas, which are slimmer and slenderer, are usually placed along the free wall of the living room and are surrounded by matching or contrasting furniture to complement and enrich them. Corner sofas, more voluminous and furnishing, can be placed along the “free” wall in small rooms, in the centre of the room in large, soft or open spaces to create a convivial area or to separate the living room from the dining room, the living area from the sleeping area.

Dakota is a linear sofa with a light and sophisticated silhouette. It interprets a modular furnishing system, allowing the number of seats to be customised and combined with matching poufs and shelves. It is made of refined materials both for the solid wood structure, the painted steel feet and the goose down padding. An exceptional piece for spacious rooms with an elegant touch and a modern spirit.

Sofa Dakota Alternative
A real furnishing system that combines the modularity of its elements with its custom accessories to meet any design, comfort and functionality requirement. The generous use of goose down in the cushions ensures a high level of comfort, as well as giving the whole room a lively and cosy feel.

Bonnie is proposed as a corner sofa or L-shaped, with soft, rounded shapes. The look reinterprets the Seventies in a modern key and takes care of every detail, from the stitching in the seat to the two metal tubular fronts. Here too, customisation makes the difference thanks to a modular system that leaves the choice open to any combination of elements. A versatile and cosy model that, while inviting you to relax, gives a poetic allure to the atmosphere.

Bonnie sofa
Elegance with a touch of Seventies design, able to embellish any environment giving that indisisputable added value. A perfect blend of structure and form.


Di cosa abbiamo bisogno quando cerchiamo divani moderni particolari? Di certo vogliamo appagare l’occhio con forme avvolgenti e colori accattivanti, perché il sofà è un elemento centrale nella zona giorno e ne caratterizza con forza lo stile. Naturalmente cerchiamo anche momenti di relax per le nostre giornate, ma non solo. Flessibilità e personalizzazione sono sempre più importanti quando si parla di divani comodi e moderni, che diventano vere e proprie isole multitasking al centro del soggiorno. Ci sediamo sul divano per guardare un film o un nuovo episodio della nostra serie preferita, ma anche per mandare mail o fare uno spuntino veloce, per cui avremo sempre più bisogno di tavolini e coffee table su misura delle nostre giornate. Senza dimenticare i momenti in cui, semplicemente, desideriamo trascorrere del tempo con i nostri cari, cullati da morbide cuscinature. A tutte queste esigenze risponde la nuova collezione di divani Bontempi Casa, composta da modelli eleganti e funzionali capaci di rispondere a ogni esigenza d’uso e di stile. Modulari e ricchi di accessori dedicati, possono essere rivestiti in tessuto oppure in pelle e declinati in un’ampia gamma di colori, con cuscini decorativi abbinati.

What do we need when we are looking for peculiar modern sofas? We certainly want to please the eye with enveloping shapes and captivating colors, because the sofa is a central element in the living area and strongly characterizes its style. Of course, we also look for moments of relaxation for our days, but not only. Flexibility and customization are increasingly important when it comes to comfortable and modern sofas, which become real multitasking islands at the center of the living room. We sit on the sofa to watch a movie or a new episode of our favorite series, but also to send emails or have a quick snack, so we will increasingly need tables and coffee tables tailored to our days. Without forgetting the moments when we simply want to spend time with our loved ones, cradled by soft cushions. All these needs are met by the new Bontempi Casa sofas collection, composed of elegant and functional models capable of responding to every need of use and style. Modular and full of dedicated accessories, they can be upholstered in fabric or leather and declined in a wide range of colors, with matching decorative cushions.

Particular modern sofas: Antares e Bonnie

Unquestionably elegant and timeless lines, born from the reworking of the classics in a contemporary key, characterize these models of the new Bontempi Casa sofas collection.

Modern sofas
Antares 3 seater sofa, armchair and pouf upholstered in Premium Leather, with decorative cushions in Diamond fabric. Planet coffee table with lacquered steel structure and SuperMarble tops.

Antares is a particular sofa model with a strong personality, characterized by generous padded shapes enclosed between thin armrests and backrests. Its compact design is supported by a minimalist solid wood structure, while the high seats invite you to let yourself go and relax. Delicate stitching complete its look, with a strong visual impact for any environment in which it can be placed.

Modern corner sofa
Bonnie corner sofa with ottoman upholstered in Gourmet fabric with decorative cushions in Gourmet fabric and decorative element in lacquered steel. Millennium coffee table with lacquered steel structure and oak wood top. Lift coffee table.

The enveloping lines of the ’70s are back and alive in Bonnie‘s design, a model that is fully part of the list of particular modern sofas thanks to its persuasive and harmonious shapes. An extra special touch is given by the decorative elements: the topstitching in the seat and the two front metal tubes in lacquered steel, also available in the new elegant Rose Gold finish. Precious and delicate, with its brightness it enhances the silhouette of the sofa and can become an interesting thread between the furnishing accessories in the living area.

Comfortable and modern sofas: Dakota e Sunset

The concept of comfort in contemporary living extends from relaxation to functionality and requires particular colorful and multitasking sofas, where you can rest but also do smart working or spend time with friends.

Dakota sofa
Dakota sofa with lacquered steel structure, upholstered in Element fabric with decorative cushions in Soft fabric. Tokio coffee table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

The modularity of its elements and the dedicated accessories make Dakota a real furnishing system that combines design, comfort and functionality. The generous use of goose down for the cushions is an invitation to enjoy relaxation, while the side tables are perfect for having your readings always at hand, for a quick snack or simply to add a touch of green with some flowerpots.

Sunset sofa
Sunset sofa with peninsula with lacquered steel structure, upholstered in Boubble fabric with decorative cushions in Soft fabric. Planet coffee table with lacquered steel structure and glass top.

Seats with and without backrest alternate in the composition of Sunset, where everyone can relax as they prefer thanks to the wide shapes and the back cushions in goose down. Contemporary and suitable for any style of furniture, also thanks to the wide range of available coverings, it can be embellished with various accessories. The armrest holder can then be chosen and positioned to create relaxation areas dedicated to the different needs of taste and functionality.2