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The pleasure of being outside – in the garden, by the pool or under the porch – goes hand in hand with the care we have in the choice of pieces of furniture for outdoor. As you know, outdoor can be furnished with the same style as the indoor, matching the owner’s lifestyle. A wide range of tables, chairs and home accessories is available in order to give you comfort, combining beauty and functionality. But which is the role of furniture fabrics for outdoor? Whether they are upholstery, tablecloths or screens, they add a touch of colour and help to create a unique environment. Choosing new fabrics for cushions, for example, is a simple and fun way to renew your furniture without resorting to drastic changes.

The Bontempi Casa catalogue includes several furnishing fabrics for outdoor seating, they are all waterproof and designed to last as long as possible. Now, which are the ideal fabrics for decorating outdoor? These ones.

Outdoor Fabrics

Boss stool
Boss stool with structure in lacquered metal for outdoor and cushion covered with outdoor fabric.

Bontempi Casa outdoor fabric is made of acrylic fibre, one of the most popular and appreciated materials for outdoor furniture. Among its features there is excellent resistance to the weather, chlorinated and sea water: this makes it suitable to be used by the pool or to furnish the house by the sea, but also for naval use. Furthermore, the Teflon treatment makes it anti-stain and anti-mould.

Texplast and Soft Texplast

Net stool
Net stool with structure in lacquered metal for outdoor, seat and back made of Texplast or Soft Texplast.

For outdoor seats, Bontempi Casa catalogue also proposes Texplast, a fiber made of PVC and polyester, and Soft Texplast, made of polyvinyl and polyester. The first is incredibly stress-resistant and it comes in a classic palette that includes refined shades of white, sand, grey and black; the Soft Texplast, on the other hand, is available in the cerulean variant. For both, the cleaning method is very simple and requires only a damp cotton cloth.


Sedia HIDRA outdoor
Sedia impilabile Hidra con struttura integrale in Polipropilene e Fibra di vetro, cuscino in poliuretano.

There are not only fabrics for outdoor, but also materials designed to make outdoor seating more comfortable through cushions and padding. Hidra chair, for example, is enriched with a polyurethane cushion, a material that combines softness and resistance to sun and rain. Available in sand, light grey and anthracite shades, it brings a touch of refinement by the pool, in the garden or wherever you wish to use it.

The barstool came into the furnishing scene in recent times, “borrowed” from the world of lounge bars to give a more social and convivial connotation to modern kitchens – that become kitchen island more and more, overlooking the living area. The stools for kitchen island are the ideal solution to exploit the top as a breakfast table, for snacks on the fly but also for romantic dinners. With their attractive design and informal appearance, they give the environment a touch of modernity and, why not, a little bit of colour as well.

How to choose the perfect barstools for your kitchen? Keep in mind the style of furniture and the space available. Additionally, considering that the kitchen is increasingly “open” to the rest of the house and therefore connected to the living area, both chairs and stools can represent a common thread in the furnishings. For this reason, in the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are several seating families that include chairs and barstools for a kitchen island, to be customized by choosing shades and materials according to your own style.

Modern barstools for kitchen island

Nata barstool
Nata barstool with a lacquered metal structure and covered in velvet.

The colour palette of modern kitchens is always wide and barstools are the perfect element to add an extra style note. There are no limits to imagination by choosing Nata barstool, with simple and captivating lines. The structure is in lacquered metal, while the shell is completely padded and it can be covered in a wide range of materials, from patented fabrics to water-repellent, fire-resistant, stain-proof, antibacterial fabrics, up to the finest leather; each of them is available in many different shades. It is also possible to choose the border in the same or contrasting colour, perhaps taking up the tint of the structure as in this case.

Elegant barstools for kitchen island

Kuga stool
Kuga stool with lacquered metal structure, padded monocoque and covered in ecological leather.

Furnishing the kitchen with elegance means choosing pieces of furniture that have refined and timeless lines, to be combined with precious materials. Like Kuga barstool, whose quilted back recalls a comfortable sofa meant to enjoy moments of maximum comfort and light-heartedness even in the kitchen. Speaking of comfort, all Bontempi Casa barstools are equipped with a footrest to facilitate sitting and rest your legs.

Chairs for kitchen island

Polo stool and wooden seat
Polo stool with lacquered metal structure, polypropylene backrest and wooden seat.

For a more classical kitchen, the ideal solution is to place stools with a high and enveloping back around the high table, so we could say we need proper kitchen island chairs. Polo barstool responds precisely to these characteristics: a solid metal structure supports a wooden seat (that can also be padded and covered for greater comfort), with polypropylene backrests.

For those who are lucky enough to have it, the outdoor space can become a true environment that “expands” the in-house rooms outside. So, it can be furnished just exactly an internal living room. The porch, in particular, is an appendix of the house that overlooks on a beautiful view and guarantees the privacy we need. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the walls of the building we will place it on. To enjoy it at its best, then, it is equally important to evaluate well how to furnish your porch.

What are the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing under your porch? A lot depends on the type of house – is it in the city, by the sea, or on the mountains? – and on the style of your furniture – are you more into classic, rustic or modern? You will certainly want to create a comfortable and suggestive environment. That’s why we advise you to start thinking about a good number of comfortable seats, to match with practical tables and poufs as supporting elements for your readings, but also to enjoy a snack or an aperitif outside. If the space is large enough, you can also include a dining table or an extendable console table to furnish the outdoor porch.

MARGOT chair
Margot chair, with a wooden structured end covered with Premium Leather.

How to decorate a rustic porch? Go ahead with wooden pieces of furniture in your favourite shade, light or dark, according to the type of atmosphere you want to create. The dark woods have an innate elegance, while the lighter ones give a fresh and informal mood to the environment. Margot chair lends itself to both interpretations as it is available in different finishes, to be combined with the shell that is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

AQUA chair for outdoor
Aqua stackable chair for outdoor with integral polypropylene structure.

To furnish an external porch, perhaps near a swimming pool or a fountain, it is better to opt for waterproof materials such as polypropylene. It is in fact a waterproof and durable material, and it perfectly combines solidity and lightness. With its essential and modern design, Aqua chair is ideal for the outdoor, including the porch: being stackable, it is the trump card that cannot be missed when inviting friends to spend time together at your place.

If the porch is large enough, you may also turn it into a perfect dining area. We recommend Diesis table, that is practical and functional and Hidra chairs, that give a style twist to customize the outdoor. They adapt easily to any environment, you only make sure to choose the table size that suits you best among the three available, while the chairs are light and easy to be moved around when needed.

Finally, don’t forget the lighting to enjoy your porch even after sunset. You can place a row of lights suspended from one corner to another for a boho-chic style or simple outdoor lamps on the centre of the table.

Luna and Massimiliano are a young married couple. They have moved into a lovely villa overlooking a beautiful garden, not too far from the city centre, where they both work.
With the arrival of the summer season, Luna enjoys preparing the veranda and furnishes it carefully for the reception of guests, with whom she intends to share aperitifs, lunches and dinners outdoors… After some cleaning, she places a new elegant outdoor table with a glass top, and a few chairs with cushions padded in a soft blue fabric. A few more stools that can be turned into poufs. That’s it, the refreshment area is now simply perfect.

AQUA chairs
Aqua chair, in polypropylene for outdoors

Massimiliano is a true book lover. Other than a beautiful bookcase placed in the living room, he sets up a relaxation corner in the garden, designed for its moments of leisure among books in the open air. He places a small white table coordinated with a couple of chairs. Luna, who always has an eye for style and details, adds two padded cushions, and now it looks like a movie set. They both spend some nice time here, sitting and reading their favourite books under the shade of a hydrangea. They truly enjoy the peace of their garden.

They often take care of the garden together: Luna waters the flowers, arranges the furnishings and adds some new accessories from time to time. Massimiliano waters the lawn every day… Sometimes they make fun of each other and laugh a lot together. That garden is definitely their favourite place.


With friends coming over, the two of them decorate the plants with a few outdoor lights, serve a fresh buffet on the table and put on some background music. In the most hidden part of the garden there is a small wooden patio, built by the old owners of the house: Luna and Massimiliano decided to keep it and leave it as it was, because it is such a nice corner, and it is also really useful as a storage – In fact, in winter this is used as a covered area to safely place the garden furniture. Over summer, when their grandchildren and children of friends come to visit them, the couple leaves on the patio some coloured chairs so they can play.

Galaxy chairs for outdoor
Galaxy chairs, stackable, in polypropylene, perfect for outdoors.

If you have a garden at your home, you are very lucky. It’s an opportunity to share special moments with those you love. Luna and Massimiliano know it well, and that is why as soon as the hot season comes, they do not hesitate to furnish it and make it as welcoming as possible. With a refreshing drink on the veranda, a book or a fun game on the patio, a simple walk outside with friends, the home garden becomes a real magical place.

A modern house always comes with a low table. It is usually placed in the centre of the living room, from where it highlights the surrounding pieces of furniture, thanks to its structure or colour. It’s indeed a protagonist of the living area, because it does not just perform practical functions, but clearly expresses the taste and attitude of those who choose it. There are no proper “style rules” valid for every house, except for looking carefully at proportions and functionality, so that the coffee table can be an ally of your daily life as well as a beautiful piece of furniture. There are no rules even when it comes to answering the question What to put on a coffee table? Books and magazines, cups of tea or coffee, wine bottles, flowerpots or other ornaments.

The low coffee table for reading

Without moving from your armchair, you can immerse yourself in reading a good book, and then take a nap placing the book on the low table, keep it close at hand and not lose the thread when you go back to reading.

Planet coffee table
Planet coffee table with structure and decorative details made in lacquered metal, adjustable glass top.

The living room is usually the main reading area of the house, you just need a comfortable armchair is and a small table next to it. With its two adjustable round shelves, Planet coffee table is the ideal low table for you to place the novel you love, but also a cup of tea or a snack – perfect companions for a reading. The three different models of Planet, available in a wide variety of finishes, can be combined as you wish to create versatile and functional solutions for any environment.

The low coffee table for cups of coffee

You know, coffee is not served at the table. At home, etiquette recommends serving it when guests get up from the dining table to move into the living room, sitting on the sofa and using a low table as a support.

Tiffany coffee table
Tiffany coffee table with solid wood structure and lacquered metal top. Optional aluminium tray.

For the true coffee ritual lovers, there is Tiffany coffee table, equipped with a tray (that is optional) so you can bring everything you need everywhere you want. It can be the place for the coffee maker, cups and mocha spoons, sugar bowl and, for those who like it, milk or cream. The solid wood structure and the modern design are symbols of good manners and typical Italian craftsmanship, that never go out of style. Also, if a low table is called a coffee table, there must be a reason!

The modern coffee table with plants

For those who love nature and can boast a discreet green thumb, however, the coffee table cannot do without a flowery vase on it.

Millennium coffee table
Millennium coffee table with lacquered metal structure and scratch-resistant glass top.

The living area is perhaps the one where we spend more time, so being surrounded by plants or flowers can only be good for our mood. If you love glass or ceramic vases full of flowers as ornament, the ideal choice for you is to go for a coffee table with a top made of materials such as scratch-resistant crystal or lacquered metal. An example? Millennium coffee table, that has a modern design with crossed legs. It will indeed be a touch of beauty in your living room.

Which are the rules for choosing pieces of furniture for outdoor and making the most out of them? Your garden can be considered an extension of your home and furnishing it can be a fun challenge. With the right furnishings, in fact, we will have a real outdoor lounge where you can spend a nice time during summer.

Garden furniture: choose materials designed to last

Sun, rain, wind… Garden tables and chairs must resist all of them as well as any food stains or signs caused by daily use. Bontempi Casa outdoor tables have metal structures for outdoor use. Otherwise they are made of lacquered metal that ensures long life and resistance to external aggressions. The top, on the other hand, is made in layered laminate, Fenix, crystal, SuperCeramic or other materials chosen to combine durability and elegance.

GIPSY chair
Gipsy chair with and without armrests; they have an integral structure made of polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

The chairs for outdoors are made of outdoor metal, just like the Freak model, or in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass such as Gipsy and the iconic Galaxy. This is a resistant, totally waterproof and recyclable material that guarantees a balance between solidity and lightness.

Garden furniture: eye on style

We will never repeat it enough, the outside of your home represents a real extension of the house, therefore it should reflect its style.

Freak stackable chairs
Freak stackable chairs made in lacquered metal for outdoors; padded cushions covered with waterproof fabric.

For a traditional and classic style, the ideal choice are garden tables and chairs with elegant and refined lines coloured in neutral tones. When the in-house furniture is inspired by a more modern style, however, you can dare with a pop touch of bright tints, perhaps combining a few chairs in different shades, that should be chosen according to your mood and current trends.

Garden furniture: space-saving solutions

Whether the garden is large or small, it is always appropriate to think of some tricks to adapt the decorations to different occasions, from a romantic vis-à-vis dinner to a cocktail party with friends. Stacking chairs and stools, extendable console tables, multitasking accessories are just some of the ideas we suggest.

Mobili da giardino
Tao coffee table and Pattern magazine rack and pouf, both made in lacquered metal for outdoors.

Tao is a coffee table available in two sizes. It’s perfect for a moment of relaxation with a refreshing drink or a vase of flowers on it. Pattern, on the other hand, is an outdoor pouf as well as a magazine rack. Both are in lacquered metal and they are a perfect match for each other.

18Furniture can be renewed every season, just like clothing. The Spring-Summer 2020 furniture trends are nothing but the mirror of the deep desire for colour and lightness that we are feeling right now. After a long and very strange winter, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the lockdown has been lifted. The sun, the blooming trees and the spring air remind us that we are approaching summer. And even our houses, inside and outside, can “wear” the perfect shades and materials for this season.

There are many home furnishing styles: there are those who prefer minimal accessories, those who look at old fashioned shapes, and those playing with decorations. But every style can have a link with contemporary furniture trends. Let’s discover all the living room furniture trends, but also the news for the courtyard and the garden, of this Spring-Summer 2020.

Summer living room decor trends

The living room is the environment of the house we live the most: for some it can be the dining room, for others it is a separate space. However, it is generally the place where we pay the most attention to furniture. This year, it will be even more important to make space, because living in airy and bright environments, now more than ever, is becoming essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Sander table
Sander table, lacquered metal structure and glass top; Suri fabric chair, Cosmopolitan sideboard.

The 2020 furniture trends suggest using a few large accessories and limiting decorative objects. After an economic and social crisis like the one we are going through right now, after all, priorities are back in order. Essential pieces, therefore, but precious. The sideboards are back, a passe-partout piece of furniture that can be used as a wardrobe, sideboard or chest of drawers. Round tables (that have a wider optical effect than rectangular ones); chairs with essential shapes, only a few frills, but lots of colour.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: yellow and orange

Vitaminic, energetic and sunny yellow cannot be missing in your home and in the garden this summer! Tables and small pieces of furniture lend themselves well to this trendy tone. Orange is its faithful companion: for some seasons now, it has come back in all its nuances. Bontempi Casa has made terracotta, the autumn version of orange, the best colour of last autumn-winter season. With summer it returns to cover the leather of coffee tables and armchairs, to represent a warm and lively environment. These homely tones can be combined with white and khaki.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: pink and neutral shades

Pink, the feminine shade “par excellence” but now expanded to a wider audience, dresses the interiors and exteriors of those who have a vaguely retro home. Pink gives brightness and radiance to the environment, and ever as in summer 2020 it is a trendy shade that makes your home brighter. Interior designers call it Cloud Pink – that recalls the shade of the most evocative sunsets. Perfect for curtains, wallpaper, lamps and rugs.

And finally, there are neutral colours, like beige, taupe, ochre, cream white – those that never go out of fashion. Perfect not only for curtains, rugs and sofa covers, but also for tables or suspension lamps, cushions for outdoor stools and covered chairs. Their light touch serves to dampen the energy given by the more powerful colours: the combination of both is essential for a harmonious as well as trendy home.

Summer 2020 furniture trends: materials

One key word: lightness, like the one we need so much in everyday life, especially now. After a winter spent in isolation, there is nothing better than dressing the house with delicate, airy, light fabrics. Let’s say yes to quality cushions on the seats also on the terrace, chairs covered with fabric, tables made of transparent crystal. Lightness expresses throughout materials.

0There is a desire that never stops, even when the years pass by, it comes back every spring. It is the wish to be outside enjoying the outdoor spaces of our homes, like the terrace or the garden. Those that represent a real extension of the house and therefore must be furnished in the same style. A crucial piece of furniture, as well as a great protagonist of summertime with family and friends, is the table for outdoors. It should be picked up with an eye for shapes and materials. The size should match the habits of the owners and fit the space that’s available. Quality materials are needed, as it has to resist to the weather and the use. That’s why Bontempi Casa tables are made of lacquered metal specifically produced for outdoors.

Fixed Sander table and Freak stackable chairs
Fixed Sander table with lacquered metal structure for outdoor use and with a scratch-resistant glass top. Freak stackable chairs and Boss stools with lacquered metal structure for outdoors, and padded seat cushions covered with fabric for outdoors.

A large-sized table like Sander is suitable for spaces such as gardens and open verandas. With its 8 seats, it is the perfect outdoor table for large families and for those who like having guests over for lunch. The elliptical crystal top expresses elegance and lightness, but the more classic rectangular variant is also available. In both versions, the central structure is made of lacquered metal for outdoors and it is designed to not obstruct the seats. This modern design adds a touch of style that does not go unnoticed – and which is also in the geometric patterns of the Freak chair back, or in the seat of the Boss stool. This is the ideal combination of products we advise to complete the furnishing of your garden or veranda.

Diesis fixed table and Hidra chairs
Diesis fixed table with a metal structure and a polished glass top. Hidra chairs with a polypropylene structure.

The size of the table for outdoors is important when it is placed in small open spaces such as a tiny terrace or enclosed veranda. In these cases, you need to pay attention to proportions to create a harmonious environment and guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Diesis table by Bontempi Casa is available in three different shapes: from the squared version with 4 seats to the two variants of the rectangular one with 6 seats. While the height remains unchanged. To further customize your favourite piece of furniture, Bontempi Casa suggests combining it with Hidra chairs, made of polypropylene for outdoors. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Outdoor tables Bontempi Casa
Vincent Coffee table with both structure and top made in lacquered metal. Galaxy stools with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Finally, an interesting option for decorating outdoor spaces are tiny taller tables, that can be easily moved according to your needs. The height of the table can be combined with tall stools. These can be placed together to create areas for chilling out with friends during a cocktail party. Otherwise, one table with two stools could become the ideal ally for a romantic aperitif with your loved one.

What makes Italian craftsmanship so special? What the whole world admires is the result of an inimitable mix of attention to details, quality raw materials, passion and enthusiasm for business and products. You will find all these characteristics in Bontempi Casa proposals. We are a company whose history began in Ancona, Italy, in 1963 with a limited local production of furniture. Our tradition continues today on an International level, although we never forgot our values. Bontempi Casa is still a family-run company that keeps on renewing itself year by year to become an ambassador of Italian design all over the world, thanks to the constant search for quality. Although tied to tradition, the company promotes innovation in every aspect of its business, from scouting new trends to the use of cutting-edge machinery, tools and softwares, and a sustainable production process.

Bontempi Casa offers a modern Italian furniture, characterized by timeless elegance and elements that surprise clients with innovative solutions. Examples are tables such as Artistico, Fusion and Barone, whose crossed legs are designed as authentic decorative sculptures with a great visual impact. And what about the Galaxy chair, that has iconic and unmistakable design? Solid, light and functional, suitable for indoors and outdoors, it is a seat that cannot be missing in a modern home. Also, in the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are many other refined products that you can customize to make your home reflecting your personality.

Galaxy stackable chair
Galaxy stackable chair, with or without armrests, with integral structure made in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Another Italian aspect of the Bontempi Casa proposals is the chance to customize every product in every detail. Tables, chairs and armchairs, poufs and coffee tables, bookcases and all other furnishing accessories can be customized using a wide variety of materials and shades: from metal refined in different finishes to the ten types of wood, passing for crystal, laminates, fabrics and exclusive materials created by the company, all declinable in many colours ranging from classics to shades that follow new trends. The special online Configurator is a simple and fun tool you can use to get an idea of ​ the Bontempi Casa catalogues.

Let’s spend a few more words about the materials that characterize the made in Italy furniture proposed by Bontempi Casa. These quality materials are the perfect expression of the values ​​pursued by the company, such as quality and innovation. In addition to the finest woods, such as walnut and solid oak, refined crystal and Premium leather, in fact, there are innovative materials, a result of years of research and development exclusively owned by the brand. We are speaking of Melamine, ductile and multifunctional, SuperMarble, SuperCeramic and SuperCement, that maintain the charm of the original materials but elevate their performances. This is nothing but a concrete evidence of what the Italian genius applied to design can do to change your life.

Who would have thought of it? We are entering the second decade of the century with a pandemic that will likely change the whole world in a few weeks. In challenging times like these, when we are all forced to stay home, we need to feel united, even if distant from one another.
We collected some experiences from people to create a shared Quarantine Diary. On these pages everyone can tell his emotions and share them with others who probably feel the same. Exchanging ideas, thoughts and considerations is a way to keep ourselves creative and united.
If you want to tell us your point of view, email us at – we will be happy to add your story to this article.
Let’s give voice to our thoughts and with this shared strength we will get back to our lives soon.

Polo Chair
Polo Chair, lacquered metal structure, back and seat made in propylene.

Silvia: a journey to rediscover emotions

Now more than ever I realize how little I listen to myself, my needs, my emotions. The everyday life I knew was always made of frenzy, events, meeting people, things happening. I had never a moment of silence and calm to listen to myself. I always let everything else come first. During the fourth week of quarantine within the walls of my house, I feel that the most important (re)discovery I made is myself. My thoughts, the sensations of my body and my feelings. I often feel sad, angry, but also happy, grateful, thoughtful, worried. And sometimes, all together. The truth is that I feel alive today more than ever.

Erica: creativity as the way to feel better

During this lockdown my mood goes up and down. Thoughts come and go. To find a balance I introduced a new daily routine. I try to have meals at regular hours, I cut out breaks from work at the desk to take a walk on the balcony and release physical and mental stress.

I don’t mind staying at home: I read, listen to music, draw, create collage boards by cutting out images from old magazines. I take photographs with my smartphone to the objects I have scattered around the house (I intend to make an album out of them). I change the arrangement of the furniture in the living room, I try and try again all my 79 nail polishes on. In short, I enjoy my time during lockdown. But my body made me understand that I need to move more so I often follow many online fitness classes. I also tried Yoga for the first time, and meditation, that I loved, too.

Over the weekend I allow myself an evening of total relaxation with my boyfriend – my quarantine roommate – with comfort food, wine and karaoke. Otherwise, I catch up with friends over a video call. For this, I do my makeup as if we were going out for an aperitif. Anything creative makes me feel positive towards the future.

Planet coffee table Bontempi Casa
Planet coffee table, made of lacquered metal and with a white-veined Grey SuperMarble top

Pietro: family first

My wife and I are fine, that’s the most important thing to me. Over these hard times of forced isolation, social fear and global emergency, being able to spend time with family is an even more precious luxury. I spend these days of early spring carrying out as much work as possible: I am the owner of a small business that is temporarily shut down. After a first moment of great discouragement, thanks to the support of my wife Anna and my loved ones, at a distance, I recovered, and I am now experiencing this with greater optimism. I am aware that there will be consequences, and decisions will have to be made, but in times like these, when people’s health is the priority, everything else must be put into perspective.

Sirt coffee table
Sirt coffee table, lacquered metal

Clotilde: board games, sports, memories and thoughts

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have been in quarantine for over a month – being asthmatic and with the arrival of spring, I had to take further precautions. Forced isolation is hard but I am learning not to be lazy. In my “pre-Covid19 life” I tended to experience the house just by falling asleep on the sofa while watching Netflix after work. Now, I have a new daily routine: I wake up, I take an energizing shower, turn on the laptop and work until noon. In the evening I watch a movie, or I enjoy playing cards (“Briscola” and “Scopa” above all, I have become unbeatable). I rediscovered the pleasure of board games, such as Cluedo or Trivial Pursuit.

I also learned to keep the house in order – I admit it, I never did it before. I always found an excuse for not doing it. But now it even gives me satisfaction! The rest of the time I do some sport: I am lucky to have a wide garden. Here I spend time with my dogs, mow the lawn, I try to tan, I do some yoga and pilates. Perhaps this year will be the first that I will be in shape for the summer.

I’m joking about it because it makes me feel better. However, I miss my parents and my grandmother. I miss having a beer at the bar with friends, going to exhibitions, I miss walking around the city over the weekend. But I believe that small sacrifices are worth the effort to keep us safe and come back to life soon. I recently had the opportunity to think back then when my grandfather used to tell me about the war. I was a child and I never thought I could find myself in such a situation. Instead here we are, all in quarantine, running to stock up on food before there is no more. My hope is that we will regain civic sense, we will really learn to enjoy little things, and that Italy will become stronger. I hope that the “Italianness” will no longer remain only a symbol of quality but also the face of all the people behind it and the strength of a country that made it possible.

Amelia: the quarantine as an opportunity for personal growth

I am experiencing this unusual, stressful and difficult situation as an opportunity for personal growth. I try to welcome all the emotions that come to me: from pain to fear, but also gratitude, hope and serenity. I treasure every inspiration that I find online following yoga classes, browsing through magazines.
I try to feel closer to the people I love with video calls and messages. I meditate, when I feel I need it most, in silence, I stay with my breath, to find the balance that I lack. Cooking for me is another form of meditation so I cook a lot to enjoy the food that I can buy, its colours, scents, flavours. I paint and create small household items. I write, look out of the window, cuddle my cats and hug my partner, after weeks of isolation in which we have not been able to stay close to each other.

I’m scared. Of illness, of death, of time passing by. I’m afraid that returning to our previous lives will no longer be possible or at least not as we imagine it. But I cultivate this limitless time trying to shift attention from fear to well-being and to learn something new from all this.
Most of all I enjoy my home, my corner of heaven, where I feel free – although this may seem like an oxymoron, given the forced quarantine. At home we can be ourselves more than anywhere else in the world. I enjoy my own space, every inch of the parquet where I walk barefoot, the large windows, the bookcase that I decorated with a row of lights (those from the Christmas tree). I get rid of objects that no longer represent me, I make space, not to fill it in again but to live more freely in it.

Vanity desk
Vanity desk, lacquered metal structure, with a drawer, a mirror, and an integrated light; Puffoso pouf made in fabric and lacquered metal.

Davide: to face death and life at the same time

I never expected to find myself in such a situation. I recently lost my mother and my partner is pregnant with our second child. There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear, a lot of pain. I work from home so I can keep earning a living and this makes me feel more secure. Working in the digital field, I still have a lot to do: meetings with customers have turned into video calls, more emails are sent, and all activities proceed more or less regularly.

With my son at home every day, coexistence is often stressful, but my wife and I do everything possible to organize ourselves. I spend more time with my boy, and this makes me happy. My wife has renewed all the furnishings in the house, she says it relaxes her and I let her do it. Sometimes I look at her curiously as she concentrates on deciding where to place a framed picture or serving dishes. I think each of us in this situation finds his own way of spending time, feeling more confident, relaxed, fit in. I don’t do much sport, but I discovered the pleasure of fitness by following online workouts recommended by some apps.

Federica and Virginia: giving value to time and home

We are two sisters who share a flat in Milan. We are facing these days of forced quarantine, really trying to reap the benefits of all this free time, that for the moment, does not have a deadline. We are learning to exploit it, without however feeling the obligation to necessarily fill it. We do many things when we feel like it. Physical exercises suggested by our personal trainer or some newly downloaded fitness app. We try not to turn this into an obsession. We do it only for a couple of days a week to relieve our back pain.

We have taken up cooking although we were never really into it. We are experimenting with imagination and we prepare our favourite snacks: pancakes and crepes. Federica has even learned how to make candles at home! We paint with watercolours, we read books we never had time to read before, and at times we do it during a hot bath. We made bracelets and we would like to try to paint a T-shirt with the “tye-dye” technique, of which we have always been big fans but never tried before.

Perhaps, the best thing we’ve learned recently is looking at the house differently. We both never appreciated the fortune of living in a space that we love and feel ours. For this reason, in the evening we meet in the living room to discuss how to optimize the rooms together. We are doing a lot of decluttering, getting rid of objects unused for a long time, changing the arrangement of the furniture to find a new point of view, and renewing it with some new accessories purchased online. It’s nice to feel safe at your nest.

Clara chair Bontempi Casa
Clara chair, upholstered and covered with Premium Leather, quilted seat back.

Carlo: remote working, today and tomorrow

Working with computers has always been my life, I am part of the IT department of my company and working remotely is no news for me. Although not being able to go outside, walking in the open air and interacting with others is very difficult for me, too. I’ve always been called a “nerd” by friends. I try to disconnect from the computer for a couple of breaks during the day, I do some exercise in the tavern, I watch documentaries and films that I have never seen. I’m not a video call guy, but mom can’t be denied seeing her “baby” at a time like this, can she?

Working remotely is in my opinion one of those aspects that Italy still needed to improve in order to discover its full potential. Right now, when the spread of coronavirus has forced the whole country to work from home building solid foundations of what we call “smart working” has become necessary. You only need an adequate workstation, a timeline to follow, some catch up calls with the team. Working from home can be very productive, it is simple, practical, it responds to many individual needs as well as reducing business costs, and therefore it should be encouraged. Who knows, after this experience many companies may understand it.

Emanuele and Vincenzo: the importance of hope

During the quarantine, we focused on the fact that we lost many small aspects of our daily life that we did not notice before. A simple aperitif with friends, a coffee break on the fly with colleagues. We often took these things too much for granted and now we miss them. Perhaps, this global crisis will teach everyone something.
We often wonder what will become of us, of our lives, after coronavirus. In the meantime, we try to respect the rules: we stay home, we cook new recipes, we do some works out in the living room, waiting for the gyms to be reopened, we tide up the house and especially we keep our hopes high.

Dublino table Bontempi Casa
Dublin table, lacquered metal structure, Serena Grey SuperMarble top.