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18Furniture can be renewed every season, just like clothing. The Spring-Summer 2020 furniture trends are nothing but the mirror of the deep desire for colour and lightness that we are feeling right now. After a long and very strange winter, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the lockdown has been lifted. The sun, the blooming trees and the spring air remind us that we are approaching summer. And even our houses, inside and outside, can “wear” the perfect shades and materials for this season.

There are many home furnishing styles: there are those who prefer minimal accessories, those who look at old fashioned shapes, and those playing with decorations. But every style can have a link with contemporary furniture trends. Let’s discover all the living room furniture trends, but also the news for the courtyard and the garden, of this Spring-Summer 2020.

Summer living room decor trends

The living room is the environment of the house we live the most: for some it can be the dining room, for others it is a separate space. However, it is generally the place where we pay the most attention to furniture. This year, it will be even more important to make space, because living in airy and bright environments, now more than ever, is becoming essential for a healthy lifestyle.

Sander table
Sander table, lacquered metal structure and glass top; Suri fabric chair, Cosmopolitan sideboard.

The 2020 furniture trends suggest using a few large accessories and limiting decorative objects. After an economic and social crisis like the one we are going through right now, after all, priorities are back in order. Essential pieces, therefore, but precious. The sideboards are back, a passe-partout piece of furniture that can be used as a wardrobe, sideboard or chest of drawers. Round tables (that have a wider optical effect than rectangular ones); chairs with essential shapes, only a few frills, but lots of colour.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: yellow and orange

Vitaminic, energetic and sunny yellow cannot be missing in your home and in the garden this summer! Tables and small pieces of furniture lend themselves well to this trendy tone. Orange is its faithful companion: for some seasons now, it has come back in all its nuances. Bontempi Casa has made terracotta, the autumn version of orange, the best colour of last autumn-winter season. With summer it returns to cover the leather of coffee tables and armchairs, to represent a warm and lively environment. These homely tones can be combined with white and khaki.

Summer 2020 furniture colour trends: pink and neutral shades

Pink, the feminine shade “par excellence” but now expanded to a wider audience, dresses the interiors and exteriors of those who have a vaguely retro home. Pink gives brightness and radiance to the environment, and ever as in summer 2020 it is a trendy shade that makes your home brighter. Interior designers call it Cloud Pink – that recalls the shade of the most evocative sunsets. Perfect for curtains, wallpaper, lamps and rugs.

And finally, there are neutral colours, like beige, taupe, ochre, cream white – those that never go out of fashion. Perfect not only for curtains, rugs and sofa covers, but also for tables or suspension lamps, cushions for outdoor stools and covered chairs. Their light touch serves to dampen the energy given by the more powerful colours: the combination of both is essential for a harmonious as well as trendy home.

Summer 2020 furniture trends: materials

One key word: lightness, like the one we need so much in everyday life, especially now. After a winter spent in isolation, there is nothing better than dressing the house with delicate, airy, light fabrics. Let’s say yes to quality cushions on the seats also on the terrace, chairs covered with fabric, tables made of transparent crystal. Lightness expresses throughout materials.

0There is a desire that never stops, even when the years pass by, it comes back every spring. It is the wish to be outside enjoying the outdoor spaces of our homes, like the terrace or the garden. Those that represent a real extension of the house and therefore must be furnished in the same style. A crucial piece of furniture, as well as a great protagonist of summertime with family and friends, is the table for outdoors. It should be picked up with an eye for shapes and materials. The size should match the habits of the owners and fit the space that’s available. Quality materials are needed, as it has to resist to the weather and the use. That’s why Bontempi Casa tables are made of lacquered metal specifically produced for outdoors.

Fixed Sander table and Freak stackable chairs
Fixed Sander table with lacquered metal structure for outdoor use and with a scratch-resistant glass top. Freak stackable chairs and Boss stools with lacquered metal structure for outdoors, and padded seat cushions covered with fabric for outdoors.

A large-sized table like Sander is suitable for spaces such as gardens and open verandas. With its 8 seats, it is the perfect outdoor table for large families and for those who like having guests over for lunch. The elliptical crystal top expresses elegance and lightness, but the more classic rectangular variant is also available. In both versions, the central structure is made of lacquered metal for outdoors and it is designed to not obstruct the seats. This modern design adds a touch of style that does not go unnoticed – and which is also in the geometric patterns of the Freak chair back, or in the seat of the Boss stool. This is the ideal combination of products we advise to complete the furnishing of your garden or veranda.

Diesis fixed table and Hidra chairs
Diesis fixed table with a metal structure and a polished glass top. Hidra chairs with a polypropylene structure.

The size of the table for outdoors is important when it is placed in small open spaces such as a tiny terrace or enclosed veranda. In these cases, you need to pay attention to proportions to create a harmonious environment and guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Diesis table by Bontempi Casa is available in three different shapes: from the squared version with 4 seats to the two variants of the rectangular one with 6 seats. While the height remains unchanged. To further customize your favourite piece of furniture, Bontempi Casa suggests combining it with Hidra chairs, made of polypropylene for outdoors. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Outdoor tables Bontempi Casa
Vincent Coffee table with both structure and top made in lacquered metal. Galaxy stools with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Finally, an interesting option for decorating outdoor spaces are tiny taller tables, that can be easily moved according to your needs. The height of the table can be combined with tall stools. These can be placed together to create areas for chilling out with friends during a cocktail party. Otherwise, one table with two stools could become the ideal ally for a romantic aperitif with your loved one.

What makes Italian craftsmanship so special? What the whole world admires is the result of an inimitable mix of attention to details, quality raw materials, passion and enthusiasm for business and products. You will find all these characteristics in Bontempi Casa proposals. We are a company whose history began in Ancona, Italy, in 1963 with a limited local production of furniture. Our tradition continues today on an International level, although we never forgot our values. Bontempi Casa is still a family-run company that keeps on renewing itself year by year to become an ambassador of Italian design all over the world, thanks to the constant search for quality. Although tied to tradition, the company promotes innovation in every aspect of its business, from scouting new trends to the use of cutting-edge machinery, tools and softwares, and a sustainable production process.

Bontempi Casa offers a modern Italian furniture, characterized by timeless elegance and elements that surprise clients with innovative solutions. Examples are tables such as Artistico, Fusion and Barone, whose crossed legs are designed as authentic decorative sculptures with a great visual impact. And what about the Galaxy chair, that has iconic and unmistakable design? Solid, light and functional, suitable for indoors and outdoors, it is a seat that cannot be missing in a modern home. Also, in the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are many other refined products that you can customize to make your home reflecting your personality.

Galaxy stackable chair
Galaxy stackable chair, with or without armrests, with integral structure made in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Another Italian aspect of the Bontempi Casa proposals is the chance to customize every product in every detail. Tables, chairs and armchairs, poufs and coffee tables, bookcases and all other furnishing accessories can be customized using a wide variety of materials and shades: from metal refined in different finishes to the ten types of wood, passing for crystal, laminates, fabrics and exclusive materials created by the company, all declinable in many colours ranging from classics to shades that follow new trends. The special online Configurator is a simple and fun tool you can use to get an idea of ​ the Bontempi Casa catalogues.

Let’s spend a few more words about the materials that characterize the made in Italy furniture proposed by Bontempi Casa. These quality materials are the perfect expression of the values ​​pursued by the company, such as quality and innovation. In addition to the finest woods, such as walnut and solid oak, refined crystal and Premium leather, in fact, there are innovative materials, a result of years of research and development exclusively owned by the brand. We are speaking of Melamine, ductile and multifunctional, SuperMarble, SuperCeramic and SuperCement, that maintain the charm of the original materials but elevate their performances. This is nothing but a concrete evidence of what the Italian genius applied to design can do to change your life.

Italy is usually at the bottom of the European ranking as a home-working favourable country. However, Italians are the best when it comes to making the most out of an unfavourable situation. After the measures put in place to counter the spread of Coronavirus, many Italians have been transformed into smart workers. This work method can be advantageous for both companies and workers and there are those who believe that it will continue to be applied after the emergency will be over. Now we must stay home but meanwhile we can learn how to be efficient and happy working remotely and this may help us also in the future.

While working from home, we create a new daily routine. Time and space change, as well as the way of relating with colleagues. It is advisable to set up a timetable and try to keep your work schedule as much similar as it used to be. Now we save some time not having to travel to the office, so we can use that time to take care of ourselves, doing online yoga or fitness classes, or simply spending quality time with family. We should also remember to take a break during the working day, have a proper lunch, and try to have a balance between work and personal life.

Another important aspect of the remote work method is not wearing pyjamas all day! Let’s wear something comfortable that makes us feel good but also professional. It may seem like a minor detail, but indeed it is one of the easiest ways to incentive concentration and productivity. Also, you could fall asleep after lunch if you are still wearing your pyjamas…

Smart working
Zac desk with lacquered metal structure, wooden top and drawers. Mila chair with metal structure, padded and covered seat and back. Strega floor lamp with lacquered metal structure and fabric lampshade.

It is crucial to set up a well-organized workplace. If you have a desk or a console table you are already well underway, but a dining table will also be fine. Clear the table of any items that you don’t need (and that could be a distraction) and find space for everything you need to carry on your activities. For example, laptop, notebook, pens, documents etc. If you like, you could also print a nice picture of yourself with your family and friends and keep it on the desk. It may be a good symbol of the good times that will soon get back.

Nata chair and Zac desk
Nata chair, upholstered and covered with contrasting border and exposed metal legs. Zac desk with lacquered metal structure, wooden top and drawers.

Speaking of chairs now, as you will spend many hours of your days sitting at a desk in your house, it is crucial choosing a comfortable chair. The best are chairs that have a solid back but a padded seat so you can feel comfy while you work. You can also use your bedroom’s chair if you created the workplace in the sleeping area; otherwise a soft armchair in the living room is also fine.

Osaka shelves in curved crystal
Osaka shelves in curved crystal.

Video calls will be a consistent part of your day to communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. So, don’t forget to look after your image – if you put on nice clothes and some makeup you will feel better yourself and you will look more professional. Also, keep an eye on what’s behind you, as people can see it. Make sure the bookcase is well-organized, put on the wall pictures and posters you like. These will be your best business card right now.

Let’s all keep in mind that these difficult times will pass, but now we can learn something from the situation. Working remotely is useful and it may be in the future as well.

My plane got delayed. I am at the airport, looking for a captivating book that will keep me company during the journey. In the meantime, I call the hotel to advise of my arrival in the late afternoon. I can’t wait to rest, drink a glass of wine at the top floor Cafe – it’s so elegant.

I will move to the hotel’s coworking area tomorrow morning: last week I worked very well there, it is a large room illuminated by natural light and has interesting design lamps. There are many tables and the blue chairs are very comfortable.

Finally, we take off.

I enter the hall, my suitcases are taken to my room, while I go directly to the top floor. The bar is just as I remembered it: golden profiles, precious crystal glasses, comfortable upholstered seats that are covered in soft white velvet. I sip my glass of wine in peace. After all, it’s not bad at all to travel for work. But later I must prepare those documents for the presentation…


table and chairs
Vincent contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure, and Mood chairs, with lacquered metal structure, covered and upholstered with velvet

It’s 9 pm, dinner at the hotel has fully satisfied me. Time to get busy now…

Fortunately, there is room service, so here it is my hot black coffee. I sip it slowly and enjoy the view of the hotel over the city: moving lights, a lake, many buildings. It always relaxes me to work like this. I put the cup on the coffee table next to the sofa – I stroke its wooden surface. The brass-coloured lacquered metal structure is truly contemporary in taste.

coffe table Bontempi Casa
Alfred coffee table, lacquered metal structure, veneered wooden top

It’s morning. I always liked waking up to the light that comes in naturally, and the scent of clean, new, white and precious linen. Today’s presentation is ready, just a couple of details need to be defined, but I will do it after breakfast.

The hotel room used for breakfast is my favourite, indeed. There is a large window from where you can see the lake and the trees ahead. I take a seat right next to the window. In the room there are other business people, families and couples. Here is an orange juice and a soft croissant – that’s exactly what it takes to start the day just fine.

contract table and chairs
Club contract indoor / outdoor table with lacquered metal structure and an Alucompact top; Mood chair with lacquered metal structure and polypropylene seat.

The meeting went well. I take a farewell drink at the bar on the top floor, I greet the staff whom I now know well. I read a few pages of the book I bought at the airport, comfortably seated on this cloud made of white velvet. Okay, off we go now. Till next week, my dear hotel.

After all, it’s not that bad to spend these days at home. We can definitely find some positive aspects in the invitation to remain home for stopping the health emergency related to Coronavirus. Bars and shops closed, offices turned their activities into smart working, streets became empty and silent. The daily frenzy is quickly forgotten, so it’s time to rediscover the pleasure of spending days at home and brushing up on those activities that you never find time for. Let’s keep a positive attitude!

Clara stools
Clara stools with metal structure, fully padded and upholstered shell, quilted backrest.

To start a day on the right foot, why not to choose a good healthy and slow breakfast? What for many is a pleasure on Sundays only can become a daily joy over this period. A good freshly squeezed orange juice, toasted and buttered bread or a slice of cake baked by yourself and your children… Isn’t your mouth already watering?

In the kitchen we can devote ourselves to all those recipes that satisfy the taste but require time and patience, or experiment by letting ourselves be inspired by blogs and magazines. Let’s whet our appetite with pictures, let’s put ourselves in the kitchen and don’t neglect the mise en place, so we’ll give a special flavour to every meal enjoyed at home. We can also keep the rituals of our social life by translating them into the domestic reality: we prepare a delicious aperitif and chat with friends over a video call, we prepare Sunday lunches and we share photos of our recipes in the family chat.

Artistico coffee table
Artistico coffee table with lacquered metal structure and wooden or crystal top.

Now that we can put aside the daily frenzy, it’s time to let our imagination run wild and maybe do some thinking. We can feed our thoughts with good readings: we can pick up all those books that have been waiting for us on the bedside table for months (if we really want to read them) or have fun with something lighter. To find inspiration, we could also take advantage of free time to tide up our bookcases: there are those grouping books by genre and those doing it in strict alphabetical order by title or author, but also those who arrange them by colour … What suits you best?

Lexington bookcase
Lexington bookcase with lacquered Metal frame.

Mens sana in corpore sano, the Latins used to say, and we should not forget it. Without going to the gym, we can keep working out in our living room. On Youtube there are many video tutorials with simple exercises to do at home even without specific tools, perhaps using a chair or the sofa (try and type “train on the sofa”, you will see). This can become a good habit to mark the days without getting bored.

Enea sideboard and Strega floor lamp
Enea sideboard made of lacquered wood and lacquered glass. Strega floor lamp with lacquered metal structure and fabric lampshade.

Another nice activity is tiding up the closets and preparing them for a seasonal change. We follow the advice of famous Marie Kondo or other experts, and we try to arrange clothes and accessories in the drawers of our sideboards in a different way: we could discover new ways to optimize space and refresh our wardrobe. Do you also see the first buds on the tree branches outside your windows? Spring is coming, let’s get ready!

Enjoying the good weather on the terrace is everything we dream of! Summer is coming so it’s time to prepare the outdoor area for the relaxing moments ahead. We must keep in mind a few tips regarding the choice of tables and chairs for the terrace and we will have the ideal environment for a wonderful summertime. The first thing to do is to see how much space we have available and decide how we want to use it. Then, let’s choose the furniture accordingly. Family lunches, cocktail parties with friends, relaxing readings… How will you spend your time on the terrace?

Diesis fixed table with metal structure and polished glass top. Hidra chairs with polypropylene structure.

Those who love having lunch outdoor will be happy to create a dining area on their terrace, choosing from the most suitable outdoor tables and chairs for this purpose. A terrace table of this type is Diesis: light and easy to move if necessary, it has an essential design to complement the environment with sober elegance and optimize the use of space. An outdoor chair that perfectly matches Diesis is Hidra, made of polypropylene, available in neutral or more vibrant shades, from powder blue to mustard yellow. This helps us to create a cheerful and fun mood! Complete everything with an equipment in summer colours, perhaps replacing the classic tablecloth with modern coloured linen runners, and the season of outdoor dining can begin.

Galaxy stackable stool
Galaxy stackable stool with integral structure in polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass.

Do you prefer eating in a traditional dining room and using the terrace for aperitifs and refreshing drinks? That’s fine: to organize a perfect cocktail party you do not need a large table set, but smaller tables to place glasses and saucers at the right time, and some chairs to create a conversation corner. Remember to leave enough space so your guests are free to move around. If you choose high tables, you can pick some practical and colourful stools like Galaxy, one of Bontempi Casa most iconic and recognizable pieces. The geometric motif of the backrest and the captivating tints are perfect for outdoor furniture used over summer. Also, the Galaxy barstools can be easily stacked one on the other and are resistant to water, rain and bad weather.

Outdoor chairs
Gipsy stackable chair with armrests and integral structure made of Polypropylene and recyclable fiberglass. Pattern magazine tables in worked metal.

Finally, don’t forget to spare a few moments for yourself, to your readings or simply to a relaxing break. Gipsy outdoor chair will welcome you just fine: its comfortable backrest will invite you to relax. Complete your outdoor corner with Pattern, that can be used as a practical coffee table where you can place a fruit basket or some drinks and it can turn into a magazine rack as well, so you never run out of inspiration.

Sitting in good company around the dining table is one of the greatest pleasures we can give ourselves in everyday life, but if the chairs are not beautiful, practical and comfortable… What kind of pleasure is it? Whether the dining table is placed in the kitchen or in the living room, the choice of dining table chairs is a detail that plays an important role in defining the environment and giving character to the furniture. Today, in fact, the kitchen is more often an open space that communicates with the rest of the house, and the chairs can represent a common thread in the preparation of the different rooms. Having overcome the old diktats regarding the combination of chairs and dining tables, then, the modern furnishing provides for many more free and creative combinations than in the past.

How to match chairs to the dining table

Today, it is common to buy chairs separately from the table, even choosing different styles, between classic and contemporary. Different chairs can also be placed altogether, because they are linked by a common element that can be style, material or colour. In the Bontempi Casa catalogue there are many options to create the combination that best reflects your taste.

Sedie e tavolo da pranzo
Cruz extendable table with metal structure and veneered wooden top. Chairs with trellis structure in lacquered metal, back in polypropylene and wooden seat.

An ideal example of furnishing accessories that help to create a common thread between the kitchen and the living area is the Polo seating family. The different variants of the metal structure correspond to the chromatic variations of the polypropylene backrest, while the wooden seat can be covered by a wide range of fabrics. Polo chairs with trellis structure have been positioned around the Cruz dining table, while the stool version is the most modern solution to complete a kitchen with a central island.

Sedie per cucina Bontempi Casa
Low stool with lacquered metal structure, polypropylene backrest and wooden seat.

Chairs for modern kitchens are comfortable as well as practical and functional, light enough to be moved without any difficulty in case you want to add a place at the table, or to reach the highest shelves. The material is also very important, it must be impact resistant and easily washable. Seventy chair is the perfect synthesis of these characteristics: it has an essential-shaped metal structure and it is covered with ecological leather or leather. The black variant of Seventy chair perfectly matches the structure of Genio table and a piece of furniture with strong personality.

Table and chairs for a modern kitchen
Seventy chairs with metal structure, padded monocoque and covered in Ecological Leather or Leather. Genio extendable table with aluminium structure and SuperMarble top.

A modern and very popular choice is also to use the stools as kitchen chairs combined with the snack top that is part of the central island. Among the many colour variations of Linda stool, covered in leather, there is certainly the ideal shade for the furnishing of your kitchen!

Stools for a modern kitchen Bontempi Casa
Linda stools with metal structure completely padded and covered in leather.

Who said that the legs of a table can’t be ornamental items? Modern design breaks all the rules and finds new creative solutions turning them into pieces of art. Et voilà, a cross-legged table – a true design piece – is ready to be admired. It is the protagonist of the design scene thanks to its originality and future-oriented look. The structure, a result of a great work, is usually made of metal or lacquered metal, while the top could be in wood, crystal, Supermarble or Super Ceramic, refined materials that help you creating a bespoke table for your house. Also, its functionality surprises us: it could be fixed or extendable, rounded or squared, it doesn’t obstruct any seats and it’s an invite to conviviality. Sitting around a cross-legged table for lunch with family and friends to go through an old pictures album or to play board games will be fun.

A cross-legged table can be the best piece of furniture to furnish a modern and elegant living room, as it creates a focal point in the area that catches the eye of the guests.

Metal cross-legged table

extendable cross legged table
Extendable Fusion table with a lacquered metal structure, wood veneer basement and top. Alfa chairs with a solid wood structure and monocoque with a padded and quilted pillow.

The metal ring structure of the Fusion table recalls a jewel, or the orbits of two planets that meet – depending on the imagination. The oak or walnut wood top creates a beautiful contrast between an old and a new style. It’s extendable so it can host up to ten seats.

cross legged table bontempi casa
Artistic table with a lacquered metal structure and a solid walnut wood top. Dalila chairs covered in leather.

Another table that is still made in lacquered metal, but with a different design, is the cross-legged Artistico table. The metal structure sustains a solid walnut wood top thanks to four long plates that embrace to one another as they were in a beautiful dance. The original structure and the combination of two different materials make this table perfect to furnish a mountain cottage that requires a touch of contemporaneity.

Glass table

cross legged table bontempi casa
Round Barone table with a lacquered metal structure and a crystal top. Kuga chairs with a metal structure and a padded and quilted monocoque.

The crystal top of Barone table is a very refined detail that highlights the cross-legged structure and helps the matching of coloured and padded chairs.

cross legged table Bontempi Casa
Artistico table with a lacquered metal structure and a crystal top. Kefir chairs with a metal structure totally covered in leather.

Alternatively, the cross-legged Artistico table is available with a crystal or an anti-scratch crystal top: a new interpretation of a minimal-chic style with personality.

February 14, Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers. It seems that this anniversary was introduced for the first time to the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer, who associated the celebration with the engagement between Richard II of England and Anna of Bohemia in one of his poems. On February 14, 1400, the High Court of Love was founded – that was an institution inspired by the principles of courtly love, that took care of love disputes between the wealthiest couples of the English society. Since then, until today, Valentine’s Day has been one of the most celebrated pagan holidays in the world.

February 14, 2020. The shop windows are adorned with red decorations, heart-shaped toys, chocolate and candies that tell the love in the form of glazes and pralines. Gaia is thinking what Valentine’s Day gift should she give to Andrea. She would like to surprise him with something special, but at the same time she would prefer not to buy junk food or plastic gadgets. Walking through the streets of the town, she stops in front of a design showroom with many pieces of furniture. She feels fascinated by a particularly elegant living room with burgundy leather armchairs and a black veined marble table… So, she gets an idea.

sgabelli Kuga
Kuga bar stool made in terracotta-coloured leather; Alfred coffee table in lacquered metal and Pandora suspension lamp made of perforated lacquered metal.

At 8p.m. sharp Andrea is at the door, with a bouquet of red roses in his hands and a box of chocolates. With candles around, the living room is simply perfectly set up … There is also a golden lamp hanging from the ceiling just above a high table with two stools combined with two glasses of white wine. The romantic aperitif is served and the couple begins to enjoy the evening.

The dining table is prepared for the real dinner: ceramic plates decorated with floral motifs match the water jug, and the chairs are covered with a burgundy fabric that creates the right atmosphere for Valentine’s Day. Gaia has prepared all their favourite dishes, those they like to order at the restaurant, and those making them smile before ordering another portion. A basket with fresh fruit is used as a table centrepiece, while some fruits are scattered between one plate and the other, as they were ornaments, too.

tavolo Supermarmo
Echo In table with unicolor top

The evening keeps going pleasantly. Andrea appreciates all courses, and then he offers to wash the dishes. The red roses perfume the living room, after being carefully placed in a glass vase. The candles have now run out, and the chocolates have been eaten – that is yet another sign that dinner has been very much appreciated by both of them.

Before going to sleep and ending the wonderful Valentine’s evening, Gaia sits on the soft pouf in front of her desk with the round mirror – it’s her favourite moment of the day, when she takes a little self-care with face and body lotions and some beauty treatment.

scrittoio Vanity
Vanity desk, with a lacquered metal structure, top and drawer in melamine